10 Best Bluetooth Headsets For Office VoIP Computer SoftPhone Calls Of 2023

Find a good quality headset for office calls then you need to read clearly, You will get the right and best one

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Are you in need of the best Bluetooth headsets for use in the office? Find no more. The best Bluetooth headset with a mic will allow you to make hands-free calls at a certain distance. Thus, they are meant for people that spend most of the time answering calls while in an office. Moreover, this best Bluetooth mic has a noise-canceling mic which reduces background noise.

There are different types of Bluetooth headsets from different brands. Thus you need to find the best headset which will suit your needs. For you to have the best, you need to check out comfort, and sound quality. Additionally, you can check out battery performance, weight, and Bluetooth versions.

Here Are The Top 10 Best Bluetooth Wireless Headsets for the Office VoIP Computer Phone

The best Bluetooth headset comes in different designs. Some are foldable and compact. Moreover, the best headset should have long battery life. That’s why we narrow down the 10 best VoIP headsets to follow the few important features.

This will allow you to make long calls. Also, when buying a Bluetooth headset always remember to check on multi-device compatibility. This will prevent you from buying many headsets hence cheap. Below is the best Bluetooth headset that you should consider buying.

01. TaoTronics Bluetooth Headset For Office or Classes

Best Bluetooth Headset with Microphone for Office Work

TaoTronics Trucker is a mono wireless headset. Additionally, this headset has an over-ear design. This headset is the best choice for use when studying or working. Moreover, this headset is fitted with AI noise-canceling tech. Thus, it’s capable of slashing surrounding noise to about 40 dB. This ensures that you will be heard when in a noisy environment.

Additionally, the headset has Bluetooth 5.0 with an improved QCC3020 Chipset. With this, be sure of fast plus stable signal transmission. Moreover, you will also be free to pair with 2 Bluetooth media devices. This wireless headphone comes with an inbuilt battery. The battery offers up to 34-hours of talking. The headset weighs approximately 8oz thus, comfortable for all-day use.

  • Comes with adjustable headband, fits any head
  • Has a soft and anti-slip ear pad, comfortable
  • Easy to control with mute and multi-function button
  • Easy operate for desk phone
  • Some background noise is heard
  • Only Bluetooth connection technology


TaoTronics Trucker Bluetooth Headset has a 270 degrees rotatable mic. This will allow you to move the mic to the best angle so that it captures your voice. Additionally, this headset features over-voltage and ESD protection. This allows your headset to completely charge via the car’s USB-port in 2 hours. The headset has a stable connection within a range of 10m. However, TaoTronics Trucker cordless Headset best for office or online classes.


02. Plantronics Savi 8200 Series – Best Bluetooth Headset for Computer

best headset for call center job

Plantronics Savi 8200 is an over-the-ear headset that has a black shade. Moreover, this headset comes with a movable mic. Thus you will move it near the mouth for it to pick up your voice. Additionally, this mic is capable of canceling noise out. This allows you to have crystal clear communication. Its Bluetooth connection technology will allow you to connect to 2 devices at the same time.

This headset has a battery that offers a talk time of 13-hours. Hi-fi stereo headset with ANC feature will help you concentrate and focus. One-touch controls will allow you to manage calls within the roaming range limits. Moreover, you will also manage volume and mute with one-touch controls.

  • Has improved DECT wireless-security, conversations secure and safe
  • Comes with adjustable headband, comfortable fit
  • Allow multi-device wireless connectivity
  • Easy operate for desk phone
  • Sometimes volume control may be a bit hard to grip
  • Need a lot of fussing to be usable


Plantronics Savi 8200 offers up to 13hrs continuous talk times. Its speakers have a sensitivity of 118 dB. Additionally, this headset allows more devices to connect wireless. One-touch controls make it easy for one to manage calls, volume, and mute. The adjustable headband ensures that the headphone offers a comfortable fit. The active noise-canceling feature ensures that you will have clear calls.


03. Jabra Evolve 65 UC Wireless Headset for Office and VoIP Calls

best headset for Office calls

Jabra Evolve 65 UC is a wireless headset that has an over-the-ear design. Moreover, this headset offers an excellent wireless connection within a range of 30m. With inbuilt busy light, colleagues will be aware when busy hence they won’t disturb. The earpads are well designed to end high-frequency noise. Furthermore, its in-built battery offers 14 hours of continuous talk time.

Additionally, when the battery is low, you can continue using the headset with a USB cable. For you to connect with a PC wireless, a USB dongle is required. Dual connectivity features will allow you to connect 2 devices. This headset operates with more leading UC-platforms hence more compatible.

