10 Best Earbuds Under $30 Which Are Best for Value In 2022

Best In Ear Headphones Under $30 Wired & Wireless In-Ear

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best cheap earbuds

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Viewers, Below we offer you information about headphone companies where you will find a balance between quality and budget. Do not miss it so you can make the best purchase decision.

All those who love to listen to music from their phones are in luck. Although the iPhone 7 has no jack, the actual standard headphones that come with Smartphones are of better quality. This rule is usually applied to high-end phones, since mid-range phones may not even come with included headsets. But you do not have to worry since there is a wide variety of headphones that you can buy for less than $30. You do not believe me? Keep reading our best wireless earbuds under $30 list. 

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01. BonBon Waterproof – Best Value Wireless Earbuds Under $30

best cheap earbuds - waterproof - good bass

BonBon Sport with Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology offers high-fidelity surround sound quality. Enjoying stereo sound with high definition and rock-solid bass with very sharp treble makes our music a marvelous sound. These wireless headphones are made of high-quality material that gives an elegant and attractive sound vibration in conjunction with CVC 6.0 noise reduction allowing you to concentrate on your own rhythm and soul.

Comfortable Design For Your Ears:

The silicone hooks have been designed to be adapted in a comfortable and correct way to the ear, which prevents it from slipping. In the same way, it is made up of soft silicone plugs that offer the correct and comfortable fit for prolonged use, ensuring that the Showkoo wireless headphones are fixed properly, preventing them from falling when performing any physical activity because their neckband design is ideal for those who love to do sports with your favorite music no matter where you are.

Super Waterproof IPX7 Design:

These sports headphones, with the IPX7 level design, are completely waterproof so you do not have to worry about sweating when doing your favorite physical activities because it allows you to fully enjoy outdoor sports from hiking to cycling. Its silicone material prevents the body’s natural moisture from damaging the functionality of the BonBon Sports headphones, even preventing it from being slippery due to humidity.

Hands-Free and Wireless:

The new technology applied in this ergonomic headphones design, allows you to perform your outdoor activities without the need to carry your phone because it has been designed to listen to your favorite music without the device leaving your hands free and without wires. Also, you can make calls directly with BonBon headphones since it has a range of 10 meters away.

Enjoy up to 12 hours of music:

Lithium Polymer Battery is a fast top recharge of only 2 hours, so the headphones can be fully charged to have up to 12 hours of music in your ears. It is ideal if you must make trips and thus avoid problems of recharges.

  • Wireless and with Bluetooth V4.1 with a range of up to 10 meters.
  • High definition sound with a high-quality built-in microphone with echo sound elimination.
  • These wireless headphones are ergonomically designed to fit your ear canal.
  • It has a pair of silicone pads to provide a perfect seal.
  • Noise reduction for a better sound.
  • With IPX7 it is resistant to water and body moisture.
  • Flexible, lightweight, and anatomically adjustable.
  • The durability of the battery is around an average of between 9 and 12 hours.
  • The hands-free headset allows you to toggle between music and answer calls.
  • It has the ability to connect to two different devices simultaneously.
  • It is available just in black color.


02. iClever – Best Bluetooth Earbuds for Under 30 USD Sports -Running/Gym/Workout

best cheap earbuds under 30

Built-in CVC 6.0 technology for external noise reduction with built-in CSR chip ensures high-frequency sound with balanced bass for a unique musical experience. As its design is wireless, you can enjoy your music hand-free because the volume control is included on the headphones. In the same control button, it’s the microphone that allows you to receive calls without any interference.

Safe Fit Curve:

It has a very interesting design that looks like a shark’s fin which serves to adjust to the ear and provide greater security if you want to perform sports that require a lot of movements such as running or cycling. Its ergonomic design is very easy to install and it is very comfortable in conjunction with its silicone pads that come in three different sizes for a personalized fit.

Water Resistant:

Its IPX5 technology is reliable, durable, lightweight, flexible, and resistant to water and sweat because it is made especially for athletes who need to have their hands free. It does not matter if it rains or if you sweat a lot, the in-ear headphones will never let you down. That’s why it also comes with Bluetooth 4.1 technology to connect to any device and go for a run accompanied by the best music.

Long Durability:

Its battery takes only 1 hour and a half-hour for recharge and has a useful life of 8 hours to enjoy your favorite tunes or talk with friends when you are away. Now you do not have to worry about the battery anymore, you’ll be covered if you need to be away from home.

You will receive a user manual with clear use indications, three different sized pads for the earbud, the iClever in-ear headphone with Bluetooth 4.1 technology, and support in case that you need help.

