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powerbeats pro

After Apple-owned Beats, they going to release their first true wireless earphones in April, Which name is Powerbeats Pro.

Beats before releases powerbeats series but they were not true wireless. The Powerbeats pro completely true neckband earbud with sweatproof sports earbud.

Beats bring the sports earbud because apple airpod 1 and 2 design is not sporty. Though people use like other sports earbud. Many users expect apple brings a sports earbud but they are going to fill up the user demand by Powerbeats pro.

According to the rumors, powerebeats will come with a charging case like apple airpod but it does not ensure, powerbeats pro adds wireless charging feature. But powerbeats battery support is very impressive than Airpod, possibly 12 hours.

Powerbits Pro earphones are not like Aairpods, Look like other powerbeats earphones, with various types of ear tips that can provide more desperate and safe fit for exercise. Possibly the color will be black and white.

It is worth noting that the cost of the new model is estimated at a relatively small amount – something around $ 200, which again, compared to the new iteration of the AirPods 2 headphones, looks like a really good alternative. Some insiders and experts say that Apple will definitely experiment with the introduction of new elements and technologies to improve the performance and functionality of Powerbeats 3.

We will publish ASAP the power beats pro full review after getting the complete news.


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