  • Has both wired and wireless connection technology
  • Comes with integrated busy-light which turns red
  • Allows dual wireless connectivity
  • Microsoft Teams certified
  • Well performance for pc
  • Easy operate for desk phone
  • Fragile and cheap make
  • Has no active noise-canceling feature


Jabra Evolve 65 UC offers a long connection range giving you more freedom. Additionally, the headset has an in-built busy light hence colleagues will not disturb. Moreover, this headset weighs approximately 0.68lbs hence suitable for long hour use. Its in-built battery offers a talk time of 14 hours. Additionally, you can use the USB jack provided for wired connections.


04. Plantronics Voyager Focus UC Bluetooth USB B825 202652-01 Headset

best headset for Office Use

This headset has noise-canceling tech. Thus, it will help in reducing background audio thus you will remain focused. Additionally, this headset has Bluetooth technology. This will let you roam within 98ft. You will also be able to connect many devices at the same time. Furthermore, this headset has a dedicated mute button that allows muting during a call.

Additionally, this headset has a triple-mic which has improved DSP. This will ensure that your voice will always sound natural. Moreover, this headphone has an adjustable headband which is padded. With this, you will have a comfortable fitting. Above all, this headset comes with a carry case making it easy to carry and store.

  • Features active noise-canceling
  • Comes with a triple-mic which has enhanced DSP
  • Allows multi-device connections
  • Sound quality is poor
  • They are expensive


Plantronics Voyager Focus UC Headset comes with a carrying/storage case. Moreover, the headset has triple-mic. This has improved DSP to make sure that you sound natural. With a dedicated mute button, you will mute unwanted calls. An adjustable headband will offer a comfortable fitting on any head size.


05. Plantronics Voyager Focus UC Stereo Bluetooth Headset for Computer Calls

Bluetooth Headset for Office Calls

Plantronics Voyager Focus UC Stereo headset offers wireless stable connections within 150ft. Moreover, the headphone has an over the ear design. The headset has a smart sensor tech & active noise-canceling. Hence, you’ll have crystal clear conversations. Its inbuilt battery offers a talk time of 12 hours and 10hrs with ANC on. Also, it offers a listening time of 15 hours and 12hrs with ANC on.

Its adjustable headband will ensure that you will have a comfortable fitting. Furthermore, its boom mic is made in a way that it will capture every conversation you have. The ear cups and the headband are cushioned and covered with soft material for extra comfort.

  • Fitted with smart sensor tech
  • Offers immersive stereo sound
  • Has a boom microphone that gets every word you speak
  • Uncomfortable after long use
  • Has wireless connection technology only


Plantronics voyager focus UC stereo Bluetooth headset features ANC & smart sensor tech. With this, you will be sure of clear calls even when in a noisy environment. Additionally, this headset has a boom microphone. The mic will never miss a word that you will say. Moreover, with this headset, you’ll listen to different sounds from all stereo speakers.


06. Jabra Engage 65 Wireless Headset for VoIP, Industry and Office Calls

Best Bluetooth Headset for Office Calls

Jabra Engage 65 Wireless Headset can be worn from mono, stereo, or neckband style. With this headset, you will enjoy superior DECT-wireless connectivity. Additionally, you will have stable connections within a range of 150 meters. Moreover, this headset has an integrated busy light. This will help you overcome interruptions. Jabra Engage 65 has an in-built battery that offers a talk time of 13 hours.

Additionally, this Jabra Engage headset features a high level of hearing protection. This is the key to heavy users. The headset has more innovations that safeguard intensive use. Thus, it offers use for long hours. Moreover, you’ll answer/end calls, adjust volume, and mute using the intuitive controls. However, No doubt Jabra Engage is a Business Class Headset.

  • Has integrated busy light
  • Features hearing protection of high levels
  • Allow 2 devices to connect at once
  • Microsoft Teams certified
  • They are not foldable
  • Mono design may be uncomfortable for some


Jabra Engage 65 wireless headset has a rechargeable battery that has a playtime of 13 hours. Moreover, it takes about 90 min for it to recharge. This headset comes with a charging base that has buttons. Its wireless connectivity technology allows two devices to be connected at once. The integrated busy light will alert your colleagues not to disturb.


07. Plantronics CS540 Wireless Office Headset with Headset Advisor Wipe

Wireless Headset For All Type Of Office Calls

Plantronics CS540 is a wireless office headset that comes with a headset advisor wipe. Moreover, this headset comes with an in-ear design. This headset weighs about 1 Pound hence lightweight. Additionally, this wireless headset among the lightest-DECT headsets on the market. The headset comes with a choice of a headband or 3-ear hooks. Thus, you can wear this headset in any preference for your whole day’s comfort.

Additionally, this headset has wideband audio plus a noise-canceling mic. This will ensure that you’ll have crystal clear communication with no distractions. It’s a headset that is made for office professionals that require hands-free calls. With this headset, you will roam within a range of 350ft with no tethering.

