Mpow H1 Review, Best Cheap Wireless Bluetooth Over Ear Headphone

Mpow H1 Bluetooth Headphone: Impressive HD Sound Quick Control and Built-in Mic and Wired Mode for PC/ Cell Phones/ TV

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Mpow H1 Bluetooth Headphones Review

Mpow H1 has one of the best features compared to other headphones they had suitable for both Mobile and laptop with good power back features. They are over-ear headphones

Design and Feature:

They are very finely tuned neodymium drive they are very light in weight they are designed with super comfy enlarged ear puffs. Mpow H1 weighT around 8.01oz made of solid materials yet improved structure they are more comfortable than any other Mpow over-ear headphones they are built with an advanced HD mic system which helps in attending the call without reaching the device. They are mainly built for traveling purpose and the product dimension is about 7.3*5.3*3.4 inches

Comfort Level:

They are reasonably lightweight, and the earmuffs cover ears fairly comfortably and give very good outside noise attenuation. The advanced HD mic System will allow us to attend the call without even reaching the device. The lightweight of the headphones will make you feel comfortable while you’re using them.


They are much stable to stay and fit on your ears. The design of the product is much decent, that would enable the user to enjoy the music without adjusting much. On the upside, being wireless enables And hassle-free use.

Connectivity – Bluetooth – Wired:

They have both Wireless & Wired connectivity. The Internal battery provides the usage of about 15-20hours of Music/Calls. However, when you are lapsed of the battery, you can quickly connect with the 3.5mm audio cable and listen to your favorite music.

Colors Availability:

  • Black Red
  • Deep Black
  • Grey Black

Sound Quality:

The sound quality of these headphones are awesome. They provide loud and clear music for soothing our ears. Hi-Fi Stereo sound maximizes the output as needed.

  • They have a good battery life
  • They are well built
  • Active noise facility.
  • You need a separate transmitter to connect to a television.
  • They work only in wireless mode.


This is a decent headphone for complex mixed-use. Decent sound quality and the ANC feature makes easier to use at the office. The lightweight and the padding around gives comfort to the ears. Bass being flawless in this mid-range category. These headphones are versatile for all the genre of music. The 23 hours battery life makes another statement for this must buy headphones.

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