  • Water-resistant material.
  • Hands-free for answer calls.
  • Original design with a curve to adjust perfectly to the ear.
  • The sound is clearly involved with HD quality.
  • Isolated sound technology.
  • Bluetooth 4.1 technology for better sound and connectivity.
  • Silicone earbud with three different sizes.
  • Volume control on the wireless design.
  • It cannot be submerged in water.


03. Spigen Best Value Wireless Under $10 Earphone

best cheap earbuds under 30

Thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 technology you can quickly connect with your device up to 10 meters without barriers. You can enjoy your favorite music while going out to do exercises outdoors without having to charge your device. It will also allow you to receive calls thanks to its built-in microphone.

Reduction Of External Sounds:

With its built-in CVC 6.0 sound reduction technology and APT-X Codec, you can play your music with more enveloping and defined sounds without the distraction of the outside environment. These headphones are ideal for all kinds of sports because their material is resistant to perspiration. Enjoy your activities accompanied by music anytime and anywhere.

Built-in Functional Buttons:

The headphones with in-ear design have no cables, but you can still handle the volume of the music whenever you want because it is included in the speaker, just touch the buttons to manipulate the sound, turn it off or receive your calls. It also includes a high-quality microphone and to connect a USB cable to recharge the battery when necessary.

Lightweight and Very Comfortable:

These headphones are very light which makes it optimal to use it for many hours. Its flexible and long-lasting material allows it to adapt perfectly to the ear. It is also designed with silicone pads to avoid discomfort, you will not feel that you have them on. It has the ability to move 360 degrees so you can accommodate it according to your convenience.

Rechargeable Batteries and High Compatibility:

Its lithium polymer battery allows the consumption of energy to be reduced to enjoy more time of use. Using the USB cable you can recharge the battery which will be complete in 2 hours to listen to music for approximately 5 hours. It is compatible with most current devices that have Bluetooth.

  • Compatible with different systems, including Android, iOS and etc.
  • It offers three different sizes of silicone earbuds that adapt perfectly to your ears.
  • HD and surround sound with isolated technology.
  • Flexible, lightweight, and comfortable for use it long time.
  • Ideal for outdoors and do sports because can have free-hand.
  • The design adapts perfectly to the ear without coming
  • Sweating-resistant material.
  • Built-in HD mic and volume control.
  • It is available just in white color.


04. Yinyoo Easy KZ ZST Best Bluetooth Headphones Under 30 Dollars

best cheap earbuds under 30

These in-ear headphones provide a premium and unique sound experience, without the distortion of sounds. It has control of treble, bass, and midrange for a personalized adjustment. It is designed of material of long durability and the internal speakers adapt perfectly to the ear without the worry that they go out of place.

Sound Isolation Technology:

This original high-fidelity dynamic headphone 1BA + 1DD is manufactured with patented technology that gives reliability and durability of use. Their earbuds are manufactured specifically in premium silicone which provides an adaptation to the ear like no other design. Also, it has the peculiarity of providing a much clearer sound experience by reducing external noises.

Very Efficient:

The in-ear Yinyoo KZ ZST uses hybrid technology to improve sound quality. You can appreciate a very special and youthful design with colors that stand out and make it look unique to give as a present at any time of the year to those we love the most.

Removable Cable:

The cable can be easily removed from each speaker to be changed whenever necessary. This also gives you a hook design that can fit comfortably in the ear for a better rest when it should be used for a long period of time. Its 3.5mm port makes it ideal and compatible with most current devices and also has a high-quality microphone to receive or make your calls from the command control that has it at your fingertips without the need to use your mobile phone while listening music.

Includes Guarantee:

Yinyoo KZ ZST includes 12 months of reliable warranty, 3 pairs of replacement silicone pads, its original removable cable, user manual and you will also receive customer support when you need it from the moment of purchase.

  • Hybrid technology with surround sound.
  • Sound insulation for better sound quality.
  • Silicone pads for a better fit.
  • It has the ability to remove the cable from the hearing aid to be changed.
  • Presents a microphone that receives the voice in high quality to provide a hands-free feature.
  • You can adjust the volume of the music with the built-in button in the command control built into the cable.
  • It is flexible, with a colorful and very dynamic design.
  • It is not available for some countries.


05. BASN Bsinger BC100 Best Cheap Headphones

best cheap earbuds under 30

In-ear headphones specially designed for musicians, stage presenters, singers, and for those seeking excellence in sound quality. The in-ear monitor has a modern and youthful design with silicone pads to provide more comfort and safety when using them.

High-Quality and Defined Sound:

The dual high-definition dynamic driver is made up of sophisticated neodymium magnets to provide a balanced, enveloping, and very defined sound. You will not regret the sound, it is a professional headphone. In addition, the Bsinger BC100 has a noise isolation technology that guarantees a great sound experience.

