5 Best Floorstanding Speakers Under $1000 Dollars Of 2021

Our Favorite Tower Speakers Under $1000 That Are Well Worth Your Money

by Bestwireless
best floorstanding speakers under 1000

While looking for the Best Floorstanding Speaker you may already have found out that those speakers do not come cheap. Searching for the best one within budget can be a real pain for you. And if you are here then it is more likely that you are searching for the Best Floorstanding Speakers that will fit your budget. Well, we are here to help you find the best floorstanding speakers under $1000. So stay with us for a while & we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

A budget of 1000 dollars can be considered as a middle-low budget for a floor-standing speaker. We already have listed the best in the market that will cost thousands of dollars here, 5 Best Floorstanding Speakers Under $5000. If you do not have that much budget then do not get upset. Within your budget, you can still find the best floor standing speaker or best surround sound system under 1000. The outlook of those speakers will remind you of a tower that is why sometimes we often call those best tower speakers under 1000. All those speakers are great to use as Party Speakers and other purposes. So further delay here is our list.

Definitive Technology BP-9060 Tower Speaker56.00 lbs13 x 11 x 44.5 inch9.6/10Amazon
Klipsch RP-8000F Floorstanding Speaker60.00 lbs10.91 x 17.56 x 43.11 inch9.0/10Amazon
BIC Acoustech PL-980L-PL-980R 3-Way Speaker110.2 lbs3.94 x 4.72 x 16.93 inch8.8/10Amazon
Klipsch RP-260F-2 Reference Premiere Speakers57.00 lbs17.7 x 9.1 x 36.6 inch9.2/10Amazon
Mission LX-4 2 Way Floorstand Speaker44.00 lbs17.32 x 13.39 x 42.52 inch8.6/10Amazon

Here are all the details. Just keep reading to make your buying decision.

1. Definitive Technology BP-9060 – Best Tower Speaker

best floorstanding speaker under 1000 dollars

Transcending speakers, the BP-9060 will catch your attention with its design and sound quality. This speaker is different from other ones you will find as this one is a bipolar speaker. A bipolar speaker has sound coming from the front and back and creating a series and tangle of sound which serves its purpose at its best. It creates a deep, resonating sound that flows around the room and creates a very ambient atmosphere. It has BDSS tech drivers in the front and back. The speaker directs the sound in the correct direction and makes it soothing and perfect for the ears. It widens the area and elevates the range of your sound quality to its best.

The other thing that separates the speaker from other ones is the included integrated subwoofers. You will now never have to buy extra woofers for better sound stimulation. The included woofers produce the best lows you ever heard and enhance your music experience completely.

The design of this speaker is very classy. It has height and slimness to it, giving it a very nice look. You can find the logo at the bottom of the speakers.

This speaker can be connected to extra connect an optional A90 height speaker with the built-in docking port. You can enhance your music experience.

This speaker right here serves you with crystal clear and ambient sound with a great fit. It is surely a choice everyone will want to make.

  • Delivers the best lows and highs.
  • Ensures theatre-like experience.
  • The bipolar speaker gives direct sounding.
  • Three-dimensional Dolby Atmosphere.
  • Delivers best surround sound experience.
  • It will cost a bit more than $1000.


2. Klipsch RP-8000F – Best Budget Floorstanding Speaker

best budget floorstanding speakers for music

With all the good looks, the KLIPSCH RP-8000F has everything you want in a speaker. It has the looks which will make you want to buy it the moment you put your eyes onto it and the sound quality is immaculate.

The RP-8000F has a very cutting and modern look to it. First, we have the grilles. It holds the speaker in an angled position so it is not 90’. Without the grilles, it is not that much different. The black matte finish of the speaker looks very classy. This 8” woofer is not as tall as other tower speakers. It has a line of design going from down to upward as the speaker and it looks very intricate and gives the speaker a modern-looking to it. The RP-8000F uses what Klipsch calls a “Hybrid Cross-Section Tractrix” horn. It is a shape that is used in loudspeaker horns under the assumption that the emerging pressure waves expand out from the transducer diaphragm as a spherical wave front. that ensures a better sound enhancement.

The speaker uses the 1” titanium dome tweeter is to load the horn, and it uses the ‘Linear Travel Suspension’ system which is a designed suspension that allows for larger excursions of the moving assembly before the suspension thwarts linear motion thereby incurring distortion.

The dual 8” Spun Copper Cerametallic Woofers are made of an aluminum layer that has been hard anodized to form a ceramic coating that is stiffer than the aluminum substrate and also dyed a copper color. The aluminum layer provides a light and strong platform for the ceramic layer and also provides additional damping due to the different densities of the matter.

