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World best 25 headphone brands list according to the sells report...

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I decided to write this post before one year ago, and from one year I collect data and at last finish this post for the user who wants to know the answer of the best Headphone Brand. Not only other users also myself were curious, which brands are the best? Because there is a 100 plus of headphone brands in the market. But in the last 3 years besides headphones, the earbud is now more popular with many new manufacturers are now in the field. Even a good headphone brand finds out is so tuff job.

How Do I Collect Data?

I create a team of 11 members group and collect a 109 headphone forum, and find out 50 plus technology forums, where peoples discuss the headphone. And we read above 30k various forums and community posts. But some of the forum and community is Notable, Head-fi, diyaudio, Gearbest, Bose community, Community Anker, Massdrop community, Reddit, Cnet forum, MacRumors, Djtechtools, one plus forum, forum corsair, Forum Audiogon, headphone forum and Quora, etc.

Forums are an impressive place for knowing more on headphones and earbuds quality and brands. Because maximum user reply in their experience and appropriate answer. So, anybody wants to know about any specific brands then go to the forum sites and create your account and start a discussion on your needs. My advice, Reddit, and Quora is the best place to know about any brands and quality with existing models. Also, we use Google trends and Ahrefs Keyword Explorer. And we use to collect Amazon brand searches. And this result We have relied on sales information from 5 countries according to NPD research. Even every six months we will update results according to our source data. 

Why User Trust Us?

Our rankings will change over time and will never be based on compensation. In other words, the Manufacturer can NOT pay to be included on our list. Our list is built to showcase Headphone Manufacturer that are Offers Good Products. If you feel that we’ve missed an awesome company, please reach out and we’ll analyze, and if my team feels good then will add the brands in our list.

After creating the account we start the discussion on varies topic, as like,

  • Which brand is best for swimming,
  • Best earbud brands
  • which brand is best for gaming,
  • Best over-ear headphone brand
  • Which best for sports,
  • The Best in-ear headphone which is the best headphone with a mic?
  • What are the best headphones for sound quality?
  • Which headphone is best for the ear?
  • What are the best headphones for listening to music?
  • Which brand is best for headphones?
  • Best headphone brand list
  • Which brand and model is best for long time use

Then, we collect the other user opinion and collect data from various brands pool, which we create to know user response. Besides every day we collect data from the e-commerce website user review.

At last, we gathered all the data and find out the best headphone brand list. And we collect user purchase list from 17 popular e-commerce website very secretly. We are very grateful to our 2 members. Who collects the selling list from their secret source.

Actually, We create this best 25 headphone brand list according to the yearly sell and user review on headphones and earbuds. Besides, few brands are best for their earbud and few are famous for their good headphones. You may check the list below.

Sony Is Famous For Sound Quality Headphone

Sony is one of the popular brands in the world headphone market. They founded 1946 and they release a lot of fantastic model earphones and headphones. But their maximum model is high price and they earned a class of users who did not think about the price. It’s obviously true that this Japanese company never compromises with quality.

Sony WH1000xm3 is the best noise canceling headphone at the moment. Also, they release many high-quality headphones, as like Sony WH1000XM2, MDR-Z7M2, and their Sony WF-SP700N true wireless is best selling headphones. And recently they bring a new true wireless WF1000XM3, Which is the best noice canselling true earbud at the moment.

Audio Technica Is The Best Performing Quality

My second selection is one of the best performing brand Audio Technica. This Japanese manufacturer Establishment in 1962, and they awarded for their sound quality. They release a large variety range of headphones and wireless earbuds for all types of users. And they always work on the criteria for improving the new technology. ATH-M50xBT is a fantastic and most selling over-ear headphone, and this model is comparable with Sony XM3 and Bose QC35 high-end headphones. Besides, they release audio Amplifiers and Audiophile Headphone Cable and wireless Amplifiers.

