2-Way vs 3-Way Car Speakers – Which is better?

Difference Between The 2 way and 3 way Car Speakers

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Are 2-Way or 3-Way Car Speakers Better

Driving & music are quite interrelated. No matter if you are driving alone, going on a trip with your family, or on a long journey with your friends, there is nothing else that can cheer you up except music. If you do not have the time to judge different kinds of car speakers then you sure can buy The Best Car Speakers for Bass & Sound Quality from here. But we always say, do some research & learn the most basic things before going for a new product. And if you are going to buy a car speaker then learning 3-Way vs 2-Way Car Speakers is a must. Today our main job is to make you clear regarding this topic as simply as possible. Just stay with us for a while & keep reading till the end.

Before we dig into 3-Way vs 2-Way car speakers, you must know that there are two basic types of car speakers. One is Coaxial Speaker & the other one is Component Speaker. 2-way & 3-way speakers are classifications of those two types. That means both Coaxial & Component speakers have both 2-way & 3-way car speakers. So that first we are going to tell the basic things about Coaxial & Component speakers.

What is a Coaxial Speaker?

You can identify a Coaxial speaker by a simple hint. A coaxial speaker has both tweeter & woofer built in a single unit. But that is only applicable for the 2-way version of the coaxial speaker. In a 3-way coaxial speaker, you will find an additional mid-range driver. Here the mid-range driver & tweeter will be mounted in front of the woofer.  The coaxial speakers come with a small body as all drivers are situated into a single unit. That is why coaxial speakers are very much popular for small cars as they will fill up less room.

What is a Component Speaker?

Unlike the coaxial speakers, in a component speaker, you will find the tweeter & woofer in different units. It is kind of a self-explanatory speaker. Those separate units combine to deliver customizable audio as the user likes. Normally, a pair of mid-bass drivers & tweeters will match with a crossover or amplifier to limit the frequency range that each speaker individually produces. Here, smaller speakers are used for more treble frequencies & bigger speakers are used for deep bass.

Now we will discuss 3-Way vs 2-Way car speakers based on both types of car speakers.

2-Way vs 3-Way Coaxial Car Speakers 

Generally, if you are going with a 2-way coaxial speaker you will get a small tweeter & a large offer right in the box. You will also find options where there is more than one small tweeter that come with the box. Some of you may have the wrong idea that a 2-way coaxial speaker will only come with two sound boxes. This is not true at all. A 2-way coaxial speaker set may come with multiple numbers of boxes, but there will be only two types of drivers. On the other hand, a 3-way coaxial speaker will come with three different types of drivers. That is why it is also known as a Triaxial car speaker. Just like a set of 2-way coaxial speakers, it also comes with a woofer, one or more tweeters & the extra driver that you will get here is a mid-range driver. Many people also refer to this as a super tweeter. The key differences between 2-way & 3-way coaxial car speakers are given below.

2-Way Coaxial Car Speaker 3-Way  Coaxial Car Speaker
Comes with two drivers, a tweeter & a woofer Comes with three drivers, tweeter, woofer & a mid-range-driver
Only one tweeter Sometimes there may be two tweeters instead of an extra mid-range driver
Comes with an integrated crossover It also comes with an integrated crossover
The crossover is quite simple The crossover is quite complicated
Less expensive Usually, bit more expensive


2-Way vs 3-Way Component Car Speakers

The component car speaker comes with a different model, for both 2-way & 3-way speakers. A 2-way component car speaker will come with a tweeter & a woofer. But the thing that differs it from the 2-way coaxial speaker is that those drivers will come in different sound boxes. But the interesting thing is the number of woofer & tweeter can be as many as you want. Although, multiple sound boxes will not make it a 3-way or more component car speaker. It still will remain a set of 2-way component car speakers. On the other hand, in a 3-way component car speaker, you will get an extra mid-range driver. This mid-range driver makes both coaxial & component speakers as 3-way car speakers. In 3-way component speakers, the mid-range driver comes in a different unit. It improves the overall sound quality of your favorite song. But for a better musical experience, the drivers must contain high-quality components. The key differences between 2-way & 3-way component car speakers are given below.

2-Way Component Car Speaker 3-Way  Component Car Speaker
Comes with two drivers, a tweeter & a woofer Comes with three drivers, tweeter, woofer & mid-range-driver
There may be multiple numbers boxes, but it still will remain a 2-way component car speaker There may be multiple numbers boxes, but it still will remain a 2-way component car speaker
The crossover is simple  here The crossover is quite complicated here
Less expensive crossover More expensive crossover
Fewer frequencies to be filtered More frequencies to be filtered
Moderate bass Capable of delivering very deep bass
Less expensive More expensive


3-Way vs 2-Way car speakers – Which is Better?

The decision is not just limited here with a 3-way car speaker or 2-way car speaker, you also need to consider whether you should go with a Coaxial car speaker or a Component car speaker. In fact, this should be your first consideration. Component speakers are always better in the case of producing high-quality sound. If you do not have any budget issues, the only thing you want is the best quality music while driving then go for a 3-way component car speaker.

If a 3-way component speaker is very far from your reach then you can also go for a 2-way component car speaker. But the thing is there is a huge price gap between coaxial car speakers & component car speakers most of the time. If your only need is decent quality audio then a 2-way coaxial speaker will do the job. If you can increase the budget a bit then a 3-way coaxial speaker will also be a great choice. But even a 3-way coaxial car speaker is not as good as a 2-way component car speaker. So before buying any of these mostly consider you test on music quality then make a budget & update your car speakers. Check this link for Best Car Speakers.

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