Microsoft’s True Wireless Surface Buds-The New Competitor Of Earbud

The Rumors, Microsoft Surface Buds Sound Quality Will Be More Effective Than Apple Airpod And Galaxybuds

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Microsoft Surface Buds - earphone

With the best earbuds, you will enjoy music all through. Best earbuds are made with the latest technology. This includes connectivity, comfort, lightweight, and even sound quality. Yet, getting the best earbuds in the market today may be a bit challenging. Thus, to be sure that you have the best earbuds consider comfort, battery lifetime. Also, consider sound quality, and cost.

Microsoft Surface buds are among the latest earbuds in the market. These earbuds are made to offer you excellent comfort and sound quality. Moreover, the earbuds are waterproof hence suitable for use when working out. Its battery life is excellent allowing you to listen to music for long hours. Above all, it comes with a charging case that recharges your earbuds. Below is detailed information on design performance and battery life.

  • Offers an excellent fit
  • It is touch-enabled
  • Has neat-translation feature
  • Integrated with Microsoft-365
  • Its IPX4 waterproof
  • No active noise canceling feature
  • The charging case is not compatible with wireless charging

Design Features

Microsoft Surface buds are available in glacier color. The earbuds are wireless and they have an in-ear design. Moreover, the earbuds appear like gauge earrings with a circle shape. The earbuds are labeled with letter L and R. L is for the left ear while R is for the right ear. These earbuds have acoustic mesh grills and foolproof ways. This ensures that the sound is precise.

Microsoft Surface buds have a smooth finishing making it have an attractive appearance. Furthermore, it comes with a compact charging case. This makes it suitable for carrying. The lid of the charging case has a company’s logo hence you will identify it. Additionally, these earbuds have four anchor points. This will provide a comfortable fit possible.

Sound Performance

With Microsoft Surface earbuds, you will never miss a beat. The earbuds offer an immersive premium sound experience. Additionally, these surface earbuds have 13.6mm custom-designed drivers. The drivers are able to operate in a frequency range of 20 and 20,000 Hz. The earbuds are also precisely-tuned to give an excellent acoustic experience.

Surface earbuds support SBC and aptX audio codecs for enhanced sound. The sizable drivers will handle the low-end & music hence more clear audio. These earbuds also feature Surface Omnisonic Sound. This uses custom sound drivers. It is made to imitate the sounds of both studio equipment and lives music.

Noise isolation

These earbuds have no active noise canceling feature. But, the earbuds will offer a comfortable and tight-fitting. Thus external noise will be blocked allowing you to hear only what’s needed. When in a busy and noisy street, the sound will penetrate. This will distract the listening experience. But, you can increase the volume so as not to hear the outside noise.

Additionally, the earbuds are fitted with an inbuilt microphone. This will allow you to make hands free calls. Each earbud has two microphones. This will pick up your call & downplay the background noise.

Surface Buds Waterproof?

Microsoft Surface earbuds are rated IPX4 waterproof rating. This means that the earbuds will be protected from water splashes. Hence the earbuds are suitable for use while in the gym. With this feature, you will use the earbuds daily without worry. Yet, remember that waterproof property will reduce with time.

Battery Performance

Microsoft Surface earbuds come with Lithium-ion batteries. With a single full charge, the batteries will give a playtime of 8 hours. Moreover, it comes with a compact charging case. The charging case will provide two complete charges. This will give you a total of 24-hour playtime.

When in a hurry, you can charge the earbuds for about 10 minutes. This will give you a playtime of 1 hour. The charging case is charged using a USB type C cable hence convenient.

Comfort Level

Microsoft Surface earbuds have an ergonomic design. This will give you a comfortable fit. Additionally, it also comes with 3 pairs of ear tips which are of different sizes. This is small, medium, and large. Thus, you will have a stable fit that will allow you to use it for long hours. The ear tips are made of soft silicone materials hence more comfortable.

Additionally, the earbuds are lightweight, this will allow you to use it for long with no fatigue. The earbuds have an innovative design that includes 4 anchor points. Thus each earbud will sit well in one’s ear. The compact design of the charging case makes it easy to carry when traveling.

Bluetooth Connectivity

These earbuds are wireless and latest Bluetooth version 5.0 enabled. Thus, you will be able to connect to them via Bluetooth technology. The earbuds pair with other media devices. They will connect to Surface PC & the Android phone. During the first connection, or in pairing-mode, place the charging-case near the device. Then press to connect. Remember pairing functionality needs a device running Windows-10 which has the latest updates.

Ease of Use

Microsoft Surface buds are touch-enabled. It has a responsive touch-surface. This allows intuitive gestures which include tap, swipe, and touch. With the touch feature, you will have a pain free listening experience.

Additionally, you will be able to skip music, answer & end calls, and change volume. Also you will get help minus omitting a beat. The intuitive controls will assist you in getting the most from Microsoft 365.

Additionally, the earbuds have an auto-pause feature. That is, when you remove them from the ear, they pause. Moreover, these Microsoft Surface earbuds have smart assistants, which includes Microsoft’s own-Cortana.

What’s in the box?

  • A pair of Microsoft Surface earbuds
  • Charging case
  • USB-C charging cord
  • Three pairs of ear tips
  • User guide


Microsoft Surface buds are true wireless hence comfortable. They offer premium sound quality. Furthermore, they have a microphone which will allow you to make hands free phone calls. The earbuds come with three pairs of ear tips which are of different sizes. Furthermore, the charging case is available in a compact design hence it’s easy to carry. With a responsive touch surface, you will manage music and calls.


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