Difference Between Bluetooth Version 5.0 Vs 5.1 – Comparison

Bluetooth 5.0 And 5.1 Both Are Compatible With The Old Version?

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What is Bluetooth 5.0 Vs Bluetooth 5.1

Bluetooth version 5.1 is the latest Bluetooth communication technology. If the 5.2 already available. This technology is majorly used by wireless headphones & different audio hardware. Bluetooth technology is also utilized for communication between different smart home & Internet-of-Things devices. With a new version of Bluetooth technology, it means that there are some improvements although used by devices that are compatible only.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth technology is a form of wireless communication protocol that involves two or more devices. You will be able to connect devices in a safe radio frequency within the ISM-band of 2.4 GHz. With a Bluetooth connection, you will be able to transmit data & voice wirelessly. Some of the devices that are Bluetooth enabled include speakers, mouse, keyboards, mobile phones, computers, and more others.

Additionally, you will be able to share documents files, videos, photographs, and other files. With Bluetooth technology, a Bluetooth module is included in devices. Therefore you don’t require to have an antenna as with other wireless technology alternatives. Bluetooth signals don’t obstruct other wireless systems that function by radiofrequency.

Difference Between Bluetooth 5.0 Vs 5.1

When it gets to technology, there is a great improvement between one version and the other. Some of the clients claimed that Bluetooth has unstable connections, and the file transfer rate is slow. With an improved version, you will have stable connections and the file transfer rate will be faster.

Bluetooth Version 5.0 Features

5.0 Bluetooth version is widely used by devices which include speakers, mouse printers, keyboards, and others. Bluetooth version 5.0 is more upgraded than Bluetooth version 4.2. This Bluetooth version improves the transfer speed and the range. Below are some of the improved features of Bluetooth version 5.0 from the previous versions.

Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy

Bluetooth Low Energy is a Bluetooth version that operates with less power. This Bluetooth version is designed to be utilized on devices that are connected for long hours i.e. 24 hours a day. It is suitable for use with devices such as GPS watches, home automation devices, activity wristbands & other different devices of the Internet-of-Things (IoT).

Devices with Bluetooth version 5.0 are capable of transferring data with a speed of 2Mbps. Additionally, with Bluetooth version 5.0 you will be able to transmit audio with low energy consumption.

Backward Compatibility:

Every Bluetooth version is backward compatible i.e. they can be connected. However, some of the older versions have limited capabilities. With a device with Bluetooth version 5.0, you can easily connect to a different device with Bluetooth version 4.2. They will operate as if they are all Bluetooth version 4.2.

Dual Audio:

Bluetooth version 5.0 includes a new feature that will enable you to play audio simultaneously on two distinct devices. You will be able to play the same audio on two speakers or two headphones. Additionally, you will be able to transmit 2 different sound sources to the 2 devices.

Bluetooth Version 5.1 Features:

Bluetooth version 5.0 is the latest as of now. This Bluetooth version also uses low energy, it offers stable signals and a fast data transfer rate. Furthermore, Bluetooth version 5.1 also allows different devices to be connected to the same devices. Below are features of the latest Bluetooth version 5.1. With Bluetooth version 5.1, you will be able to view SID in the scan reply reports.

Accurate Tracking:

Tracking with the other Bluetooth version is inaccurate. But with the latest Bluetooth version, you will have more accurate tracking. Bluetooth version 5.1 can track different devices that have a smaller margin of location error.

Signal Origin:

With Bluetooth version 5.1, you will be able to find the direction where the signal you’re looking is coming from. This kind of technology when in detail helps in industrial environments. Bluetooth receivers are placed on products that are found in a big warehouse. With a Bluetooth version 5.1 device, you will be able to search & know where at the warehouse you will get which product.

Faster and Stable Connections:

Bluetooth version 5.1 offers stable signals and fast data transfer rates at low power. Bluetooth version 5.1 has the best GATT-caching capability hence data transfer rate will be faster. With Bluetooth version 5.1, you will have low data distortion. Gatt Caching (Generic-Attribute-Profile-Caching) assists in Bluetooth connection procedure between different devices. It normally begins when the joining process operates and it checks what’s supported by the receiver device.

Advertising Sync Transfer:

This is another interesting feature with Bluetooth version 5.1. The advertising Sync Transfer feature gives the capability to synchronize the advertising scheme when one’s device is linking to different devices. Additionally, this feature enables fewer tractable devices to do the synchronization procedure. This will help in passing the needed synchronization information over one point to a different Bluetooth point.

HCI Command:

Bluetooth version 5.1 also includes an HCI command which enables the host to tell the generic controller when to utilize the debug key-values. HCI command enabled the classifications of radio channels as “bad”.

Sleep Clock Update:

This feature uses low power overnight hence you will never find a device with less power in morning hours.

AdvDataInfo (ADI):

AdvDataInfo is a scan reply package that is utilized in prolonged advertising packets.

Wrap Up:

With Bluetooth version 5.1, you will enjoy more updated features. Your device won’t be running low on power also because it operates with less power. With the latest Bluetooth technology, you will be able to connect more devices at the same time. With Bluetooth version Bluetooth 5.1, you will have improvements in advertising (availability to different nearby Bluetooth devices).


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