10 Best Headsets for Landline Telephones In 2023 (Wired/Wireless)

wired and wireless headsets that can use with landline phones and computers calls

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best landline phone headset for office and home

Getting the best headset for landline & softphone assists in improving the phone-call quality. Moreover, it will optimize your general communication experience. Best Headsets for Landline And SoftPhone For Office and home useWhen in a fast-paced office, managing the call process will be useful in any working environment. Headsets for Landline Telephones and Softphones improve both internal & external business communications.

Other advantages of these headsets are; it will reduce muscle soreness & offer hands-free calls. Some of the devices have noise-canceling tech. This will ensure that you will have an improved call clarity & sound quality of calls.

Additionally, when buying the best headset, always check on noise-canceling tech, & connectivity. Moreover, you can look out for battery life, sound quality, and comfort.

Best Headsets for Landline TelePhone Calls

There are different types of headsets. This includes binaural/monaural, wired/wireless, and design. Additionally, the headset has 3 major different components. Best Headsets for Landline And SoftPhone For Office

They include the earpiece, microphone, and connection. A wireless headset will offer you a greater range of movement. This makes it suitable for individuals involved in constant moves. With the best headset, you will be sure of excellent call quality.

Here we help you find the best wired and wireless headsets for office and business meeting,

we’ve tested and talked with over 300 users then decide to create this great list for the people who really deserve good office headphones.

Below are the best headset for softphones and landlines for you…

1. Jabra PRO 920 Mono – Wireless for Landline Phone Calls


wireless headsets for landline phones


Jabra PRO 920 is a mono-designed wireless headset for deskphone. Additionally, this weighs about 28 grams making it lightweight. Thus, you can use it for a long time with less fatigue. It offers wireless freedom within the range of 300ft. Jabra PRO 920 has a noise-canceling mic. This will help in reducing unwanted background noise. Thus, it’s suitable for use in crowded & noisy, and open office surroundings.

With peak stop tech, damaging loud audio or tones will be removed immediately. This will keep the sound level within a safe range. Thus your ears will be protected from damage. Furthermore, it offers crystal-clear sound with the help of digital signal processing. Near-field communication (NFC) makes it easy to connect with other devices.

  • Has peak stop tech which protects your ears
  • Offers crystal clear-sound
  • Features a battery and mute indicator
  • Doesn’t have a hook-switch
  • Have wireless connection only



Jabra PRO 920 comes with a multi-function button. Furthermore, a battery indicator will show the battery percentage.

It turns off when it’s not in use. Thus, it will help in saving battery life. With this one, you’ll have wireless freedom within 300fts. Furthermore, an adjustable headband ensures that you will have a comfortable fit and the best skype call headset with zoom Metting.


2. Jabra Engage 75 Mono Good For OfficeJabra Engage 75 Mono Headset for Home Office Telephone Calls

Jabra Engage 75 is a great skype call headset with wireless. It is available in either mono, convertible, or stereo design. Moreover, with this wireless headset, you’ll have a wireless connection range of 150m. Thus, you will be able to work at a distance from the desk & still have a quality call. Moreover, you will overcome disturbances because it has an in-built busy light.

Additionally, with an improved noise-canceling mic & improved speakers, you will have crystal clear calls. It has an in-built battery with 13 hours of continuous talk time. It also has a fast charge which charges it to 40 percent in only 30-minutes. It takes about 90 minutes for this headset to charge to 100 percent. Improved hearing protection makes it the best for heavy users.

  • Has high levels of hearing protection
  • Connects to 5 devices at the same time
  • Comes with an improved noise-canceling mic
  • ANC feature needs improvement
  • Fragile needs more care



Jabra Engage 75 has a busy light thus you will not be disturbed by colleagues. Moreover, this headset allows many devices to connect at the same time. This Jabra Engage 75 comes with a charging base with a touch screen. It is the best Skype call headset. DECT technology will ensure that your communication will be safe.


3. Plantronics CS540 Wireless – Best Headset for Landline Telephones

Best Wireless Headsets for Landline And SoftPhone For Office and Home TelePhone Calls

Plantronics CS540 is a wireless office headset that has an in-ear design. Moreover, this Headset package includes a sanitizing wipe. Plantronics CS540 weighs about 1-pounds hence it has a lightweight design. It also comes with a choice of three ear hooks or a headband. This means that you can convert the CS540 to your preferred wearing design for comfort.

Plantronics CS540 has wideband audio plus a noise-canceling mic. This will ensure that you’ll have crystal clear communication with fewer background distractions. Additionally, with this one, you will have wireless freedom within 350ft. Moreover, this headset is compatible with 98 percent of corded desk phones. DECT wireless security will offer a safe communication environment.

