Google Pixel Buds 2 Review: True Wireless Earbuds Release Date, Price, and Features

Google Pixel True Wireless Earbuds 2 Release Date Price and Features...

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Google Pixel Buds 2 Review: True Wireless Earbuds

Having great earbuds will make listening to your favorite audio enjoyable. An earbud that is comfortable in your ears is such an amazing experience. Pixel Buds are a set of truly wireless earbuds that are made considering users’ expectations in mind to deliver comfort.

Google’s brand has come up with an earbud (Google pixel buds) to give you all the comfort you need while listening to audio. These earbuds are made in style & comfort and above all, they are wireless. Although the product is not perfect, at least it delivers the best performance both in the sound & battery departments.

Google Pixel Buds Design:

Google Pixel Buds 2 Review: True Wireless Earbuds

Google pixel buds are available in white and black color and they are smaller in size which easy storage and portability. The earbuds are made using material that is hardy and strong hence they are durable. These pixel buds are well designed and shaped in a way that will easily place them in your ears. Its ear tip is made using a soft material that will give you comfort when inside your ear. With the soft & comfortable ear tips, you will be able to use the product for long without issues.

Getting these earbuds into and from the case is made simple. The earbuds are well labeled to be used on which ear (L-left ear, R-right ear). Google pixel buds are lightweight hence you won’t feel the fatigued allowing you to utilize them for a longer time. Google pixel earbuds will give you a customizable and secure fit. It also has a spatial vent which will keep one open to the environment around you.


Google pixel buds give out brilliant sound all through. The product is fitted with a custom-designed 12-mm vibrant speaker drivers which makes it capable of delivering high-quality audio. These earbuds are also fitted with inbuilt sensors which will detect the time you will be talking. After detecting your voice the microphone will concentrate on your sound and block any background noise that comes by.

google pixel buds are fitted with real-time translations. This makes it best for use in different countries across the globe.

Comfort Level:

You can control these earbuds with the help of your voice. You will be able to play your favorite audio, make calls or get directions. To activate it all you need to say is hey Google. When you misplace these earbuds, don’t worry, it is fitted to find my device feature which will help you to easily locate them.

These earbuds are touch-enabled hence you can tap to play or pause and swipe to change the volume. These earbuds are certified as sweat and water-resistance, therefore, you can comfortably use them while in a workout and running or jogging on light rain.


Google pixel earbuds are wireless earbuds that are connected via the help of Bluetooth. It is fitted with Bluetooth version 4.0 which offers fast & stable connections. These earbuds are easily paired with other Bluetooth devices including laptops, Android devices, tablets & iOS devices.

Battery Life:

This product is fitted with high-quality batteries that have a long lifetime. You are also provided with a charging case in case the battery power is low. The charging case has a smooth finish with a compact design hence carrying it around won’t be an issue.

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  • They are sweat and water-resistance
  • Wireless eliminating cable connections
  • They have a compact design which makes it more portable
  • Earbuds are touch and voice control enabled
  • Easy to locate when misplaced
  • Has real-time translation feature
  • Pairs up fast with other Bluetooth devices
  • It’s expensive than the competitor


Google pixel earbuds have amazing features that make it stand out among other earbuds. The translation feature will allow you to feel comfortable with foreign languages. The sound is amazing. With the help of an inbuilt microphone, you will be able to make clear calls to your loved ones. The earbuds and charging cases are all compact and lightweight which makes it possible to carry them around.

Release date:

There is no exact release date for the Google pixel buds But every one expecting the first half of 2020. Just Google shows the price of $179 in their store and you may add your wish list or Join the waitlist. So let wait till the Google press release.

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