10 Best Wireless Headset & Headphones with Microphone for Laptop In 2023

We share 10 headsets with good microphones for voice and video calls. highly recommended

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wireless headphones with mic for pc

Are you in need of the best wireless headphones with Microphones for your PC? Find no more because we have them for you. As a result, we have found that there is plenty of the best headset with a mic for your PC on the market. But, with the best-quality headphone with a mic, pc gaming and meeting calls will be easier. Additionally, listening to songs or even taking calls is also made simple.

But, there are more models of headphones with mics on the market today. Thus, you should be cautious when buying one. Some of the factors to consider are; compatibility, comfort, sound quality, Connectivity, Stereo sound, Microphone quality, and weight. Additionally, you can also consider wired/wireless, battery life, noise-cancellation, and mic type.

Most Headphones’ mic is attached to the control panel of the cable. But, the quality of this microphone is poor. The best quality microphones are either in-built inside the headphones or swing-out. This will ensure that you will talk to them.

Top 10 Wireless Headphones with Microphone for Laptop & Phone Calls

The review below will help you get the best wireless headset with a microphone for laptops. Different headphones differ in price depending on the model and brand. Distorted/poor-quality microphones will lead to miscommunication due to poor sound quality. According to the user requirements, we select 10 headphones for our user, Just take a look below.

1. Plantronics Voyager 5200 Best Wireless Headphones For Laptop

best wireless headset with mic for PC and laptop

Plantronics Voyager 5200 is a Bluetooth mic that is silver in color. Additionally, this one comes with four microphones & a branded DSP. This will operate together to stop disruptive surrounding noise from crowds or traffic. Moreover, it has six layers of distinct WindSmart tech which detect wind direction & react. Thus your voice will always be clear and audible at any place.

For comfort, this headphone is verified for stability & comfort in more types of ear shapes. This will allow you to have the best and most comfortable feeling all the time. Moreover, this headphone is compatible with Alexa. Thus you will be able to check on your to-do list, schedule, or get the newest news. All you need to do is to tap, ask & listen.

It has an inbuilt battery which has a run time of 7 hours. When it is on standby mode, the charge can stay for up to 9 days.

  • Comes with an in-built Alexa
  • Fitted with a smart sensor tech
  • Has a nano-coating, moisture and sweat proof
  • Doesn’t come with a charging case
  • The highest volume might be a bit lower




Plantronics Voyager 5200 has four mics which cancels background noise & allows one to have clear calls. Moreover, with in-built Alexa, you will be able to control the headset via voice commands. It is made to be comfortable and stable in different shapes of ears. With a Nano-coating from P2i, this headphone will be guarded against humidity, rain & sweat.


2. Voyager 4220 UC Series Bluetooth Wireless Headset

best wireless headset with microphone for laptop

Voyager 4220 UC comes with a flexible mic boom. This headset has an ergonomic design which makes it comfortable for long-hours wearing. Moreover, its Bluetooth will roam free within a distance range of 98 feet. Voyager 4220 has a battery that has a talk time of 12 hours & a listening time of 15 hours. The speakers of these headphones are foldable.

Moreover, it comes with a carry case. Thus it will be easy to store and move around with. Its headband is also adjustable hence it will offer a comfortable fit to everyone. With a dynamic mute alert, you will be notified when you try to talk when the mute feature is ON.

Additionally, this headset comes with an on-call red indicator to notify the user. With these headphones, you will have crystal clear stereo audio. It has an in-built Alexa hence you will operate it with a voice command.

  • Has dynamic mute-alert
  • Made with an ergonomic design, comfortable
  • Has a flexible boom microphone
  • Comes with a pouche
  • The pads don’t cover the whole ear
  • Sometimes static-electricity pricking may be felt




Voyager 4220 offers vibrant sound and comfort. Additionally, this headphone has a mute alert feature. This will always sense and alert you when you talk and it’s muted. Moreover, this headphone offers versatile connectivity. It can be connected to computers, smartphones, and desk phones.


3. Bose 700 ANC Best Wireless Headphones for Laptop

wireless headphone with mic for computer

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 come in either silver, white or black color. These headphones are branded on-ear cups. Moreover, this headphone has in-built Alexa thus, you will be able to control it via commands. For comfort, the ear pads are well cushioned and the headband is adjustable.

This headphone has a noise-canceling feature, thus you’ll have clear & excellent sound performance. Additionally, the noise-canceling feature has 11-levels. This is changed depending on your needs. Alexa feature is accessed with a push of a button, or with wake-up phrases.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 is made using a lightweight and stainless-steel headband. Additionally, it has angled ear cups which make it offer a perfect fit. With these headphones, you will have a battery life of 20 hours. Moreover, this headphone has intuitive touch control at the ear cups. Bose 700 is superb wireless headphones with mic for laptop work.

  • Has intuitive touch controls
  • Comes with 11-levels of noise-canceling control
  • Compatible with Alexa & Google assistance
  • Doesn’t support aptX HD or aptX
  • The headphone is unfoldable.




Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 has an over-the-ear design. It is also made using stainless steel material. The ear cups are well angled to ensure that they offer a comfortable fit. Additionally, this headphone has intuitive touch control hence easy to operate.


4. Jabra Evolve 80 MS Wired Headset for Office Conference

wireless headphone with mic for computer and phone

Jabra Evolve 80 MS is a wired headset and it is made to reduce noise. This will ensure that you will have an excellent and clear sound. With the active noise cancellation features, it will filter out low-frequency surrounding noise. This will assist in preventing interruptions & increase focus. Moreover, the headphone has an in-built busy light. This will notify you, colleagues, when you are having a call to prevent interruptions.

This busy light can also be activated for you to have your concentration zone. This headset offers an immersive sound experience from quality speakers. For comfort, it has a padded headband and its ear pads are also well-cushioned.

Jabra Evolve 80 MS operates with every leading UC platform. It comes with a simple plug & play setup which has a USB C, USB A, or 3.5mm jack pin. And Jabra Evolve is a great wireless headset with a microphone for laptop work in the office and home.

  • Comes with a busy light indicator
  • Operates with all UC platforms
  • Offers an immersive sound experience
  • Has no wireless connection option
  • It’s big in size and not foldable




Jabra Evolve 80 MS comes with a microphone that can be directed toward the mouth. With the ANC feature, you will be assured of a clear and immersive sound experience. Additionally, this headphone operates well with all UC platforms. This headphone has leather-feeling ear cushions which makes it more comfortable.


5. Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC Stereo Bluetooth Headset

 wireless headphones with mic for pc

Plantronics Voyager 8200 has an over-the-head design. For comfort, this headphone has a padded headband. Furthermore, it also has padded ear cups that are big enough to cover your ears. Above all, the headset is lightweight. This headphone has active noise canceling feature. Thus, you will have clear audio and an immersive music experience.

Its Bluetooth feature offers a wireless range of 98.4 feet making it convenient. Additionally, it also comes with a universal 3.5mm port. Its circular design gives the best comfort & noise isolation. Its Hi-Fi stereo audio & Dual-Mode ANC will allow you to enjoy all kinds of tunes from high to low.

The dual-paired omnidirectional mic will allow you to have handed-free calls. A dynamic mute alert will notify you when you talk and the mute function is ON. Moreover, this headphone comes with a smart sensor tech that uses contextual intelligence. However, Plantronics Voyager 8200  fantastic wireless headset with a microphone for the laptop user.

  • Can be used either wired or wireless
  • Comes with a mute button
  • Has smart sensor technology
  • The ANC feature needs improvement
  • They are a bit costly




Plantronics Voyager 8200 is designed well to give extra comfort and noise isolation. Additionally, these headphones can either be used with a cable or wireless. Dual-mode ANC will allow you to set ANC depending on the environment. Moreover, with a mute alert feature, you will allow knowing when it’s OFF.


6. Logitech H820e Dual-Wireless Headset for laptop Calls

best wireless headset for office

Logitech H820e Headset comes in a dark shade. Moreover, this headphone is fitted with an in-call LED light indicator. Also, it comes with a Bi-directional ECM microphone type. Furthermore, with the on-boom mute button & mute LED light indicator, you will know its state. This headphone has a frequency response of 150 Hz-7kHz.

The headband has a comfortable double-ear binaural that has enterprise-quality DECT spectrum wireless connectivity. This doesn’t interfere with wireless networks. The volume control & microphone mute function operates with more audio applications

Wideband sound, noise-canceling mic & digital signal-processing will ensure that you have crystal-clear conversations. Additionally, the headset is compatible with UC platforms that give a quality audio experience. It has a contemporary design & built using top-quality materials (TR90 nylon). It has a padded leatherette headband and replaceable leatherette ear pads.

  • Has mute & un-mute button
  • Comes with noise & echo cancellation
  • Has in-call LED light indicator
  • Has no bass or clear voice
  • Its design needs improvement




Logitech H820e has an in-built rechargeable battery that has a run time of 10-hr. Moreover, This headset has wide UC compatibility. With the volume and mic mute function, you will be able to control the audio. In-call, an LED light indicator will allow you to know when there is an incoming call.


7. Jabra Elite-85h Wireless NC Headphone

Best wireless headphones with mic


Jabra Elite-85h comes in either titanium black, navy, copper black, or gold beige. Additionally, this headband has an over-head design & it’s compatible with both Android & iPhone. The headphone has in-built Alexa. Thus, you will control the headset via voice commands.

Jabra Elite-85h has ANC features hence all the unwanted noise will be canceled. Moreover, smart ANC will respond to the environment. Switches-ON if it senses ambient noise. Smart Sound sound tech will analyze sound environments & auto switches to personalized audio.

