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Thinking about the final consumer, Audio-Technica has developed a wide range of headphones where excellent sound and design come together. Proof of this is the ATH-SR50BT advanced wireless headphones that the company says are a perfect gift for any occasion.

These high-end headphones combine the freedom of wireless music with the latest and most advanced audio and battery technology. Likewise, the on-ear headphones include control of the reduction of the ambient noise, the listening function of the environment and great comfort. Designed for those who want to get rid of the cables when they listen to music or pursue an active lifestyle, combining the recognized audio quality with an ergonomic design. On the other hand, the soft foam pads and headband provide a relaxed, secure but comfortable fixation to allow long listening sessions during your travels.

Design and Features:

ATH-SR50BT Headphone Features

If your style has more to do with designs that do not draw much attention in terms of colors, Audio-Technica gives you what you need with their ATH-SR50BT headphone. These headphones look very interesting and smart. They are composed of two earmuffs and a padded headband with memory and filled with a very light foam that provides comfort so that you do not feel when you use them for many hours.

While it is a Bluetooth headset, it also has USB ports to have the option to charge its battery by this way and also has a universal jack 3.5 mm that provides high resolution audio and last but not least, a 1.2 m cable. So, if we run out of battery, we should bear in mind that we also have another option to recharge it and thus continue enjoying good music.

The feature that we found in the left earcup, as we mentioned before, are the touch controls with which we can turn off the music to be able to listen to the external environment without having to take off the headphones. For example, if you travel by subway, train, bus or plane, you can use this function to listen to transport announcements. On the other hand, you also have the option to do the same, that is, to listen to the external environment but without having to stop the music thanks to the Audio-Technica application and its tactile control.

ATH-SR50BT Color:

This model ATH-SR50BT is available in black and gray. They come in their original box and with a case where it will be possible to fold them to keep them for easy transport or so they do not get dirty.

Sound Quality:

The Japanese company Audio-Technica is considered one of the best in the development and launch of headphones not only for the quality of its sound but also for its convenience when using them. Its designs are always elegant, high-quality and very subtle.

The Audio-Technica ATH-SR50BT Headphone is based on a wide frequency range which may include some wide extension in the minimum and maximum. For example, an impedance of 35 ohms can be included and work very well on smartphones and portable music players. And ultimately, we will get a 95 dB sound, which can be considered normal, however, that changes up to 98 dB when we use noise cancellation.

Now, let’s see the three different sound’s level that these headphones have:


If you are looking for a clean sound, detailed with good fidelity and not so inclined by the impact, then the model ATH-SR50BT is for you. The low range sounds in this headphone model are very precise and sound very good with pop, rock, and hip-hop music. It is understood that for those demanding to obtain the perfect sound, this may not be enough beyond the sound details for others are excellent.


It is possible that for some users, in the mids, the sound is noticeably lowered. Also, it shows a compression that maybe, is the expected for these kinds of wireless headphones. In spite of this, the voices in the songs can be identified very well and they can be heard clearly and cleanly in songs where guitar, bass, and drums stand out. It should be noted that the combination of these instruments in the mids sounds are well differentiated no matter what you hear.


For certain songs, the extension level in the high end will be noticed very well with a good level of detail. Despite this, the high sounds can still be a little soft and maybe missing some bass impact because the voices sound a little delicate and warm for their genre and the instruments do not surpass a good level of penetration so it could be said that sound a little weak. Still, it’s a good high for acoustics, pop and classical music.


The soundstage of SR50BT being wireless is very good compared to other models. The dimensional sound sensation that comes out of these earcups is a good experience for certain songs. We will not get the same feeling in all genres because the overall sound of these headphones is flatter. Even so, the percussion instruments stand out quite well and with good precision.

Style and Comfort:

ATH-SR50BT Over The Ear Headphone

Audio Technica always stands out for its comfort and ATH-SR50BT Headphone is not the exception. Its headband is made of a plastic material of good thickness and good quality to be very resistant and easy to handle. Metal extenders can also be observed for greater durability. This headband can be folded which makes it easy to transport headphones. It is also filled with foam and covered by synthetic leather that provides comfort without being heavy as it extends throughout equally the headband. The earmuffs are filled and covered with the same material.

As for their earcups, the SR50BT have an oval shape and are made of plastic with elegant black color. Its size is ideal because it covers the ear very well and as we mentioned before, the earcup contains the relevant controls that help with the volume without having to handle it from the mobile. Likewise, it contains the function that alternates between the modes of noise reduction and listening. This button also puts the headphones in Bluetooth pairing mode.

Wireless Connection and Battery Life:

The connectivity by means of the Bluetooth of Audio Technica ATH-SR50BT headphone can be paired with any Smartphone. In a very simple and fast way and it will remain connected until you decide it, being able to obtain a radius of up to 30 feet. Experience high-quality Bluetooth with Qualcomm aptX technology and Hi-Res audio (with a wired connection).

As for the duration of its battery, it should be noted that with just one recharge you can enjoy up to 28 hours of your favorite music. If we compare it with other wireless headphones! The SR50BT has a very good average battery life and above all, for its price.

Noise Cancelling Quality:

The noise cancellation of these wireless headphones is not as powerful as other models but still, it is effective. (if you are very demanding in this area) It can block external noise of low frequency, for example, it is very effective blocking noises like cars. Apart from this feature, it also has a listening function. That is, you can listen to the world around you at the touch of a button while still enjoying your music.

Really ATH-SR50BT Headphone Comfortable:

The latest ATH-SR50BT from Audio Technica is elegant, comfortable and worth considering. The most notable feature is Hear-Through, where you can cover the left earcup with one hand to instantly alternate active noise cancellation. The earmuffs almost completely cover the ears with their double padding (it is an over-ear design), in the left earcup, we will find the touch controls for rising/down the volume, change the track and also answer calls as it includes a sensitive mic. In addition, on that side of the earcup, you can see the connection ports but they are almost hidden. It also supports the aptX, AAC and SBC codecs.

  • 3,5 mm universal jack port.
  • Good quality material and good comfort.
  • USB charging option.
  • Single charge up to 28 hours.
  • Does not have the USB-C charging.
  • The noise canceling technology it’s not the best one.

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