Bose Is The Best For Bass Quality And Noise Canceling Headphone

The Bose really the boss of the headphone. Bose Founded in 1964 by Amar Bose, and they release a lot of models. Bose always serve new technology product and bose is favorite brands of the maximum singers. Their Quite comfort series is popular in the headphone market. And QC35 ii is the best noise canceling headphone At the moment. Also, bose is best for noise canceling technology. Their cent percent product is noise-canceling and wireless but the price range is not an average bit high.

Not only headphone their Earbud is more popular, bose SoundSport wireless is a fantastic earbud and best selling models in earbud consumers.

Sennheiser Serve The Premium Quality

Sennheiser world’s largest German headphone manufacturer, they start the journey 1945 at Wedemark. They release a lot of variety of headphone an audio product in the market with many ranges of price even the world most expensive headphone, Sennheiser Orpheus (price $59 to $55.000).

But their maximum product is premium quality and Sennheiser PXC 550 is their most selling model in recent years. Also, they are not far from earbud their MOMENTUM True Wireless earbud is fantastic quality but high price than other similar brands. And their DJ quality headphone is much popular.

Jabra The Best Selling Brand

Jabra is an American earphone manufacturer founded in 1983 by Woody Norris. And the present owner of the Randy Granovetter who owns in 1993. However, the last 5 years Jabra owned a part of the headphone user. And their Elite 65T series is a fantastic quality true wireless earbud and they bringing recently more impressive model Jabra elite 85H noise-canceling wireless over-ear headphones which they show the last CES. And actually, they make high-quality Call Center Headsets and office/car speaker. Last year they break their previous sales record for elite 65T.

AKG The Best Open Back Headphone Manufacturer

AKG originated as a company in Austria and was founded in Vienna in 1947 by two Viennese: physicist Dr. Rudolf Görike and engineer Ernst Pless. But last year Samsung Electronics owned and managed by Harman International Industries. AKG is famous in the headphone market for its open-back headphone and its bulky design. Actually, they produced high-quality technical equipment for cinemas: loudspeakers, film projectors and light meters, headphone amplifiers, and sound studio instruments. AKG Pro Audio K702 is a popular and most selling open-back headphone. And recently they work with Samsung and release a fantastic earbud known by everyone Samsung galaxy bud.

Beyerdynamic Is The Best For Stage And Studio Microphone

Beyerdynamic is another German manufacturer, established in 1924 and they develop the first pair of dynamic headphones in 1930. They are famous for the microphone and they release their first wireless microphone in 1966 in The Beatles German tour. Beyerdynamic’s most popular over-ear headphones model is DT 770 PRO and on average they serve a lot of models within 50 to 1000 bucks for every budget user.  At the moment they are the well-reputed manufacturer on the wireless microphone and studio headphone.

Cowin Headphone Is The Most Selling Brand In Amazon 

Cowin is a Chinese manufacturer and founded around 1996. Though they are not the well-reputed company, they produce very good quality and budget-friendly noise-cancelling headphones for every user. For 3 years they are the best-selling company in Amazon. Their Cowin E7 / E7 pro wireless Bluetooth is the most selling model. As a new brand, they achieve a great reputation on the best headphone brand in the market.

Plantronics, The Best Of Office/Call Center Headset

Keith Larkin and Courtney Graham founded Plantronics May 18, 1961. Both are the pilot and they start a mission to research design and manufacture specialized aircraft electronics. And they release their first model MS50 headset in 1962 which was very lightweight and was popular for traffic controller. They are famous because Neil Armstrong walked on the moon to use their M50 headset for communication, even NASA appreciates for their works. Basically, they are famous for premium quality office and IP phone. But they are not behind from headphone, Plantronics BackBeat Fit is their popular waterproof earphone and many swimmers favorite brand.