This headphone has an in-built battery which has a runtime of 36 hours. With a quick charge of 15 minutes, you will have a run time of 5 hours. It has an in-built mic which will ensure that you will have excellent call quality.

  • It’s water and rainproof
  • Fitted with SmartSound sound tech
  • Comes with a long-life battery
  • They are not foldable
  • Not well compatible with Mac OS




Jabra Elite-85h offers a comfortable fitting. Its headband and earpad are well padded for extra comfort. Additionally, the battery has a long life with a single charge. Six of the eight mics will ensure that you have to crystal clear conversation.


8. Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 Headphones In Budget Friendly

best wireless headset with mic for pc and computer - laptop


Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 has powerful speaker drivers. This ensures that you’ll have a balance of rich-bass, crisp-highs, & natural mid-tones. Additionally, with a noise-canceling feature, you’ll also have an immersive & high-resolution sound. ANC features will always reduce ambient sound and allow you to enjoy your music.

This headphone has a rechargeable battery that has a playtime of 24 hours. Moreover, these headphones can also be used with a cable. With a Bluetooth connection, you will have freedom within a range of 100 meters.

Moreover, this headphone has ear cups that swivel flat to slip into the travel case. Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 has a frequency response of 20–20,000 Hz. This headphone is 35% smaller & 15% lighter than its predecessor.

  • Has NFC technology, pairs with compatible devices
  • Comes with auto play/pause when removed
  • Has a protective travel-case
  • The ANC isn’t that great
  • Comfort issues after long use




Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 has active noise-canceling features. Thus ambient noise will be reduced. Moreover, its inbuilt battery will offer you 24 hours of playtime which is enough. Powerful speaker drivers will deliver an excellent balance of crisp highs and rich bass.


9. Jabra Evolve 75 UC Stereo Wireless Bt – Best Headset For Calls

best wireless headset with mic

Jabra Evolve 75 UC is available in black shade. Additionally, this headset has world-class speakers that will offer crystal-clear calls & music. Moreover, its mic has a frequency range of 150Hz and 6.8khz. This will reduce noise & interruptions. Additionally, this headset comes with an in-built busy light indicator. This will ensure that you will not be disturbed when having a call.

With Bluetooth 4.0, you will have more freedom within a range of 100 feet. Additionally, you will be able to connect with 3 devices for calls & music. With an inbuilt battery, you will have a talk time of up to 18 hours. The battery takes about 2 hours to be recharged.

It also comes with a Jabra Link-370 USB adapter. This will help in establishing a wireless link to the PC. With cushioned ear pads you will have a comfortable fitting. Jabra Evolve Best wireless headphones with mic for office and home use for any video conferencing.

  • Comes with Jabra Link-370 USB adapter
  • Offers double Bluetooth connectivity
  • Has an average battery lifetime
  • ANC feature needs improvement
  • The small design may not be suitable for everyone




Jabra Evolve 75 UC comes with a microphone that can be moved close to the mouth. Its Bluetooth will allow you to connect to two devices at the same time. Additionally, with a wireless connection, you will have freedom within a range of 100m. It has an average battery life which will allow you to use it for almost the entire day.


10. TaoTronics TT-BH041 Best Wireless Headset With Microphone For Laptop

Best Wireless Headphones With Mic For Laptop And PC

TaoTronics Trucker is a mono Headset that has wireless connections. Additionally, this headset has a rotatable microphone. It has AI Noise-Reduction Tech. Thus it is capable of reducing background noise by 40dB. Due to this, you will have a clear and immersive sound experience. It has an improved QCC3020 Chipset (Bluetooth 5.0). This will ensure that you have a fast and stable signal. Additionally, you will have the freedom to pair two Bluetooth media devices at the same time.

It also comes with a rechargeable battery which has a playtime of 34 hours. When it comes to comfort, this headset has a flexible headband hence it will fit every head size or shape. Additionally, it comes with a soft earpad and anti-slip pad, thus it will stay for a long. Moreover, the headphone weighs 2.8oz hence lightweight.

  • Comes with a mute button and another function button
  • Has a rotatable microphone
  • Fitted with AI Noise Cancelling tech
  • Not everyone like the mono headset design
  • Needs to be updated for quality sound and stable connection




TaoTronics Trucker Bluetooth Headset has an adjustable headband hence comfortable for different heads. Moreover, with a rotatable mic, you’ll place it next to your mouth for a clear call. It’s AI noise-canceling tech, all the ambient noise will be canceled. TaoTronics Trucker Is the best budget wireless headphones with a mic for pc that’s why students can use it randomly for online class purposes.



The guidance above will assist you in getting the best wireless headset with a microphone for laptops. The reviewed products are of the best quality and are sure of excellent performance. Headphones with a mic will allow you to make online calls via various platforms. Additionally, you can connect it with your smartphone and have hand-free calls. Get yours today and enjoy the comfort.


Don’t use your headphone continuously, give them to relax your ears for a minimum of 5/7 minutes after one hour later, if you want to save your ear damage.

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