10 Best USB Headsets for Windows & Mac In 2022

Best USB Headsets For Working From Home And All Professional-Communication Using Computer, Laptop, and Other Devices...

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Best USB Headsets For Computer and Laptops

The best headphone will help with different activities. Actually, these USB headphones are used for many purposes like Online professional Vlogger, Online gamer, Call center, or VOIP calls, and many are used for office work in the office or home. Also, these are the best performance for office softphone and desk phone. Some have a jack pin, USB, and a micro-USB connector type. USB Headset is compatible with more PCs. Moreover, USB connections give extra power than old audio jacks.

A good USB headphone that has a microphone is suitable for office use. You will be able to make calls via your PC to other staff members. When in search of the best USB headset for your PC, you need to consider the cable length, comfort, and sound quality. Below are some of the top best USB headsets for use with your laptop or computer.

1. Logitech H390 Best USB Headset with Moveable Noise Cancelling Mic

Logitech USB Headsets H390 with Noise Cancelling Mic

Logitech USB Headset H390 comes with a noise-canceling mic. With this mic, you will have clear and quality talk and audio. Additionally, this headset comes with a padded headband & ear pads to offer extra comfort. Its microphone has a frequency that has a response of in-between 100 hertz and 10 kilohertz. Furthermore, this microphone rotates. Thus, you can place it near your mouth or away when the need arises.

Additionally, this headset comes with a convenient inline mute plus volume controls. It also has an improved digital USB connector. This headset is compatible with Windows Vista and above. Moreover, it’s also compatible with Mac-OS X 10.2.8 and above. Its headband is adjustable to offer a comfortable and fitting look. Furthermore, this headset comes with a 7.64 feet cable. Thus you’ll have the freedom to stand-up & stretch when in long conversations.

  • Suitable for voice calls, webinars, and Skype
  • Offers digital stereo audio
  • Comes with a noise-canceling microphone
  • It’s fragile, more care needed
  • Not compatible with USB-C devices



Logitech USB Headset H390 comes with a unidirectional mic. It has a noise-canceling feature. Additionally, this headset has an adjustable and padded headband. This will offer a comfortable fit. It’s also capable of offering digital stereo audio. Furthermore, it’s inline control will allow you to manage mute and volume functions. This headset comes with a 7.6 feet cable.


2. Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC Stereo Bluetooth HeadsetUC Stereo Bluetooth Headset with Active Noise Canceling

Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC Stereo is a wireless and wired headset. It is available in black color. Moreover, it also has an active noise-canceling feature. With these headsets, you will be able to pair and play music within a wireless range of 98.4 feet. Additionally, when your battery runs out you will have an option of connecting the cable. Its over-the-head earpiece offers a comfortable & safe fit.

The ear cups are well padded together with the headband. This will offer you a comfortable listening experience. Additionally, the headband of this headset is adjustable to fit different head sizes. The circumaural-design features Bluetooth wireless tech. In the earcups, it’s labeled, R and L to allow you to wear it correctly. This headset offers the best sound making it suitable for listening to songs or any other kind of media.

  • Has in-built mic which offers excellent call quality
  • Can be connected either wired or wireless
  • Includes a USB dongle
  • Has a Micro-USB for charging
  • Lacks graphic equalizer



Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC can be connected wired or wireless hence you will have an option. Additionally, with this headset, you will enjoy stereo sound. An active noise-canceling mic will ensure that you will have clear communications. Its Bluetooth connection option will allow you to roam within 98.4 feet. Both the headband and the earcup are cushioned for comfort.


3. Sennheiser MB 660 MS Dual-Connectivity USB Headset

best wireless headset with microphone for laptop and pc

Sennheiser MB 660 MS (507093) has an on-ear design. Moreover, this headset is suitable for people that use Skype for Business. People that need an excellent hands-free solution. Additionally, this headset can be connected in two ways. That is, either wired or wireless. Moreover, two devices can be connected wireless at the same time for more call handling. Its battery offers a talk time of 30-hours.

This USB USB pc gaming headsets has speak-focus tech. It features three digital mics that work in tandem to offer crystal clear audio. Furthermore, with sound effects-mode, you will be able to personalize audio effect modes. They include movies, clubs, speeches, and directors. Adaptive ANC will auto decrease noise hence you will have more productivity. Its package includes a USB-PC dongle, 2.5mm/3.5mm jacks, USB cable/Micro-USB, and an in-flight adapter. It also comes with a carrying case

  • Features an improved own-voice detection
  • Has audio effects mode
  • Comes with three digital microphones to offer clear sound
  • The mechanical controls are hard to find
  • Touchpad control is context-sensitive taps, swipes & holds



Sennheiser MB 660 MS (507093) has a wired or wireless connection option. Moreover, it has a well-padded ear cup and headband. Furthermore, the headband is adjustable to ensure you will have a perfect fit. This headset has different sound effects to enhance your audio. It’s Bluetooth allows two devices to connect at the same time. This will ensure that you will have more call handling.