  • The grilles support and place the speaker more conveniently.
  • Intricate and crystal sound.
  • Unique and high-end horns and tweeters.
  • Accurate response.
  • Super bass experience.
  • The sensitivity response is good not that great.


3. BIC Acoustech PL-980L-PL-980R – Best 3-Way Floor Speakers

best tower speakers under 1000 Dollars

The BIC ACOUSTECH PL-980L is one of the best speakers out there with 3-dimensional speakers. These speakers are definitely worth the price.

This speaker is different from the 2-dimensional ones. The Pl 980 offers live-like sound quality at home. You will feel like you are watching the song and videos live from the place.

You get the feels you get when you are present in a live performance. This speaker enhances the sound quality, spreads it evenly, and offers dynamic range, extended soundstage, and the perfect frequency response. You get the sound performance like a high-end speaker from the PL 980 at an affordable price.

The speaker has two 8” woofers that deliver the best lows. The two 8’ passive radiators eliminate all the useless port noises and create an ambient space. It also extends the bass quality. The closed-back stops the interference from the woofers to deliver a better sound quality. You also see the 6.5” tweeters which are in charge of bringing the clarity of your audio.

The outlook of the speaker is very eyecatching. With its design, people often call it the best bookshelf speakers under 1000. It is made to please and lure the speaker enthusiasts to buy it the moment they see it. It has the perfect balance of quality and price.  You also get 8 yrs to guarantee with it. You should consider it.

  • Three-dimensional audio experience.
  • Included woofers.
  • Live performance quality sound.
  • Perfect for both home theatre & music.
  • Very affordable price tag.
  • Need more space for a pair of speakers.


4. Klipsch RP-260F-2 Reference Premiere – Best Floorstanding Speakers Under 1000

Best Tower Speaker with surround sound system

The more defined and updated version of its predecessor the KLIPSCH RP 260F is out with a more defined design, more specs, and a lot of options but with losing its main purpose and value.

Even though this speaker has been ‘upgraded’, it still has all the qualities of the traditional and class brand. You can see that the new addition to this version of the speaker is not that much. Rather it feels like it has been toned down a bit and was given a bit more of a classy and original look. The port has been moved to the back, the stand is now a standard extended base, and the sheen bezel that held the drivers has been thrown away. The horn has also been changed to a non-sheen vinyl finish. This newest design goes much better with the forever copper cones more.

The Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) Titanium Tweeter ensures clarity and perfect frequency response. The speaker has the same cerametallic copper woofers as the RP-8000F. These Woofers are made of an aluminum layer that has been hard anodized to form a ceramic coating which is stiffer than the aluminum substrate and also dyed a copper color. The aluminum layer provides a light and strong platform for the ceramic layer and also provides additional damping due to the different densities of the matter. The response floor has been improved on the speaker.

It is the kind of tower speaker that could sound great on its own. You also get a 5 yr warranty out of it so this is worth buying.

  • Delivers best surround sound experience.
  • Super Response accuracy.
  • Trusted design and warranty.
  • Ideal for home theatre & music.
  • Spun Copper Ceramic Woofers
  • The marginal design is not very impressive.


5. Mission LX-4 – Best 2 Way Floorstanding Speaker

Best Loudspeakers under $1,000

The mission LX-4 earns a tight spot for its built and high-end performance. This floor-standing speaker meets with all the aspects you are searching for in a speaker.

It has a very nice built quality. You get three options for it. Matte black, matte white, and walnut. If you pay attention, you will be able to see that this is built with much attention and the details are precise. This LX-4 is the smallest floor standing speaker out there, but it did not compromise with the quality.

The tweeter design is pretty nice and decent. It is designed thoroughly for better performance. This 25mm microfibre dome design comes with a neodymium motor system. It is made of high-quality materials for the looks and definitely to ensure the role to be executed.

The speaker is a two-way speaker with a bass reflex enclosure. The two 13cm mid/bass units work in parallel. The bass drivers are covered with a piece of trim with “comb tooth” indents, which allows the sound to flow and scatter all around the world and create the perfect and balanced sound. The insightful and precise midrange and highs capture the music and deliver it with quality. You can feel control and tranquillity in the sound of it. It sounds pure and near-perfect when on the top and gives a very clear voice control and delivery.

This LX-4 will cover all the factors you need. It can perfectly cover your home theatres easily. That is why you can call this the Best Loudspeakers under $1,000 for your home as well. The perfect floor speaker you will get with a good enough price and classy finish.

  • Reinforced cabinet for super strength.
  • Deep and precise high and mids.
  • High bass delivery.
  • Good built quality.
  • Attractive & Classy design.
  • Mostly suitable for home use.

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