6 Best Bluetooth Conference Call Speakers In 2022 for Working From Home

Here We Showing Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone for Conference Calls via Zoom, TeamViewer, Google Hangouts Meet, Webex, and more Meeting apps...

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best Bluetooth speaker for conference calls

This post is especially suited for two types of people. One, those who are tired of using their cumbersome headphones during online conferences or meetings; two, those who need to attend conference calls with others. You may already have understood by the title what we have brought for you today, Best Bluetooth Conference Speaker.

Online meetings, conference calls, online classes, those are available in this modern civilization for many years. But after the global pandemic spread in 2019, almost all of you need to attend any of those regularly. As you have become used to attend conference calls that is why tons of online meetings are waiting for you in the near future. No matter if you are a businessman, job holder, or student, you must attend those meetings.

If you have bulky headphones then wearing that for a long time may not be comfortable for you. Also, your laptop or smartphone loudspeaker may not be appropriate for an important meeting. That is why today we are introducing the six Best Bluetooth Speakers for Conference Calls to provide you the best experience & to let you concentrate properly.

Here are all the details regarding the conference call speaker from our list. Check all & then make your buying decision.

1. Jabra Speak 710 UC – Overall Best Bluetooth Conference Speaker

best Bluetooth conference speaker

The first speaker from this list is the JABRA SPEAK 710 UC. This speaker has the basic functions you will seek for in a conference speakerphone.

The design of this speakerphone resembles a disc-like built. It has a flat disc shape and has two grilles. The inner grille is a grey metal speaker surrounding the Jabra logo. The outer area is made of shiny polished plastic. You can find a white button on the outer area. Pressing down on it will turn the speaker on and will mark 12 points which will indicate the volume level of the speaker.

Each point has a different indication to it. To the left and right of the speaker, you can hook the phone off or on. A little higher close to 4 o’clock, you will find the button which turns on voice assistance. At 3 and 9, you can adjust the volumes. You will also find the Bluetooth indicator, battery life indicator which turns red when the speaker is on the verge of dying. You also can find the circles which indicate the connection with another Jabra speakerphone and the mic range of it.

  • Immersive sound with a small size
  • Includes Omnidirectional microphone
  • Best for both home & office
  • Easy & reliable Bluetooth connection
  • Small & lightweight design
  • Works best for phone, laptop, mac & other devices
  • Bit pricey


With this speaker, you also get a Bluetooth dongle to directly connect with your device if it does not support Bluetooth. It also has a duplex mic which means you can talk and listen with it at the same time. You can talk with it up to 6 people without any problem. It also has an attached cable for charging. You can use the speaker while charging. It definitely is a great one for sure.


2. Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 – Editors Choice

best Bluetooth speaker for conference calls

This elegant-looking speaker, the BANG OND OLUFSEN BEOSOUND A1 has it all. From its svelte design to the top-notch mechanism, it will surely not disappoint you.

The beosound A1 has a very smooth and pretty design. The pearl-like metal body with the pinkish hue will allure you to buy this one for sure. It has a smooth design resembling a muffin. You can find the buttons surrounding the speaker which are big and easy to access. On one side, you will find the volume up and down and the play/pause buttons. On the right side, you will find the power, mic on/off, and Bluetooth buttons.

The re-design Beosound A1 is IP67 certified and is water and dustproof. It can be used for almost 30 mins underwater. The speaker is also said to have almost 18 hours runtime if only used with normal listening volume and almost 43 hrs at a more conservative listening.

To indicate the connectivity, a LED light is flashing always when the speaker is connected. The Bluetooth has a range of almost 800 feet or 240m. But the device connected to it has to be closer. Though, there has not been a problem in connectivity. You can connect with another speaker to double up the work too. The speaker also has a three-mic array for Alexa operation and hands-free calls. It supports Microsoft and googles fast pair to make the conference meeting easier.

  • Clear voice quality
  • Up to 43 hours battery life if used in low volume
  • IP67 Water & Dust resistant
  • Alexa voice assistant enabled
  • Three microphone arrays for better call quality
  • Compact size & Design
  • Bit heavy


No doubt Bang & Olufsen One of the best headphones brand besides they build good quality speakers. Beosound A1 superb conference call speaker and the main attractive feature of this speaker is the Bluetooth Alexa connectivity. Just simply download the amazon app and the B&O app. Opening the app, you can directly connect it to via amazon and use it accordingly. You can give commands and twerk with them according to your likings.


3. eMeet M2 – Best Budget Bluetooth Speaker for Conference Calls

Best Budget Bluetooth Speaker for Conference Calls

With its dainty design, the EMEET M2 meets up with all the needs of a conference speaker is the next addition after the successful another speaker from the same brand. It is mainly known for its clear-cut quality and connectivity.

The EMEET M2 is the more upgraded version of it. The speaker has a clean outlook. The top part of it has a doughnut-like ring around the buttons huddled in the middle. The buttons are prominent and easy to access. You can easily access them. The silent button is in the middle and the other ones are around it. The sides of the speaker are covered with anodized aluminum. The whole look of the speaker is very office friendly. There are four speakers around them so you can pick up everything from the room efficiently. It comes in three colors. black, grey, and white.