  • Compatible with more corded desk-phones
  • Has a lightweight design
  • Offers superior sound
  • Requires HL10 Handset-Lifter/EHS cable to manage calls at a distance
  • Has an average battery life



Plantronics CS540 has a lightweight design allowing you to use it for long hours. Additionally, a noise-canceling mic will allow you to have clear calls. With DECT wireless security technology, you shouldn’t worry about your communication safety. Furthermore, it is compatible with more corded desk phones and is cheap.

4. Jabra PRO 930 Wireless Headsets for Landline Phones

Jabra PRO 930 MS Mono Lync Optimized Wireless Headset for Softphone

Jabra PRO 930 MS is a mono Lync-optimized Wireless Headset. It is suitable for use with a Softphone. Moreover, this headset has an over-the-ear design. With the help of digital signal processing, you will have crystal clear sound. It can eliminate background noise & echo. Moreover, this will also protect the user from sudden high peaks in volume.

Additionally, this headset features intuitive call control. It also offers a seamless connection to every leading UC application & softphone. Furthermore, with remote access, you’ll be able to configure sound from one central point. Additionally, you will also get the latest features & functionalities from Jabra Xpress. This headset offers a wireless range of up to 395ft.

  • Offers crystal clear audio
  • It has a lightweight plus comfortable design
  • Has DECT wireless security thus offers secure communication
  • The mic can’t be rotated
  • No mute light indicator



Jabra PRO 930 will offer you wireless freedom of 120 meters. Moreover, it weighs approximately 27 grams thus it’s lightweight. It’s a plug-and-play device hence easy to use. Additionally, it’s fitted with a quality battery that offers more talk time. Remote access management will allow you to configure at a distance.

5. Plantronics Savi 8220 WirelessBest Wireless Headsets for Landline And SoftPhone For Office and Home TelePhone Calls

Plantronics Savi 8220 is a wireless headset with a stereo design. Moreover, it is made using soft leatherette ear cushions. Additionally, the headband is also well-padded and adjustable to offer more comfort. With seamless connectivity, you’ll press a button to switch between desk phone & computer apps. The applications include webinars, softphone calls, voice dictation & video conferencing.

The dual speakers will offer a comfortable fitting blocking noise from penetrating. Moreover, an active noise-cancellation mic will allow you to have a clear call at both ends. Furthermore, with this headset, you’ll roam around to multitask within 590ft. One-touch controls will allow you to manage calls, mute & volume within the roaming range. Its in-built battery will offer a continuous talk time of 13 with a single charge.

  • Has active noise-canceling feature, clear talks
  • Allows you to roam within 590ft
  • Offers seamless connectivity
  • Has an average battery life
  • It’s expensive



Plantronics Savi 8220 has ANC features thus background noise will be reduced. Additionally, it also has soft leatherette ear cushions, cushioned adjustable headband & dual speakers. Thus, you will be sure of being comfortable all through. Its package includes a wipe. Convenient audio prompts alert you of the mute status, moving range limit, and more.


6. Cisco Headset for Office Phones Dual Ear Landline

Best Headsets for Landline Phones And SoftPhone For Office and Home TelePhone Calls

Cisco Headset for Office Phones is a wired telephone headset. Moreover, it operates with Cisco phones which have an RJ9 headset jack only. Some include Cisco CP-7821, 7841, 7861, 7931G, 7940, 7941G, and others. Additionally, with this headset, you will have HD audio quality with a clear sound. This ensures that you will have effective communication.

Moreover, the noise-canceling mic will block out all the surrounding noise. This will offer a clear and loud sound making one feel he/she is having a face-face conversation. Additionally, it is made to work best with people that are always on a phone call. Binaural design headset covers all ears thus blocking noise from disturbing the user. This makes them extra productive when in a conference call.

  • Offers clear sound quality
  • Has a lightweight & ergonomic design
  • Features a smooth leatherette ear padding
  • The noise cancellation feature needs improvement
  • Needs a volume control



This headset has well-cushioned ear cups for comfort. Additionally, it has an adjustable headband. This will offer you a comfortable fitting. Its microphone is adjustable. One will bring it close to the mouth or away when the need arises. A dual ear design will allow you to enjoy stereo sound. Its lightweight & ergonomic design makes it comfortable for long-hour use.


7. Panasonic KX-TCA430 Budget-friendly

Best Headsets for Landline Phones And SoftPhone For Office and Home TelePhone Calls

Panasonic KX-TCA430 Comfort-Fit is a wired headset with a grey/silver hue. Additionally, it has a 2.5mm jack connector. This makes it more compatible with more Panasonic DECT-6.0 cordless & corded phones. Furthermore, it has an adjustable & flexible noise-canceling boom mic. This gives it a custom fit. It also offers optimal sound clarity. With suitable controls, you’ll manage volume using an integrated mute switch on the cord.

