What Is The Difference Between Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy? How To Work

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) And How to work for Our Technology Gadget with Bluetooth SOC Details

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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) And How To Work For Our Technology Gadget With Bluetooth SOC Details

Bluetooth is a technology that allows devices to connect and communicate wirelessly. It is also a short-range wireless connection technology that is used to join stereos, computers, keyboards, mobile phones, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. When 2 Bluetooth-supported devices join, it is known as pairing. The electronic devices are normally joined within a range of 10 meters.

Bluetooth low energy (BLE) came into use in the year 2011. Its biggest advantage and difference is being able to use less power compared with the other Bluetooth technology. Due to this feature, it makes it best for machine-machine communication.

Comparison Between Bluetooth and BLE Differences:

Classic Bluetooth vs Bluetooth low energy

  1. The first and foremost is that Bluetooth low energy consumes less power, unlike Bluetooth. The low power consumption makes it be able to operate on small batteries, unlike Bluetooth.
  2. Bluetooth can allow more data transfer and Bluetooth low energy is best for exchanging a small quantity of information periodically.
  3. Bluetooth low energy can remain in a sleep mode constantly up to the time when a link will be initiated and for Bluetooth, it will remain standstill until when it is turned off.
  4. For Bluetooth low energy it takes just a few milliseconds, unlike Bluetooth which takes approximately 100 milliseconds to connect. The reason which brings the difference in connection time is that for Bluetooth low energy, data transfer speed is at 1 Mb/s which is high.
  5. Bluetooth low energy is best used for transferring period data making it best for the internet of things application and Bluetooth is used for streaming voice and data continuously.


  1. Both Bluetooth and Bluetooth low energy operate with the same technology in pairing, encryption, and authentication.
  2. Even, Both Bluetooth and Bluetooth low energy operate at 2.4 GHz ISM-band and they have the same RF output power.
  3. Both Bluetooth and Bluetooth low energy requires first the Bluetooth-enabled devices to be connected by pairing. After that one can comfortably transmit data from one device to the other and vice versa at a time

How Bluetooth Low Energy Works (BLE):

Low energy pairing (ble)

Low Energy Pairing

First of all for you to comfortably operate with Bluetooth Low energy, your device should be Bluetooth enabled. Then switch it on and you should be within a distance of about 30-feets for it to operate effectively. A line of communication is established between the devices which allows data to be transferred effectively. This Bluetooth low energy operates in a similar band as standard Bluetooth though it utilizes the different FHSS-scheme.

An electronic device that initiates request commands & it accepts a response is called a client or central (smartphone, computer, etc.)While a device that receives commands, requests and it returns the response is called the server or peripheral (headphones, temperature sensor, etc.). After you are through with the use, you need to disconnect it to save on more power.

Bluetooth SoC The Latest Chip:

Bluetooth SoC is a micro-controller that is embedded with Bluetooth radio. The SoC stands for System-on-a-Chip and is one of two ways to incorporate wireless functionality, such as Bluetooth, into a product. Bluetooth SoC is then Bluetooth wireless functionality. A Bluetooth SoC can also serve as a master micro-controller for an entire product, though more complex products such as smart devices will have a faster micro-controller and use Bluetooth SoC as an additional micro-controller within their device. An SoC can be comparable to a motherboard, but on a much smaller size and with all components already integrated into the chip.

What Does SoC Mean:

A System-on-a-Chip will require less space and less power than multi-chip systems. It will include both hardware and software, which also means it will have a better performance than a multi-chip system. An SoC integrates all components of a computer or electronic system into a single chip. The components included are usually a central processing unit (CPU), memory, secondary storage, and input and output ports. A Bluetooth SoC will additionally include Bluetooth radio frequency processing.

What Is Bluetooth SoC? (QCC5100 Chip)

What is Bluetooth SoC

Bluetooth SoC(Low Energy) is a Bluetooth system-on-a-chip that brings premium wireless speaker sound to headphones. It is meant for premium sound quality in headphones and Bluetooth-enabled devices. Bluetooth SoC (ble) is highly advanced with many integrations into a single-chip solution such as connectivity, power management, and audio processing. It will contain all of the features of Bluetooth in addition to micro-controllers for a product such as headphones.

Bluetooth SoC QCC5100 Series Features:

  • Low power design and ultra-small form factor
  • Dual-core 32-bit processor application subsystem
  • Dual-core Qualcomm® Kalimba™ DSP Audio subsystem
  • Support for aptX and aptX HD, Qualcomm TrueWireless Stereo, and Enhanced ANC (Feed-Forward, Feed-Backward, Hybrid)
  • Voice Assistant Services, low power wake word detection
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and 2 Mbps Bluetooth® Low Energy support
  • Embedded ROM + RAM and support for external Flash memory
  • 2-ch 98dBA headset class D (integrated amplifier)
  • 2-ch 99dBA line inputs (single-ended)
  • 192kHz 24-bit I2S & SPDIF interfaces
  • Flexible software platform with powerful new IDE support

How Does Bluetooth SoC Work For Headphones?

How Bluetooth SoC works

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that connects Bluetooth-enabled devices together without cords. It is a great technology for headphones and allows for hands-free use. Having wireless headphones lets users wear them during workouts or active movements without worrying about cords or wires. It even works for listening to audio while swimming. Having cords and wires attached to headphones can be annoying and also dangerous at times.

Headphones that have a Bluetooth SoC will be able to automatically pair with any Bluetooth-enabled device in its area. Using Bluetooth does not require a WiFi connection since it works off of Bluetooth radio waves and frequencies.

Sound quality is usually not hindered by using Bluetooth headphones. When comparing sound quality in Bluetooth headphones, it is important to note the headphone style (open or closed back, in-ear or on-ear) and Bluetooth version compatibility. Some headphones are not compatible with the latest versions of Bluetooth. The latest version of Bluetooth is 5.1 and Bluetooth SoC is currently compatible with version 5 and higher.

The closer the user is in range to the Bluetooth device connected to the headphones, the better the quality of sound and connection with a fewer drop or sync issues. While wired headphones do not give any range of mobility, Bluetooth headphones can give a wide range of activities. Bluetooth headphones can give up to 100 meters of range. Bluetooth will use little battery power, so listening time can usually be a few hours with one charge.

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