Beats By Dre The Classical User Brand

Formally beats start his step in 2006, and they release their first model beats monster studio headphone in 2007. They are very popular in the USA music industry. Many singers and music producers like beats headphones. And beats the first company, who became multi-billionaire within a very short time. At last 2014 apple owned beats and this year (2019) beats bringing their first earbud Powerbeats Pro. However there is nothing to say new about beats, they already owned a class of headphone user who never goes with other brands if they are the high price. But I see many DJ like and love beats.

Apple The Most Popular Brand In The USA

Apple is the best and largest tech giant in the world. Formally Apple was founded in April 1976. Actually, Apple is popular worldwide for new and unique technology. And they are popular in the young generation for his iPhone and new invention Airpod. September 2012 they release their first earbud (Apple Airpod) and last month they release Airpod 2 Gen. Apple airpod is their best selling product and according to the MacRumors this year they will release their first HIGH-END OVER-EAR HEADPHONES.

JBL Is Best For His Quality Speaker

Its an another USA manufacture and founded was 1946 but at the moment Korean company Harman International Industries owned JBL. They are not a big headphone manufacturer but they release many headphone and earphone. And their sells is not worse than other establish manufacturer. From 20 years they work for the big Automobiles company Toyota and Ferrari vehicles sound. At the moment they acquired a part of the Bluetooth speakers market. Also, they delivered many budget-friendly earphones. JBL E45BT On-Ear Wireless Headphones their most selling model.

Anker Is Best For Earbud And Bluetooth Speaker

Actually, Anker is a well-known manufacturer of portable Bluetooth instrument and Mobile Charger. Steven Yang left is Job from Google and build Anker at China in 2011. And still, they are famous in Amazon for selling a large quantity product every month yet. Even they were leading brand for the mobile charger in
They release much high-quality product as headphones, portable speakers, portable video projectors and car accessories. Anker SoundCore Liberty Air true earbud is their least popular model and the best alternative of apple airpod and Samsung Galaxybuds. I think Anker will bet in the near future Apple, beats, and other brand companies sell.

Jaybird Best For Wireless Sports Headphone

JayBird, a consumer electronics company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. They develop cool products for athletic people to inspire an active lifestyle. Judd Armstrong was started JayBird in 2006. He is an Australian native who was tired of working out and training with earbuds that underperformed. Judd developed an innovative pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones to launch JayBird, and the company has been breaking new ground in the wearable technology category ever since. Their Jaybird X3 In-ear is best selling wireless sports earphones. According to the NPD Jaybird the best one manufacturer out of five in 2014.

Taotronics Best Budget Headphones

Taotronics is a Chinese manufacturer but they are located in 6 places in the world. They are not a big manufacturer but they are specialized in small electric accessories. 2007 September they founded in California and start production from 2008. They are popular for the sports category and waterproof earphones. TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphone is their best-selling earphone and Amazon choice.

You can check this Taotronics Model: TT-BH060 which offed only $69 with superb noise-cancelling and it’s comparable with the Bose and Sony $350 ANC headphones.

Skullcandy The Best Medium Budget Earphone Manufacturer

Rick Alden is the Founder of Skullcandy and starts working from 2003 in the USA and they introduced the first model in the 2003 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). They serve a lot of good quality earphones, earbuds, and headphones, and 2008 they are the best earbud sellers in the USA. Also, they make good quality mp3 and Mobile earphones. Basically, they love to work with singers, actors, musicians, and still they working with various bands and artists.

RHA Best for Wireless Earbuds

RHA is a manufacturer of in-ear earphones based in Glasgow, Scotland. They are not as well-known as the big manufacturer like others. But they make competitive quality and use aircraft-grade aluminum. RHA MA750 is their best selling earphones and they come in limelight for their great design and comfortableness. Also, they make high-quality in-ear monitors.

Audeze The Premium Quality Manufacturer Company

Sankar Thiagasamudram and Alexander Rosson, Pete Uka and Dragoslav Colich, who is the most experience in designing planar drivers. These four people are the founders of Audeze in 2008 in the USA.