Panasonic KX-TCA430 has a lightweight & comfortable fit. It’s foldable and has an adjustable headband. Moreover, with it, you will have hands-free usage. A cord clip is included in the package. A 3.5mm headphone jack adapter is purchased. This makes it more compatible with the iPhone, tablets, Android, and Xbox.

  • Has a lightweight & a comfortable fit
  • Comes with an adjustable and flexible mic
  • Has an inline volume and mute control
  • Comfort needs improvement
  • The location of the controls is unfavorable



Panasonic KX-TCA430 has a lightweight design. Moreover, it is compatible with more Panasonic DECT-6.0 phones. Additionally, with an adjustable and flexible mic, you’ll direct it towards your mouth. A noise-canceling microphone will also give you a custom fit & optimal sound clarity. The reversible design makes it have a secure fit on either ear.


8. Arama Phones Headset RJ9 Best For Office Work

best wired office headset

Arama Phones Headset RJ9 is a wired-mono design. Moreover, it is made using ABS and PU material. This headset is compatible with more phone models. Some include VVX201, VVX500, VVX 600/601, VVX400/410/411, and others. Additionally, this headset has a more durable & reliable structure and hence stays for long. Furthermore, the headband has six levels of flexibility.

Its lightweight design makes it best for long hours of use. One can bend or pull the headband to have a personal best fit. With a wideband audio telephone headset, you will have a natural listening experience. Noise-canceling mic gives a greater focus & concentration by eliminating background noise. Furthermore, acoustic shock protection will protect one’s hearing. Thus you will have a clearer voice.

  • It’s super lightweight, convenient
  • Has a durable and reliable structure
  • Features noise-canceling mic and audio shock protection
  • Has a short cord
  • Comes with RJ9 connector only



This headset has an RJ9 connector type. Moreover, with an in-line control, you will be able to manage volume and mute. Furthermore, it is made using lightweight and strong material making it durable. The adjustable headband ensures that you will always have a comfortable fit. This RJ9 comes with a boom mic that has a 330-degree rotation.


9. Plantronics EncorePro HW510 – Good for Landline Telephones

Best Headsets for Landline Phones And SoftPhone For Office and Home TelePhone Calls

Plantronics EncorePro HW510 Headset is a wired headset with a mono ear design. Moreover, it is available in dark color. It weighs about 52 Grams hence you will operate with it for long hours. The ear cup of this headset is well-cushioned making it comfortable. Furthermore, the headband is adjustable to offer you a comfortable fitting.

Plantronics EncorePro HW510 has a long cable to offer comfort. Its audio quality is good and it is loud enough for every person. Its rotating mic makes it easy to place it next to the mouth to allow it to pick a voice. When it’s not in use, you can turn it away. The headset is made with quality material making it durable.

  • Has a lightweight & a comfortable design
  • Comes with a long cable for convenience
  • Features a super soft ear-cushion
  • Not compatible with Yealink phones
  • Loosen at rotating joint



Plantronics EncorePro HW510 offers the best quality audio. With a boom mic, you will have clear calls. Moreover, it has a soft cushioned ear pad making it comfortable. Additionally, its headband is adjustable making it have a comfortable fit. This headset has a lightweight design hence you can use it for long hours.


10. Arama Office Phone

Best Headsets for Landline Phones And SoftPhone For Office and Home TelePhone Calls

Arama Phone Headset is wired that has a 2.5mm jack connector and is superb for Skype calling at the office desk. Moreover, this headset is compatible with Cisco, Cisco SPA, Polycom, Panasonic & more others. Additionally, these cordless-phone headsets will allow you to have a natural listening experience. It’s fitted with a noise-canceling mic. This will provide you with a greater focus & concentration by eliminating background noise.

With acoustic shock protection, you will guard your hearing. Thus, there will be a clearer voice and less noise. Soft ear cushions ensure that you will have the best fit. Moreover, this headset is ultra-lightweight and it has an adjustable headband. It has 6-levels of adjustability to ensure all-day comfortable wearing. Furthermore, the headset has a reliable structure hence durable

  • Has a reliable structure, durable
  • Features audio shock protection protects your hearing
  • It’s lightweight with an adjustable headband
  • Has a 2.5mm jack connector type only
  • Has light-static when moving around



Arama Phone Headset comes with a soft cushioned ear cup. Moreover, it also has an adjustable head headband, thus it can fit on different head sizes. This one has a reliable structure which makes it ultra-durable. Moreover, it comes with an in-line volume & mute button control. The noise-canceling mic will allow you to have a clear call. Above all, acoustic shock protection guards your hearing.


Overall Opinion:

The above review has the top best headset for landline telephones and softphones. These headsets have been well researched thus they are of the best quality. Moreover, the headsets above are compatible with more landline models. But, before buying any headset, always check out compatibility. It’s also recommended that after every use, you should gently place the headset on a desk. Furthermore, it’s also good to clean the headset to extend its life. And these are the Best Headsets For Landline Telephones


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