  • It’s the lightest DECT-headset
  • Features wideband sound & noise-canceling microphone
  • Comes in a lightweight design
  • Needs HL10-Handset Lifter or an EHS-cable to answer a call remotely
  • The Lifter is sold separately


Plantronics CS540 headset has a wideband sound and noise-canceling mic. Thus be sure to hear and to be heard crystal-clear with no background noise. Additionally, this headset has a lightweight design. Thus comfortable to use for long hours. With this headset, you will roam within a range of 350 feet as you make calls. Best Bluetooth Headset For Office at the moment in the market in under 150 bucks.


08. Plantronics CS530 Office Wireless Headset with Extended Microphone

Best Bluetooth Headset for Office Calls

Plantronics CS530 Office is a wireless headset that has an extended single microphone. Additionally, this is a one-ear design headset. This headset has a wide-band sound quality. It includes superior tech which eliminates Wi-Fi interference & acoustic guard against sound spikes. Moreover, with DECT-6.0 tech wireless multitasking is made easy. This will allow you to have clear communication within a range of 350ft away.

Additionally, this headset has a sleek design. This makes it more comfortable plus the lightest DECT headset. Moreover, this headset includes one-touch controls that allow you to end/answer calls. The headset features improved digital signal processing (DSP). Its battery offers a talk time of 6 hours. Furthermore, it features an energy-efficient adaptive power system that safeguards battery life.

  • Includes a lengthy boom which improves mic quality
  • Features a noise-canceling mic, background noise is reduced
  • Has a sleek design, lightweight and comfortable
  • Easy operate for desk phone
  • The mute function is slow
  • Has an average battery life


Plantronics CS530 Office package includes a headset, base, 5 ear tips, user guide. Furthermore, it also comes with a telephone interface card. Moreover, with an improved wide-band sound, you’ll have a high-definition audio quality. Additionally, this headset comes with an extended boom plus a noise-canceling mic. This will reduce any background noise. With SoundGuard tech, you’ll have a comfortable listening & acoustic limiting for guarding audio spikes.


09. Mpow M5 Pro Bluetooth Headset with Microphone

Bluetooth Headset with Microphone for Working Office

Mpow M5 Pro Bluetooth Headset comes in either light black, dark black, or black hue. Moreover, this headset features a noise-canceling tech that eliminates about 99. 6-percent of noise. Thus, you will have crystal-clear calls & music. This headset has a stable over-the-head design. It also has a memory-foam-padding hence you will wear it all day long in comfort.

Moreover, this product has a sleek-magnetic charging base. This charging base supports recharge 12 to 15 times. Additionally, with a 2-hour charging, you will have a continuous talk time of 18-hour. When standby, it can last for about 200-hour. Remember that, if you need to mute and un-mute the mic, you need to double-press the MFB.


  • Allows dual device connection at one time
  • Has a longer battery life
  • Its noise-canceling technology eliminates 99. 6% of noise
  • Superb price with the best performance for office work
  • Has only a wireless connection option
  • Sometimes the non-active side causes discomfort


Mpow M5 Pro Headset has a noise-canceling technology that’s capable of reducing noise to 99.6%. Moreover, this headset comes with a magnetic charging base for recharging. Its battery offers a talk time of 18-hour with a 2-hour charge. Additionally, this headset allows two devices to connect at a similar time. This will allow you to switch between devices.


10. Willful M98 – Best Bluetooth Headset For Office Use

best bluetooth headset business office computer - PC - phone calls

Willful M98 Headset has a boom mic which allows the newest noise-canceling tech. This allows the mic to pick up one’s exact voice & block the surrounding noise. Thus you will have crystal-clear audio. Moreover, this headset comes with a mute button at the mic. It’s pressed only once to block sound talks when the need arises. Remember the mute button operates only when on a phone call.

Moreover, this headset has a smooth earpad. Furthermore, it has a flexible headband plus a lightweight design. Thus, you will have a comfortable long-hour wearing experience. This headset is capable of pairing with all Bluetooth-enabled media devices. Moreover, you will connect with two devices at the same time.


  • Comes with a long-lasting battery
  • Has smooth earpad, comfortable
  • Offers crystal-clear conversations
  • Needs more care to prevent damages
  • Mute button operates only when on a phone call


The Willful M98 Headset is compatible with more media playing devices. Moreover, this headset has a quality battery. It offers 17 hours of non-stop talking time. When on a standby mode, it can stay to about 200 hours. The headset takes 2 hours to have a complete recharge. With improved noise-canceling tech, you will have crystal clear conversations.



With the Best Bluetooth Headset For Office, you will always enjoy call quality and its comfort. With the guidance above, it will be easier to get a suitable headset that matches your needs. Moreover, a headset with unified communication (UC) specifications comes with a USB dongle. This offers a broad range of connections for more platforms. A headset with a compact design makes it easy to carry around. Bluetooth headsets which offer noise-cancellation features can be used at any noisy place.

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