4. Sennheiser SC 165 USB (508317) Wired Headset With Quality Mic

best usb headset with HD Stereo Sound

Sennheiser SC 165 USB (508317) is an on-ear Binaural Headset design. Moreover, this headset is designed for people that use Skype or unified-Communications platforms. With this device, you will have HD sound which is powered by HD stereo audio. This guarantees that you have a clearer & more natural-meeting & entertainment experience. Its noise-canceling tech will cancel out all background noise. Thus, offering a crystal-clear conversation.

This headset also has a 2-in-1 ear-pad style. You can select between light acoustic-foam or soft-leatherette for more comfort. Additionally, the boom-arm is flexible to ensure that the mic will stay in the best position. Moreover, the mic can be twisted-out of place & folds when it’s not in use. This headset has an eye-catching design thus, it will look and feels good for use at any place.

  • Can be connected wireless or wire using a USB or 3.5mm jack
  • The earcup has a fold-flat design, easy to storage or transportation
  • Features a bendable boom-arm
  • Not compatible with iMac
  • Pinches the ear a bit



Sennheiser SC 165 USB (508317) is suitable for use by people that are using Skype or other call platforms. Additionally, noise-canceling technology will filter out every unwanted background-noise. This headset has a fold-flat earcup. Thus it’s simple to transport and store. Furthermore, this headset comes with a contemporary design thus can be used at any place.


5. Mpow – Cheap USB Corded Headset with Microphone

cheap USB Headset with mic

comes with a 3.5mm jack and a USB connector. It has a 2-in-1 in-line control design thus suits your working way. Moreover, it’s also available in black, pink, blue, white, or silver color. Moreover, it’s designed with an adjustable unidirectional mic. It will pick up the exact voice. Thus you will have crystal clear audio. This makes it best for use on webinars, Skype chat, call center, and conference calls. In-built premium sound-cards help in reducing the noise & optimize audio quality.

With this device, you’ll hear yourselves. This is achieved through the following steps on windows OS. Open the control panel, sound, recording, mic, listen, and listen to this device. Additionally, you will playback via these device speakers. Moreover, this headset has soft-protein memory foam & a strong cushioned headband. This will bring one a comfy wearing experience.

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  • Has adjustable vertical-sliders for a personalized fit
  • Comes with a 90-degree rotatable ear-cups, easy to store
  • Has wide compatibility
  • Budget-Friendly with 4 colors option (Black, Blue, Pink and Silver)
  • Has small ear cups, maybe uncomfortable to people with big ears
  • The mic cover comes out and maybe lost



Mpow USB Headset comes with an omnidirectional microphone to allow you to make calls. Additionally, this headset comes with a 2-in-1 in-line control design. This makes it compatible with more devices. Furthermore, smooth protein memory-foam & a strong padded headband will offer a comfortable fit. The cable of this headset measures 7.8 feet hence convenient when stretching.


6. Jabra Evolve 40 UC Professional USB Headset

Professional Wired Headset and Stereo Speaker

Jabra Evolve 40 UC Professional Wired Headset has a stereo design. Additionally, this headset is made for the best productivity & amazing audio quality. Moreover, with this device, you will be more productive. It features an in-built busy light that will protect you from interruptions. The busy light auto turns-on when on a call. Furthermore. It can also be initiated the time you need focus.

Additionally, this device has flexible connectivity. It comes with a 3.5mm jack which will allow you to connect it to a personal device like a smartphone. Moreover, it also has a USB connector that allows connections to the PC. Its on-the-ear design with leather-feel padding will offer you all-day comfort. Additionally, it offers a comfortable fitting thus noise from outside will be blocked.

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  • Works with more UC platforms
  • Features a busy light to prevent interruptions
  • Offers great sound which has HD Voice & Hi-Fi audio
  • Has no ANC feature
  • The mic pics breathing sound, annoying



Jabra Evolve 40 UC can be connected using a 3.5mm jack and a USC connector. With this, you will be able to connect to many devices. Additionally, this headset is compatible with more UC platforms including Skype, Cisco, & more. It is also compatible with all the most popular online voice call services. Its busy light will prevent you from being interrupted.

7. HyperX Cloud II Stereo Wired PC Headset

Best USB Gaming Headset for Computer, Laptop, PC

HyperX Cloud II is a USB gaming headset that comes in red color. Additionally, it’s made with more comfortable memory-foam ear cushions. Additionally, it has a cushioned leatherette headband. It helps in keeping one focused when gaming. This headset is fitted with big 53mm drivers. This offers the best quality audio. Thus you will hear in-game information better & have the in-game benefit on one’s opponents. With a 7.1 virtual-surround audio, you will be immersed in gaming.

Additionally, this headset offers a comfortable fitting that offers the best passive noise-cancellation. The closed ear cup design will block out surrounding noise which causes distractions. Moreover, it’s made to last. It’s made with a strong aluminum frame thus suitable for daily use. Furthermore, this headset comes with a detachable, noise-canceling mic. Thus, you will have loud & clear calls.

