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Walker's Silencer Electronic Ear Plugs Bluetooth Rechargeable In-ear Protection For Shooting...

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walker silencer earbuds

Walker’s has been developing advanced solutions for hearing enhancement & protection for 25-years. Walker’s products have been more used for shooting safety and protection. Presently the brand has introduced an improved digital circuitry plus Nano-tech waterproof. Walker’s company manufactures different kinds of products. They include electronic earbuds, muffs, and other accessories.

Walker’s Silencer Digital Earbuds is one of the earbuds made by walkers. These new silencer earbuds will protect one’s ears & increase the capability to hear natural sounds & voices. Additionally, this silencer electronic earbuds will give you all-day comfort & customization. Also, it has a safe sure-lock system.

However, it isn’t an easy task when buying a pair of earplugs or headphones. Thus you should consider durability, level of noise canceled out, comfort, and quality. Below is a review of Walker’s Silencer digital earbud.

  • Offers clear sound
  • Minimizes loud noise to up-to 25dB
  • The left & light earbuds have independent volume control
  • Has three pairs of sizing fit, comfortable and secure fitting
  • Come with sound-activated compression
  • The battery flap needs to remain closed for batteries to stay longer
  • Has a shorter battery life




walkers silencer bluetooth rechargeable ear buds pair with water resistant case

Walkers Silencer digital earbud is designed and made in the USA. Moreover, these earbuds have a matte black which has a carbon-fiber accent. On the outer side of these earbuds, they are branded with the company’s logo. Additionally, they have LED lighting which shows when the earbuds are switched ON.

Walker’s earbuds are made for people who are involved in many shooting ranges and hunting. Additionally, they can also be used in concerts and crowded areas like airports and malls. Walkers Silencer digital earbuds come in a pair and you can have its volume control.

Additionally, these earbuds are made using a soft silicone foam-based material. This will ensure that the ears are comfortable. Moreover, these silencer earbuds come with a locking-system which ensures a comfortable fit.

Sound Quality:

electronic in ear protection

These earbuds are embedded with a digital sound-processing of OS-R3110. Additionally, the left and the right earbuds come with independent volume control. This will ensure that you will have a digital hearing improvement & protection. With SAC (Sound Activated Compression), sounds over 85dB won’t be amplified. Instead, due to SAC ability, it will be decreased by 25dB.

Most of the gunshots sound about 140dB which is very high. Thus our ears will be damaged if no proper care is taken. Sound quality is a major concern when it comes to electronic hearing protection. Low sound quality reduces or negates the efficiency of hearing protection. One of the major causes of low sound quality is wind noise. Thus can make some electronic hearing-protection nearly worthless.

Battery Performance:

walkers silencer 3m electronic ear plugs

Walker’s earbuds come with a battery that has a longer life. Additionally, the battery can last for about 80 hours. To ensure that batteries are long-running, it’s recommended that you shouldn’t open the battery flap. But, this device requires 10 batteries but 4 are already added in the package. When good care is taken, the batteries and the earbuds can last for a long time.

They have a detachable lanyard attachment. Moreover, these batteries are of Zinc-air. Hence they will activate when exposed to the atmosphere. When the seal is removed you’ll need to wait for some time for your batteries to be fully activated.

Sound-Activated Compression:

walkers silencer earbuds rechargeable

These walker’s silent earbuds come with a SAC (sound-activated compression) feature. When the surroundings have low sound, the mic will increase the audio at a hearing-level. Hence you will be able to hear sounds minus any discomfort. If there exist louder sounds, the inner circuit will be switched off.

Moreover, you will hear normal sounds in the surrounding. Louder voices will be lowered to safe levels. This will protect your ears from being damaged by louder voices.

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walkers game ear gwp slcr bt silencer ear buds with bluetooth electronic 25 db

These earbuds have smooth silicone ear tips. Additionally, it comes with three sets of different size ear tips. The sizes are small, medium, and large. These earbuds weigh about 1.6 ounces hence it is lightweight. The earbuds are also labeled with letter L and the letter R. L is for use with the left ear while R is for use with the right ear.

Additionally, it comes with a sure-lock sizing-fins. This ensures that the earbuds remain in position and secure. Additionally, it also comes with convenient transport and a carry bag. When the earbuds are not in use, you can keep them inside to be free of dust.

What’s In The Box?

  • A pair of Walker’s Silencer Digital Earbuds
  • Three sets of baffled silicone plus foam earbuds.
  • Detachable Lanyard
  • Three sets of secure fit–sizing fins
  • 4 batteries
  • Carry case




Walker’s Silencer Digital Earbuds comes with a carry case. This will ensure that the bud will be free from dust when stored. Additionally, these earbuds come with a sound-activated Compression (SAC) feature. This feature will help in reducing louder voices to about 25dB. With three various sizes of foam tips, you will have a personalized and secure fitting. Walker’s Silencer Digital Earbuds will offer you a higher protection for 80-hours battery life.

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