Anker SoundCore Liberty Air True Earbud Update Review

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Anker SoundCore Liberty Air True Earbud

Anker SoundCore Liberty Air true earbud is an average instrument for mid-range user. Its design is like the apple Airpod. But I can’t compare with the apple airpod. It’s designed and features working well enough but there no new feature to make the rival of other brands like Apple, Bose, Jabra etc.
Anker SoundCore offers very well performance for their low price. I think, its low price is enough to bring popularity.

Anker SoundCore Feature:

This earbud is very lightweight and portable with comfortable too. But this earbud is not fit perfectly everyone because of its sizing. Its come with 4 silicone tip sizes if you adjust with the tips then it will be perfect for all time use. Even it will best fit for running, walking, and gym.

Anker SoundCore has a versatile touch-sensitive control like call, music and track skipping, but here its a bit lack of control over your listening volume directly on the earbud. You need to change it on your device. And both airpod is waterproof except the airpod case.

Sound Quality:

Anker SoundCore Liberty Air True Earbud sound quality

Anker SoundCore sound quality not impressive but above average than as usual others brands. The bass is deep and excellent and well balanced, not loud. Also, mid-range performance is well enough. Anker Liberty Air treble performance is great. And the response is fairly even and follows our target curve well.
Its passive isolation is great if they have no ANC feature and still isolate better than some ANC earbud. They block a good amount of outdoor noise and doesn’t leak. You can use them on a bus or at the office and block out background noise.

Battery Life:

Anker SoundCore Liberty Air True Earbud Battery life

Battery life is an important part of airpod, And they are the success to increase the battery life than the reputable brands like apple airpod, Bose Sound sport, Sennheiser Momentum etc. Anker SoundCore can give you fully 4 hours support if the company notice that 5 hours without the case. With the case, 20 hours and they add new feature power-saving mood. And good things if you disconnected with your device then within two minutes they go turn off.


Anker SoundCore Liberty Air True Earbud control

This earbud supports Bluetooth 5.0, and you will get better results in wireless range and connection. But they can support only one device and can not support NFC. But its wireless range is impressive, 65 fit and line of sight range 165 fits, so you can use in your whole office or home undoubtedly.

  • lightweight and portable design.
  • Good audio performance.
  • Great isolation performance.
  • Much better battery life
  • In-ear fitting might not be for everyone
  • No volume controls.


This earbud is Great for sports and traveling. Its design is very portable and easy to carry around. Audio quality is good enough and the pricing is much better than other brands.



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