Powerbeats Pro Earbuds vs AirPods 2  Comparison

Powerbeats Pro Vs AirPods 2: All Specs and Features Comparison

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Powerbeats Pro Earbuds vs AirPods 2

With the release of the PowerBeats Pro at the beginning of April, Apple adds a new option in its sound proposal without cables. With these true-wireless headphones, there are already two models of this type that are in the company’s catalog. Therefore, we have prepared this comparison between the PowerBeats Pro and AirPods 2 in which we can see what each one stands out.

PowerBeats Pro and AirPods 2: Comparison Of Technical Specifications:

Activity  PowerBeats Pro AirPods 2
Headphone type In-ear, true-wireless Earbuds, true-wireless
Subjection Ear hook, earphone “Antenna”, earphone
Pads Yes, 4 different sizes No
Dimensions case Not available 44.3 x 21.3 x 53.5
Weight Not available 38 grams / 4 grams
Resistance Sweat and water No
Control Buttons Volume, calls No
Processor H1 for a faster and more stable connection H1 for a faster and more stable connection
“Hey Siri” Yes Yes
Autonomy 9 hours headphones, more than 24 hours with a case 5 hours headphones, more than 24 hours with a case
Wireless connectivity Unknown (probably Bluetooth 5.0) Bluetooth 5.0
Charge Lightning cable Lightning cable, optional Qi wireless charging
Colors Ivory, moss, dark blue and black White


Sports Headphones or Multipurpose Headphones:

The specifications of a product are not everything. But they do serve to indicate the direction in which they point. After seeing the comparison between the PowerBeats Pro and the second generation AirPods, one has enough clues to know to which audience each one goes.

Both share the brain in the form of the H1 processor, which allows fairly high efficiency in communications while enabling the Oye Siri function. Those who have tried the AirPods 2, can affirm that they connect and change from one device to another with much greater speed. Surely in the PowerBeats Pro, you have a similar experience.

But where the differences lie is in the type of headphone, resistance to water and sweat, greater autonomy and the price. It is evident that the PowerBeats Pro is designed for the realization of intense sports activities. A point that is further reinforced with the type of marketing we see on the website of Beats, the subsidiary of Apple and brand of these new headphones.

The PowerBeats Pro Are Headphones Design To Go Further In Your Exercise Sessions:

That does not mean that AirPods 2 cannot be used for sport, for fear of breaking them. Although there are users who have had the first generation for more than two years and have used them to run outdoors and in the gym. They have not had problems of any kind. But the PowerBeats Pro gives you extra security on this front (in addition to physical buttons), in case you want to go with your music even further away (did anyone say rain?).

And finally, we come to the price. A specialized product will always tend to a higher price than one that serves multiple situations.

The Biggest Difference Between Powerbeats Pro and AirPods 2 Is The Design:

The difference at first sight between both headphones is the design itself. The AirPods have a continuous design that does not incorporate any type of physical restraint to the ear that can make you fall when you are doing some intense physical activity such as running. The Powerbeats Pro has a different design since it incorporates an ear hook, perfect for those exercises of high intensity and there is also a variety of sizes so that it adapts perfectly to our ear something that we do not have in AirPods since they are unique in size.

Another of the physical differences that we can see at first sight (and as we mentioned earlier) is that the new Beats have physical buttons to control the volume of our music or quickly pass between songs. This is something that AirPods have to do through touches or with Siri, something that can be more uncomfortable in certain situations because we have to be honest, they do not work at all well.

Something in which the AirPods stand out is the size because they are much more portable than the Powerbeats Pro and especially lighter. That is to say, you will be more comfortable with the second generation AirPods, although you will have to evaluate if you prefer a smaller size or headphones that adapt better to your ear.


Something that we demand from AirPods is that they are resistant to water to be able to use them if it is raining or in those physical activities where we sweat a lot. In this second generation from Apple have not wanted to incorporate this feature but in the Powerbeats Pro, we find this resistance to water. This is why we think they are more designed for athletes.

Sound quality and noise cancellation:

As a sound, we have not been able to say anything objective because until May they will not go on sale but from Beats, they say they have managed to improve noise cancellation, something that we miss so much in AirPods. Some media that have already tested these headphones claim that the Beats have a better sound quality but as we say, we must try them to assess objectively.



Do you deserve to buy the Powerbeats Pro? From my point of view. If you are an athlete who performs intense physical exercise if you are interested!!! They are headphones that will adapt perfectly to your ear and will not fall thanks to its design, as well as incorporating resistance to water in case you sweat or start It rains while you are exercising outdoors. In addition, it also incorporates a better noise cancellation than the AirPods thought so that the quality of the phone calls is better thought especially for when it is very windy on the street.




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