When the speaker is turned on, it is lightened up and indicating the power on. The buttons on the top are touch-sensitive so you can easily glide over them. There is a total of 6 buttons. For voice control, for answering and rejecting calls, power button, volume button, and another one to check the battery life.

For more easy connectivity, you can find a micro USB port, as well as audio out/audio in a 3.5mm aux port for the best usage.

  • Clear & high-quality audio experience
  • Easy to connect & play
  • Compatible with multiple platforms
  • Four Ai Smart Microphone Array
  • Designed for group meetings
  • Smart size & button positioning
  • Less battery life


The call quality of the speaker is also great. It has a wide range of connectivity. You can easily use it and go around the room. You can easily talk and the speaker will pick up every nook and make your conference a blast. But you cannot connect multiple devices with it at the same time. But other than that, it will not let you down.


4. Anker PowerConf – Best Conference Call Bluetooth Speaker

Best Conference call speaker

The sleek and elegant ANKER POWERCONF speakerphone is all that you can wish for. The speakerphone has a nice design with nice sleek curves crafted with fine and soft plastic and metal.

The premium feels that the speaker gives compliments all the other features of it. You can find the buttons atop the speaker in a very basic layout. It has big buttons which are touch-sensitive so you will easily be able to use them. The middle button is for muting calls. The buttons surrounding it are the calls, volume up/down, mute, and play/pause buttons.

Another one of the best things about this speaker is that it has 6 speakerphones and a loudspeaker, so you will not face problems like cutting on voice or not being able to hear something or being cut midways. It picks up all of it and delivers it.  You can connect it via Bluetooth 5.0 or use the USB-C plug with no need for additional drivers.

  • Enhances voice quality
  • Six microphones for 360-degree coverage
  • Automatically balances voice quality for different volume level
  • Best for home & office
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • The touch panel control responses slowly sometimes


Anker is famous for good and budget-friendly earbuds also, good speakers, and various audio gadgets. Anker PowerConf speaker offered up to 24 hours of talk time. It will give you no trouble and you can use it without the tension of it shutting down midways as long as you charge it regularly.


5. Poly Sync 20+ – Most Portable Bluetooth Conference Speaker

best Bluetooth speaker for conference calls

This hybrid working specialized speakerphone is very commendable. It has all the needed features when it comes to a conference speakerphone. The POLY SYNC 20 is one of the default choices when it comes to conference speakerphones. It has a very stylish design of fabric textured in the color of black and grey. You can spot the logo at the down corner of the speaker.

The configuration keys of the POLY SYNC have been kept simple and neat. On the bottom of the speaker, you will find the buttons in a row. There is a physical on/off button, Volume controls, a Mute button, and a button that is programmable with the Poly software. There is also a team button that is synced with the Microsoft teams. You can connect a USB cable and use it to charge the speaker as well as connect with your device.

Using Conference call speaker, One of the main highlights of this speaker is the Microsoft team one. You can easily connect it to them. The speaker is instantly recognized by the teams. It gets connected and selected as the default device. This speaker has a battery life of 3200mh. You can use it normally but remember to charge it regularly to avoid it turning off in between meetings and conferences.

  • Shape like a mobile phone to carry easily
  • Great voice quality ensures clarity
  • Multi microphone array for better calls
  • IP64 water & dust resistant
  • Easy to connect with any device
  • Visible light bars even form a distance
  • The noise cancellation is not very impressive


The sound quality of the speaker is pretty good. It offers the minimum that is needed for a conference. It offers a clear and Crips outcome and delivers each speech. No doubt it’s a superb Conference call speaker.


6. eMeet Luna – Best Cheap Bluetooth Conference Call Speaker

Best Cheap Bluetooth Conference Calls Speaker

The last one of the list, the EMEET LUNA, comes with the professional looks and the necessary keys to it, making it very much ideal for conferences and meetings.

The design of this speaker is the definition of “professional”. It has a simple and clear-cut design. The top has the grille supporting the speaker. The buttons are displayed on top of the speaker. I think it was a great choice to put the buttons out and front like this as you would not be making any mistakes while in a meeting by punching the wrong button. The buttons are power, Bluetooth pairing mode, volume buttons, mic mute, accept/end call, and “Voice AI”. The mic mute button is in the middle so that you can easily reach it.

It has a USB type c port, an output jack, an input jack, and a Kensington lock hole. you can find three rubbery feet which help the speaker to stay in place and three small indents in the outer rim which is for the microphones.

The speaker comes with a dedicated USB key if you find difficulty in connecting with Bluetooth. The Bluetooth version on the speaker is 4.2. Or you can simply connect it to your device with the USB cable and play it while charging.

  • Cheap price tag
  • Voice enhancement technology
  • Noize isolation feature enabled
  • Multi microphone array for360 degree coverage
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Compact size & design
  • Audio quality is not very great compared to others on our list


As a Conference call speaker the mention-worthy feature of the speakers, the “Voice AI” is a great feature that blocks and cancels all the noise and distractions while you are in a meeting so that the listener can only hear your voice. It will not be interrupted by any unnecessary distractions. It is a very needed feature if you are working from home or are in a noisy situation then it’s a classic choice.


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