Detachable Wires:

Each speaker is connected to a removable cable with MMCX connector which you can remove very easily. This feature gives you the option of being able to replace the earbuds depending on the moment and the possibility of creating your own style.

The Best Comfort for Your Ears:

Its ergonomic hook-shaped design transforms these headphones into the ideal in terms of comfort and fits because they are flexible, lightweight, and adapt to the shape of the user’s ear providing secure support with a comfortable feeling for hours.

Wide Device’s Compatibility:

The cable connector port of these in-ear headphones is 3.5mm so it makes it compatible with different iPhone, Android devices, among other equipment. In addition, this gadget has a 12-month warranty in case of any inconvenience.

  • It comes with 5 different sized silicone earbuds for a better
  • The sound is a top-quality experience.
  • Comfortable, flexible, and sophisticated in-ear.
  • Its design is perfect for musicians, dingers, and all those people dedicated to music.
  • Its hook-shaped design allows a perfect fit.
  • Elegant, compact design, with an exquisite
  • 5mm connector that makes it compatible with most current devices.
  • Hands-free for making calls with volume control integrated.
  • Is possible that this specific model does not be available in India.


06. Marine Grade IPX-7 Waterproof Headphone Pyle PWPE10-B

best budget earbuds under 30

It’s material Pyle IPX-7 waterproof it’s suitable for water sports like surfing, skiing, swimming, or even if you decide to take a SPA day or practice any other outdoor activities because its resistant material makes this headphone ideal for sweating as well so now the athletes can feel sure that their headphones will be safe even on those rainy days.

Perfect Sound Quality:

Its wired and wireless technology offers a clear, clear-up, perfect sound with high vibrations, sharp and defined bass. Its perfect earbuds design offers a sophisticated and high-quality stereo sound with isolation noise reduction.

Flexible Cable With an Ergonomically Design:

Its thin and flexible cable helps to avoid damage when handling it and allows a better reach to the ears. Best of all, it is universal, it means that it is compatible with most mobile devices. Its design is ideal to adapt to the ears of each user, ensuring that they do not fall when performing their physical activities, which can range from swimming to running. Also, it allows reducing the fatigue of its use for long periods.

Spare Headphones:

The material of the earbud is also waterproof and comes designed with 3 tips of different sizes that you can exchange according to your desire. You can use the size that best suits you and gives you comfort. Its soft silicone material will help keep it in its place and avoid getting out of the ear when it is in direct contact with water.

Plugs Designed to Block Water:

The design of these headphones is perfect to prevent water from entering the ears when practicing water sports. You can listen to music up to the water and Pyle headphones will not suffer any damage and at the same time, protect your ears from the water, creating a perfect match.

  • Ideal for any device including tablets, iPods, iPad, etc.
  • Its waterproof material is perfect for do water activities while listening to
  • Gives an excellent sound even under the water.
  • It has a great design that helps to block the water inside the ear.
  • It has 3 different ear tips, all different sizes.
  • The earbuds’ material is flexible and comfortable.
  • The headphone adapts perfectly to each ear avoiding falling.
  • You can not swim very deep with headphones on.


07. Betron ELR50 Best Earbuds Under 30

best budget earbuds under 30

High-performance headphones that provide premium sound with an extended frequency range. Its weight is very light and the silicone pads help to isolate the external sound, thus providing a dynamic and clear sound.

Comfortable Design When Using It:

Its ergonomic design transforms it into comfortable headphones and its flexible pads prevent it from falling. It comes with two extra pairs of soft pads for a custom fit or in case of loss, offering a secure ear and lasting comfort.

Built-in Microphone and Volume Control:

Headphones connected with a cable which includes a microphone and volume control to make or receive your calls or adjust the volume of your music without the need to do so on the device. The microphone transmits your voice in high quality so that your conversations are smooth and without problems.

Wide Compatibility:

Works well on most Android and iOS, Android tablets, computers or laptops,s and all those devices with 3.5 mm ports. It is very comfortable and you can perform all the physical activities you want while enjoying your music anywhere. You will get a 1-year warranty and a 30 day period for a refund.

  • The silicone pads fit properly inside the ears giving a perfect sound.
  • Reduction of external noises.
  • Flexible, comfortable, easy to use, and lightweight.
  • It allows you to do any activity that you wish.
  • Its volume controller and microphone included are the perfect matches when need to answer calls and you are on the street or
  • Its metal housing makes it durable and gives good vibrations
  • It gives a very nice bass sound
  • Should be careful with the wires


08. Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Edge Earphone in-ear 3.5mm Stereo With Mic headphones under $10

best cheap earbuds under 30

To improve the sound experience, the design of the loudspeakers is more spaced, helping the outside noise to affect less. In addition, its ergonomic shape favors the soundboard and the bass and treble are purer. The high-quality OEM stereo sound from the headphones offers a unique experience with very defined sounds.

