Apple AirPods Max Wireless Headphones – Premium Looks With Awesome ANC – Review In 2021

Apple over Ear Headphones - Apple AirPods Max The Game Changer Of ANC Headphones Market

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December 15, 2020, Apple released an AirPods Max which is an improved wireless headset that brings the AirPods magic. This Apple Max has an over the ear design with high-fidelity audio. Furthermore, AirPods max has combined H1 chips, a custom audio design, plus improved software to power your computational sound. Additionally, you will have an inventive listening experience with the help of Adaptive EQ, transparency mode, Active Noise Cancellation & spatial audio.

When purchasing an over-ear headset you should check on comfort, sound performance, ANC features, easy to use, and others. Apple AirPods Max price is $549 which makes it among the most expensive Apple’s headset. Here is detailed information on Apple AirPods Max.

  • Offers excellent stable sound
  • Has solid ANC
  • Feature distinct plus reliable controls
  • Has 20 hours of battery life
  • It’s comfortable with a premium build
  • Bluetooth 5 latest version
  • It’s expensive

Design and Features:

wireless over-ear headphones apple

Apple AirPods Max has five gorgeous hues which include space gray, sky blue, silver, pink, and green. Furthermore, these headphones have an over-ear design. They are designed using a knit-mesh canopy & memory-foam ear padding. They also offer an exceptional fit. This headset is carefully made to offer exceptional sound performance for every user. Moreover, it’s a breathable knit-mesh canopy that spanning the headband helps in distributing weight & reducing on-head pressure.

Its headband is made with a stainless-steel frame which offers strength, comfort, flexibility to more head shapes & sizes. Telescoping its headband arms will smoothly extend & remain in place to sustain the desired fit. Both the ear cups join this headband via a revolutionary mechanism. This helps in balancing & distributing the ear cup pressure.  Additionally, it also enables it to freely pivot & rotate to fit every head contour.

Furthermore, the ear cushion offers an efficient seal which is a critical aspect in providing an immersive sound. With Digital Crown, you will have precise sound control & the capability to pause or play audio. You will also be able to skip tracks, answer/end phone calls, & activate Siri. Additionally, it also has a noise-control button that easily changes between Transparency mode and Active Noise Cancellation.

The mesh on the ear cup is designed with the letter L and R. This makes it simple for you to differentiate which ear cup is for the right and left sides. These headphones weigh about 384.8 grams. Additionally, they cost $549.00 on Amazon.

Sound Performance:

apple headphones review

Apple AirPods Max is fitted with a 40-mm dynamic driver which has Apple-designed. This will offer you rich, accurate mid-ranges, deep bass & clean, crisp high-frequency extension. Thus every note will be heard. The spatial sound with a dynamic head-tracking offers theater-like audio that surrounds you. It’s fitted with a distinct double neodymium ring-magnet motor which enables AirPods-Max to sustain full harmonic distortion. With the help of an H1-chip in every ear cup, improved software, and a custom acoustic-design, you will have the best sound quality.

With the help of adaptive EQ Apple AirPods Max will change the audio to suit & seal your ear cushions. This is possible by measuring the audio signal offered to the user & changing the low & mid-frequencies in real-time. Thus, you will have a rich sound that captures all the details.

Spatial Audio:

Apple over ear headphones uses spatial sound which has dynamic head-tracking to put audio nearly anywhere in space. With this, you will have an immersive and theater-like experience. Additionally, utilizing the gyroscope & accelerometer, spatial soundtracks the movement of the device and that of the user’s head then compares the movement data and remaps the audio field. This will remain anchored to one’s device, even as the user’s-head moves.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC):

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AirPods Max offers immersive audio via an Active Noise Cancellation. Thus, users will be able to focus on the audio they’re listening to. Furthermore, these ear cups have three outward-facing mics to sense the environmental noise. The other microphone that is inside the ear cup will monitor the audio reaching the listener’s ear. Moreover, using computational sound, noise cancellation will constantly adjust to the headset fit & movement.

With transparent mode, users will concurrently listen to songs they hear in the surrounding environment. Thus, you don’t have to remove the headset when on the street. Moreover, switching between ANC & Transparency mode is easy by pressing the noise control switch once.

Battery Performance:

apple airpod max over ear wireless headphones review

Apple over ear headphones comes with an in-built rechargeable battery that has a continuous playtime of 20 hours. This is when the Active Noise Cancellation feature & spatial sound are enabled. Additionally, AirPods Max has a smooth and slim Smart-Case where AirPods Max is placed to shift in an ultralow-power condition. This helps in preserving the battery charge when it’s idle.

With a quick charge time of five minutes, you will have a playtime of about 1.5hrs. It’s recharged using a lightning connector.

AirPods Magic

The unparalleled wireless sound delivered by AirPods is also delivered by AirPods Max by just a single tap setup. This is offered when a user is listening to songs, enjoying TV-shows & movies, making phone-calls, interacting with Siri or when playing games.  Apple AirPods Max also offers an automatic pairing with every device which is signed in to the iCloud account.

Additionally, these headphones auto-detects the time they are on the user’s head with the help of optical & position sensors. When they are put on autoplay the audio and pauses when removed or when one ear cup is lifted. With the help of a beam-forming mic on AirPods Max, voice calls & Siri commands will be clearer.

Extra features

  • Auto-switching

These enable users to switch audio sound between iPad, iPhone & Mac. Additionally, AirPods Max will auto switch over when there is a call.

  • Siri

This is the ability to manage songs, make phone calls, get directions, control the volume, and more using voice. Additionally, Siri also read messages with the help of Announce-Messages with Siri.

  • Audio Sharing

This makes it easy to share a sound stream between 2 sets of AirPods. You will just get AirPods Max near the device & connect with just a single tap.


What in the Box

  • Apple over ear headphones
  • Charging cable
  • Smart Case




Apple AirPods Max is flashy big and expensive noise-canceling headphones. Moreover, they sound fantastic in every song. They have a couple of smart features that make it simple to use these headphones.  Moreover, they are also comfortable with a knit-mesh canopy & memory foam ear padding which offers an excellent fit.

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