Mpow EG3 Review – Gaming Headset On A Cheap Price

Mpow Eg3 Gaming Headset 7.1 Surround Sound, PS4 USB Headset with Microphone

by Bestwireless
Best Cheap Gaming Headsets For PC

Mpow EG3 is the most affordable gaming headset. Its suspension headband and LED lights, a good option for any casual gamer. Just one thing, its fit is a bit loose, and not suitable for your kids.

Design and feature

EG3 comes with an ergonomic metal design yet it is quite lightweight. Ear cups are made up of soft leather. This gaming headset comes with advanced 50mm drivers, which makes it perfect even for listening to music. The volume knob is provided on the left earcup and not in-line control, which is good. The headset has also a knob for controlling the ON/OFF for the microphones.

Comfort Level:

The soft leather cups along with the new tension tightness controls make the headphones fit you with the best comfort. The lightweight design lets you wear it for a longer duration without any hassle.

Build Quality:

It comes with a metal frame and roughly weighs 1.2 pounds. It comes with a USB tangle-free braided 2.2m cable. The microphone is 360 degrees rotatable which lets you have the microphone right where you need it.

Colors Availability:

  • Silver
  • Black
  • Blue

Sound Quality:

The sound is exceptional with the 7.1 surround effect. In-depth, customization enhances the sound as per the users need. Bass boost brings out the realistic movements throughout the usage. Additional 25 environmental effects pitches the sounds perfect for gaming.

  • Supports PC, MAC, and PS4
  • the very immersive audio experience
  • Virtual 7.1 surround effects are truly exceptional.
  • The MPOW audio center is available only for Windows, which means no Virtual 7.1 surround effects for the Mac Users.
  • Might have heating issues after a few hours of extensive gaming.
  • Has only USB interface



They are good for the gaming experience with the 7.1surround sound effects with the 360-degree field. Perfectly designed with soft cushions provides comfort. It’s a perfect fit for professional gamers with EQ settings as an advantage. The lightweight and adjustable microphone along with the mute microphone button grab the attention to buy these headphones for sure. It’s a perfect pack for gamers.


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