Integrated Microphone and Command Control:

For a hands-free function, the connection cable includes a microphone that transmits the voice of the user with very good frequency and quality and at the same time, includes the control of command so that it can attend or make calls without having the need to hold the phone in hand. You can increase or reduce the volume of sound from the same control, which allows you to have your hands free while talking with your loved ones without having to stop doing your activities.

Comfortable Design:

With its weight of only 17 grams, when you use the Samsung S6 / S6 Edge headphones, you will not feel like you have them on and you can enjoy your favorite music for a long time as its ear-in design adapts and fits perfectly to your ear. In addition, its flexible material helps to do not feel tired when you use it for a long period of time.

Ideal for Outdoor Activities:

Its 105 cm long cable allows the headphone to connect without problems to the mobile device providing comfort and freedom of movement while carrying out its activities normally. If you want to play sports or spend the day outdoors accompanied by music, its original design will give you the comfort experience you are looking for. It is compatible with all devices which have a 3.5mm port, it can be different Samsung, iPod, Android, or tablets.

  • High-quality stereo sound with the ear-in
  • It has a volume control added on the cable.
  • Hands-free with a microphone included for make and answer calls easily.
  • Lightweight and comfortable ergonomic design for your ears.
  • Durable and flexible material.
  • Standard 3.5mm jack makes it compatible with different devices.
  • Both microphones and speakers are designed for noise reduction.
  • Wired Headphones


09. Losei Dual – TWS Best Earbuds Under 30

best budget earbuds under 30

It provides high-quality sound that applies Bluetooth V4.1 + EDR technology and built-in A2DP / AVRCP technology that helps with noise cancellation making the sound experience immersive. It has volume control and bass sound to obtain a perfect sound experience.

Wireless Technology:

These headphones are designed perfectly without the need for cables to connect to the device. The left earphone can connect to the right earphone without any cable and both can be replaced, they can also be used separately making it ideal to attend or make voice calls more comfortably.

Long Time Use:

Its built-in rechargeable 40mAh lithium battery can provide up to 3 hours of your favorite music. The waiting time can be 40 hours with the two headphones. The battery can be fully recharged between 1 to 2 hours and also has the option of recharging by USB cable.

Comfortable Design and Multi-Function:

Its ergonomic design is optimized to provide greater comfort and a better fit by solving the problem of them getting out. Its soft material protects the ears for prolonged use and its anti-slip design is perfect for all kinds of sports and being hands-free can answer your calls without stopping doing your activities.

Compatible with Android and iOS devices:

It presents high compatibility with most iOS and Android Smartphones, iPods and tablets with the advantage of being able to connect with two different devices at the same time. It is easy to use and its wireless technology has a range of up to 10 meters so you can operate your phone without having it nearby.

  • These wireless headphones have 18 months guarantee.
  • High-quality sound with noise reduction technology.
  • Its size is small, lightweight, and with an anatomically adapted design to the user’s ear.
  • Its material makes it sweat-resistant.
  • Microphone included for answer calls at any moment.
  • The wireless design makes the headphone easy to use, avoiding dis
  • Ideal for any type of sport or working out without the worry about falling.
  • The headphones include a battery indicator.
  • It includes a portable rechargeable charging dock with 450mAh.
  • The warning time indicating low battery may be short until it is completely turned off.
  • It can connect with 2 different devices, Android or iOS.


10. Panasonic Ergofit in-ear Earbuds Best Selling On Amazon

best cheap earbuds under 30

ErgoFit design construction for a comfortable and secure fit. Its earbud is silicone with an in-ear design for surround sound and insulation. You can use it for a long time because it is flexible and durable.


Its nickel-plated 3.5mm stereo plug allows you to connect your cable to any iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, Smartphone such as Android, tablets, or any other device that has this standard connection.

Comfortable Long:

Its 3.6 f-t cable allows comfortable use if you want to connect it to your device and store it in your pocket or purse. You will enjoy listening to music if you want to do outdoor activities.

Custom Fit:

Includes 3 pairs of soft earmuffs in small, medium, and large sizes for a custom fit. It is available in 9 different colors with matching earbuds and cable.

  • Comfortable wire length.
  • Ergofit design with custom earbuds.
  • Comfortable, durable, and flexible earbuds.
  • It is available in 9 different colors.
  • Isolated sound.
  • It does not have the microphone on the wire to answer calls.


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