Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Gaming Earbuds Review

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by Bestwireless

Are you in need of the best hammerhead wireless earbuds? Razer hammerhead true wireless earbuds are here for you. The product is made by the Razer brand which produces quality and comfortable products. These earbuds can be comfortably used while one is gaming. Razer hammerhead true wireless earbuds are one of the modern set of earbuds which are geared to phone devices and Razer’s initial crack on a true wireless-market.

The earbuds are wire-free hence they are completely wireless. The product comes in a well-packed package for easier carrying or storage which prevents loss. The product gives a true wireless output plus features at a cheaper cost compared to other competitors.

Hammerhead Design:

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Razer hammerhead true wireless earbuds have angled ear tips that rest in one’s ear, although it doesn’t reach one’s canal. The earbuds incorporate some silicone-covers at the ear tips, which assist in improving its fit, but one will not get the best deal as you can have with this true wireless-earphones. The earbuds are also designed to be water and sweat proof, therefore they can be comfortably used when in sports or exercising. Above all, this product is black.

Performance and Sound:

razer hammerhead true wireless sound quality

These earbuds are made to give the best quality sound which has a frequency of between 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Its sensitivity is of 91-±-3 decibel. The product also has an impedance rating of 32-±-15 % Ω. The maximum input power is 8 mW. The earbuds weigh approximately 45.0 g hence you won’t feel any fatigue. The earbuds give a clear and audible sound, therefore, it can be comfortably used when one is making or receiving a call. It is fitted with noise-cancellation which blocks out incoming noise from outside which causes a disturbance.


Bluetooth version 5.0. Its Bluetooth connection - razer hammerhead true wireless compatible with ps4, mobile phone and pc

For a wireless connection, this product is fitted with Bluetooth version 5.0. Its Bluetooth connection is stable within a distance of 10 m (30 feet). Furthermore, these earbuds support codecs AAC / SBC. Once the device is paired, it will be connecting automatically every time they are taken out of the case. These earbuds can also be easily control while using voice assistance and touch control.

Battery Life:

razer hammerhead true wireless battery life

This product is fitted with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery which has a power rating of 275 mA. The battery can give constant power supply for approximately 16 hours. This battery has a charging time of approximately 1.5 hours. The charging case uses USB-C which is readily available.

  • Fitted with noise cancellation feature
  • They are water and sweat proof
  • The sound produced is of best quality
  • It is simple to operate and utilize
  • It’s cost-effective
  • Comes with a charging case
  • The IPX4 rating does not give more water resistance
  • The product has limited EQ-settings
  • Eartips too big not fit everyone


What Is Inside The Box?

  •         Charging Case
  •         2 wireless earbuds (black)
  •         USB-C charging cable



Razer hammerhead true wireless earbuds is a classy pair of wireless headphones that looks great with the best performance especially when compare to its price. The product is comfortable to wear and operate hence anyone can comfortably utilize them. The audio is of the best quality and it can be varied depending on what you need with the use of EQ settings given. The product is lightweight making them more comfortable.



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