  • Compatible with more devices
  • Has a removable noise-canceling mic
  • Has a strong aluminum frame
  • The cable cause inconvenience when moving the chair around
  • Do not support PS3 or Xbox 360



HyperX Cloud II comes with interchangeable ear-pads. Thus you will choose to have either velour or leatherette ear cushions. Furthermore, it also has an improved sound control-box. You will toggle the surround sound-7.1 on & off with a button touch. It also includes separate audio & mic volume controls. Furthermore, this headset has 53mm drivers which offer the best sound performance.


8. Microsoft LifeChat LX-6000 USB Headset Best For Skype Call 

Best USB Headset for Online Professional Communicaton

Microsoft LifeChat LX-6000 is suitable for use with business. It’s available in black color and it has a USB type A connector type. Furthermore, this headset has a wideband digital sound that reproduces audio. Thus you will have a clear stereo-sound. Additionally, this headset has a noise-canceling mic. This means that you will have clear conference and meeting calls thus productive. This headset has an inline volume & microphone controls. You will mute or change the volume very fast. Furthermore, the call-indicator light will prevent people from disturbing you.

It’s a plug/play device thus simple to use. It has an ergonomic earpiece & a 270-degree flexible mic. Thus, you’ll have all-day comfort. Microsoft LifeChat LX-6000 can be connected wireless with the help of Bluetooth technology. This headset is compatible with Windows XP, Vista & 7.

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  • Comes with a noise-canceling mic
  • Has an inline volume & mic control
  • It’s a plug/play headset
  • It’s not foldable
  • Cheaply made



Microsoft LifeChat LX-6000 can be connected wireless or wired. Moreover, it comes with a detachable cable which is about 6 feet long thus you’ll stretch as the call progresses. With wideband digital audio, you will have a clear stereo sound. Moreover, you will be able to change volume and mute with the help of inline controls. Additionally, the call indicator-light will notify people when you are busy.


9. Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma Surround Sound Stereo Headset 

Best USB Headset for Online Communicaton

Razer Kraken 7.1 Surround Sound Headset comes in black color. Moreover, it’s a wired headset that has a USB connector. Moreover, the frame is made using aluminum material thus durable. It has an improved in-built virtual surround audio. This helps in delivering an immersive surrounding sound that has pinpoint accuracy. Furthermore, this headset is outfitted with a big 50mm driver. It is custom-tuned to have balanced & crystal-clear audio.

Additionally, with a removable mic, all noise from outside will be reduced. This will offer you crystal clear calls. Please note that the noise-cancellation feature is only active on PC. Furthermore, this headset is lightweight & durable because it’s made using bauxite aluminum. It’s also flexible & more durable. Moreover, this headset has oval ear-cushions hence it offers full-ear coverage. This makes it best for long-wearing comfort.

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  • It’s durable & lightweight
  • Has a retractable ANC mic
  • Features an oval ear-cushions hence comfortable
  • ANC features works on PC only
  • The wire keeps on twisting



Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma headset features custom-Tuned 50mm drivers. Thus, you will enjoy a great gaming sound which has a rich soundstage. Moreover, you will feel right in the middle of this action. The ANC mic is retractable. It’s able to cancel all the noise from the surrounding. This headset is made using Bauxite aluminum making it lightweight, durable, and flexible.


10. Jabra Evolve 65 UC Stereo Wireless – Best USB Headset

Best USB Headset for Communicate

Jabra Evolve 65 UC Stereo is a wireless Bluetooth Headset. Moreover, this headset will offer hands-free communication within a range of 100-feet. Additionally, this headset is compatible with the PC, Tablet, and smartphone. You will have a 14hr talk time and when on standby mode it can stay for about 15 days. Moreover, this headset has a passive noise-cancellation. This reduces background noise & offers amazing sound.

Additionally, you can pair up-to devices with eight trusted devices. Moreover, it offers two active stand-by Bluetooth-connections. Integrated busy light will auto turns-on when on a call. This product supports different Bluetooth profiles. They include A2DP-v1.2, Headset Profile-v1.2, Hands-Free Profile-v1.6, and AGHFP v1.6. Furthermore, this headset is compatible with more leading UC-platforms including Avaya, Cisco & Skype.

  • Passive noise-cancellation reduces high-frequency noise like human voices
  • Has an integrated busy light
  • Offers a talk time of 14-hours
  • Has no ANC feature
  • Can’t handover Skype calls



Jabra Evolve 65 UC Stereo has an in-built busy light to notify colleagues when busy. Passive noise-cancellation helps in eliminating high-frequency noise like human voices. Moreover, this headset has dual connectivity. This will allow you to connect two devices at the same time. This headset has a charging time of 2-hrs. It also offers a talk time of 14-hours.


Final Thought :

The review above has the best USB headset that is well researched and approved to be of the best quality. Moreover, this USB headset comes with an in-built mic which will allow you to make hands-free calls. Additionally, they are available at a pocket-friendly price. When buying any of these headsets, always ensure that it will be compatible with the device you intend to use.


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