Audeze is award-winning and high-quality brands, I keep them the 18 serial because I create this list depends on the sales. Otherwise, I must keep them within 10. However, LCD-2 and LCD-3 headphones are their award-winning model. 2017 they release EL-8, SINE, and iSINE series headphones and these are a very high-quality product.

Razer The Boss Of Gaming Accessories

Razer is one of the largest gaming hardware manufacturer. Not only gaming headset they manufacture a lot of device for gaming like the laptop, mobile, Gaming keyboard/mouse, broadcasting device, and speaker. Actually, you can say the king of the gaming device. Min-Liang Tan and Robert Krakoff founded Razer 2005 in the USA, and Li Ka-Shing invests a large amount and takes cent percent shares. Every product is of high quality and very popular in the gamer. And they release a lot of budget-friendly headset for the gamer like Razer Kraken Pro V2.

Logitech The Largest Gaming Accessories Manufacturer + BEST BUDGET

I think you heard about it before Logitech. Logitech is popular in the gaming headphone sector. And their quality is very competitive with Sennheiser, Razer, and HyperX Cloud Alpha. Logitech G533 is a budget-friendly and popular gaming headset. Also, Logitech is famous in the world for its high-quality Keyboard and gaming Mouse, iPod/MP3 players, and various gaming consoles. Logitech was founded on Oct. 2, 1981, in Switzerland and they are the world’s largest gaming console manufacturer at the moment.

Samsung The Tech Giant – We Listed Samsung For Their True Buds

There is nothing new about Samsung if anyone says, he did not know about Samsung then you understand that he is alien. He is not a human being. Samsung founded in 1936 in Seoul Korea. But they come in tech business after 3 decades after the founding. And today they are the well-established manufacturer in the tech business. They release many popular and new tech product yet like galaxy smartphone. And they are not behind from headphones and last February they release a fantastic product Galaxybud. And many reviewers and tech bloggers opinion, Galaxybuds is the rival of apple airpod.

Xiaomi The Largest Chinese Manufacturer

Xiaomi Corporation is a Chinese electronics company founded on April 6, 2010, Beijing. Basically, Xiaomi makes and invests in smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, and related consumer electronics. And they are the largest manufacturer in China like Huawei. 2011 they release their first smartphone and 2014 they are the world’s fourth-largest smartphone manufacturer. But they make good quality wireless Headphone and they are popular in Asia. Recently they are hi-lighted in the whole world for their Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro true earbuds. Even in the last two months they sell above 2 million according to the Gearbest.

Mpow The Most Budget-Friendly Headphone Brand

Mpow is famous for the user who wants the budget-friendly and quality product. Founded 2006 in California and they specialize in Bluetooth accessories and quality headphone for the user.
Till today they release many Bluetooth headphone and earbud with waterproof earphone for swimmers. Mpow 059 Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones is their best selling headphone in Amazon and everywhere. User loves their product because of its Bluetooth connectivity and nice battery support. If you check amazon review an rating you understood about their product.

Shure The Best Quality Microphone Manufacturer

Shure is a professional American audio products manufacture, established in 1925 and they were big radio parts supplier. And gradually they become the consumer audio manufacturer. They manufacture microphones, wireless microphone systems, phonograph cartridges, discussion systems, mixers, and digital signal processing. The company also manufactures wearable products, including headphones, high-end earphones, and personal monitor systems.

Bowers & Wilkins – High-Quality Headphone Brand

Bowers & Wilkins is a British audio manufacturer established in the second world war time 1966 at West Sussex, England by John Bowers and Roy Wilkins. They start their business to manufacture home theatre systems and loudspeakers. 1966 they release their first loudspeaker P1 and 2010 they release their first headphone P5 and join the headphone manufacturing society. From 2007 they start working on car audio with Jaguar and gradually Maserati Ghibli, Volvo, and BMW. They owned a class of user who loves their bo headphone and speaker.

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