T-1 The All-Inclusive Immersive Gaming Earset for E-Sports

Perfect-Fitting Gaming In-Ear Headset with High-End Gaming Sounds & Boom Mic

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T-1 Gaming Earset review

The Next-Gen of Gaming has started. All new Next-Gen Games are knocking at your door. At this point, you have to get prepared. All you need is to upgrade yourself with a Next-Gen Gaming Device. Today, we will introduce you to a new gaming audio device that is very different from any other headsets or earsets in the market: the T-1 All-Inclusive Immersive Gaming Earset by HIDITION.

Gaming headsets are very popular among gamers. Especially if you are an E-Sports gamer, then having a gaming headset is a must. If you are sick and tired of traditional gaming headsets & want to try something new, you are at the right place. We never say that all other gaming headsets & headphones are bad. But there might be some issues you are not so happy with conventional headsets. That is why we will introduce you to this new innovative design that may make your gaming session more comfortable. Of course, it also has a few minor lackings. We will discuss everything in this article. Just stay with us till the end.

What is T-1 The All-Inclusive Immersive Gaming Earset for E-Sports?

You might be eager to know what the t1 gaming earset is & what makes it so unique. It is the ultimate gaming earset developed by HIDITION along with Custom In-Ear Monitoring & hearing-aid engineers. Hidition is a well-known manufacturer of customizable audio devices. It has been serving its customers for more than 23 years. The main focus of this earset is a comfortable wearing experience for an extended period.

Obviously, several gaming headsets will provide you with the most dedicated audio in gaming. But headsets have two significant inevitable problems: they will heat up your ears & will ruin your hairstyle. This may not be a substantial issue for most gamers. But it is an entirely different story for some professional E-Sports gamers who spend most of their time playing games. Hidition has developed these earsets, with those matters that in mind. It has an innovative design that is specially made for a long time uses without any adverse effect.

Design & Comfort

T-1 Gaming Earset


Like we have said earlier, the main focus of the t1 gaming earset design. It has a sleek & stable design, unlike most gaming headsets available in the market. It comes with an ear & face embracing design that stays in your ears & provides you a comfortable feel. The weight is also feather-like, so you might feel like there is nothing there. As it does not come with an over-ear design, there is no way it will ruin your hairstyle. Some over-ear headsets cause itchiness in your head. Herewith the T-1 Gaming Earsets, you do not have to face any problems like this.

There is an extended boom-microphone that comes with the T-1. You can adjust the Microphone according to your need. You can move this in any direction to fit your choice. Also, you can minimize the length by bending it. Thus the earset sits on your face & ears in an equally distributed way. That is why even with dynamic physical moving, the earsets will not fall or move. With hours of gaming, this earset will not feel irritating on your ears. The T-1 comes in black and a variant with premium plastic & other materials built. You will be shocked by its quality.

Audio Quality

Best Gaming Earbuds - earset

The primary factor that all gamers consider is audio quality. The audio quality of a gaming earset is entirely different from general earbuds. It has to be perfect in three criteria, Sound Effects, Background Sound & Voice Chat. The T-1 performed very well in all those three areas. It delivers immersive sound effects while gaming, for sure. Though it lacks surrounding audio, the audio quality is by far the best from most gaming earbuds. For First Person Shooting games, T-1 should be your go-to. You will not miss a single footstep with its detailed audio quality. Also, the shooting sounds seem very realistic that most gamers will enjoy. T1 Gaming Earset background audio is also crisp & balanced.

Finally, the voice chat is natural & crystal explicit. You will not face any difficulty in hearing your squadmate’s/platoon’s voices. It does not come with active noise cancellation, but it has a passive noise isolation function which is better. Active noise cancelling shuts down the outside noise by generating phase-inverted sound. As a result, the active noise cancellation causes ear fatigue and compromises the sound quality to cancel out exterior noises, whereas passive noise isolation naturally blocks outside noise effectively by providing the perfect fit for your ear shape. T-1’s passive noise isolation represents Hidition GAMING’s 19 years of experience in the custom in-ear monitor market.

Microphone Quality

T-1 Best Gaming Earset

The t1 Gaming Earset comes with a pin-shaped adjustable microphone. The Microphone is top-notch as well, offering high sensitivity recording. So you do not need to keep this just in front of your mouth for a clear voice chat. Hidition has put most of its efforts into delivering a natural voice quality other than enhanced vocals in the microphone section. This effort did not go in vain. The Microphone does provide the actual voices of the speaker. If your squadmates on the other side also have good quality gaming headsets, then they can hear you nice & clear.


T1 Gaming Earset for E-Sports

The thing that attracted us the most about the T-1 All-Inclusive Immersive Gaming Earset is tuned for all gaming platforms. Whether you game on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, PS5, or even PC, the specially tuned audio will satisfy you equally on all those gaming platforms. It comes with a 3.5mm audio connection, which is compatible with any gaming platform. You can also use this on your Mobile Phone for online gaming.

Our Verdict

Finally, it is time for our opinion regarding the T-1 All-Inclusive Immersive Gaming Earset. Before that, we would like to mention the things we liked & disliked about the t1 Gaming Earset.

  • It comes with a slick & stable design
  • Feels very comfortable & light-weight
  • No ears-heating issue & the design does not ruin your hairstyle
  • It delivers balanced & clear audio in Sound Effects, Background Sound & Voices
  • The Microphone delivers natural audio
  • It has been tuned for all gaming platforms
  • Comes with a 3.5mm audio connection
  • It does not come with an active noise-canceling feature


Wrap Up

So, should you buy this? We will say yes. If you like the main idea of this gaming earset, then we encourage you to give it a try. Especially if you have been searching for a comfortable gaming headset for prolonged gaming, t1 Gaming Earset can be a great option. The audio quality & overall gaming experience will not dissatisfy even a professional gamer. Check the Kickstarter for the latest price.


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