Mpow Flame Review: IPX7 Rated Sport Bluetooth Headphones at Cheap Price

Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones Review: IPX7 Rated Waterproof Sport Bluetooth Headphones in Cheap Price

by Bestwireless
mpow flame bluetooth headphones

If you are passionate about running or sports and want to buy waterproof headphones, Mpow Flame is the headset you need. These waterproof headphones are extremely light, adapt very well to your ears and have a very ergonomic design.

Design and Features:

  • They are ideal for running, biking, the gym, in short, for all kinds of physical activity. Thanks to their anti-fall foam ear foams that memorize the shape of your ear and prevent them from falling when moving.
  • Its ergonomic design is adaptable and very comfortable and the colors are very elegant and discreet.
  • Waterproof, sweat and waterproof headphones, we mean light rains and splashes, they are not submersible.
  • It allows to regulate the volume, pass the songs and comes with integrated hands-free calls. Also has an on and off button on its right side. You can make calls, answer and stop them just with one touch.
  • HD Sound & Low Ritcher, The sound is very good for the cost of the headphones, the sound is not comparable with high-end headphones, for the price segment of these headphones the sound is excellent.
  • Auditory tips with anti-fall memory. The fit is very comfortable and blocks outside noises.
  • Soft hooks, they are super comfortable, the quality of their soft plastics is very good, they do not “tire” prevents you from taking them off to rest.
  • Wireless range of 13.5 linear meters without obstacles but for these headphones the walls can be a problem.
  • You can see the battery status from your iOS devices, they have audio controls that work well on the iPhone.
  • They have a fast charge of 1.5 hours and the improved lithium polymer battery provides up to 7-9 hours of musical pleasure. It will show the remaining battery power of the headphones on the screen of the iOS phone.
  • Note: Mpow Flame has a 12V cut-off surge hardware, 1A fuse restored by overcurrent for safe charging. To recharge, always use a certified brand charging cable.

Comfort Level:

You will have a very comfortable user experience since the ear hooks have been improved to the proper hardness for a perfect fit. In addition, they come with pairs of memory foam pads in four sizes (XS, S, M, L). So you can choose the one that best suits the size of your ear. These pads adapt to the ear canal to provide greater comfort and are anti-friction.

The low-bottom ear design with ergonomic ear hooks and memory ears ensure that your headphones are held comfortably and firmly in place to ensure fatigue-free and comfortable ears free from entanglement.

Build Quality:

These headphones are made of rubber, plastic, and silicone of very good quality with a matt black color that prevents it from slipping. The hooks are strong but also flexible for good comfort so they won’t break easily. The cable that connects to both headphones is flat and does not get tangled. The USB cable that comes in its box to recharge the battery, is also of good quality.  And brings a beautiful carrying case.


They are perfect headphones for training, whatever your training. I tell you, first of all, because its wireless design gives you all the mobility that is essential when you go running or fitness in the gym. In addition, having IPX7 grade impermeability, they are resistant to sweat and splashes of water in general (if it starts to rain while you are running, for example). Speaking about its design, the horns it possesses fit perfectly to your ear without them falling out. It is as if it were hugging your ear and its non-slip material prevents them from getting out of place even if you are wet. Its stability is 10 out of 10.

Connectivity – Bluetooth – Wired:

Mpow Flame headphones can be used wirelessly thanks to its Bluetooth version 4.1 technology so you can use them wirelessly for convenience. Its Bluetooth is an easy pairing and very fast with your phone. First one side is matched and then the other is automatically matched.

Its wireless function reaches up to 33 feet so it enables you to exercise outdoors or travel without the need to have the mobile at your fingertips since its connection is very good and stable whenever it is used within its allowed distance.

Color Availability:

  • Red
  • Blue Gray
  • Olive Green
  • Only Grey

Sound Quality:

These Bluetooth 4.1 headphones have CSR chip that produces an HD sound but you may not get used to these headphones with richer and medium bass at first if you used to use headphones with a flat or high-pitched sound. Thanks to the tuned controller. The CSR chip and Bluetooth 4.1, you can get excellent bass sound. as well as a richer and sharper bass with the Mpow Flame headphones to the extent that Bluetooth in-ear and compression items can reach.

  • Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones
  • HD Sound and Richter Bass
  • Anti-fall ear tips
  • 15-meter range
  • 9 hours of battery
  • IOS compatible
  • Built-in microphone
  • Noise suspension
  • The earphones aren’t as comfortable as you may like



In short, they are simple and versatile headphones, with all the features that you can demand from sports headphones. With an incredible price and the same guarantees as if you bought them in a store in your neighborhood. In addition, they have excellent ratings for those who have already bought them (4.9 out of 5 points from 84 buyers). Its sound is very clear and windproof. And thanks to its in-ear design and CVC 6.0 technology for reducing external sounds, you will be in your music world. They’re worth it!

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