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ATH-M50xBT Wireless Over Ear Headphones

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT sound just as good as the cable model but take advantage of Bluetooth and offer long battery life.

Audio-Technica has a full range of wired headphones and is gradually adding Bluetooth models. Many users have been able to try out their latest model, the ATH-M50xBT, which is nothing more than a wireless version of the already popular ATH-M50x. These headphones offer a great battery life and excellent Bluetooth coverage. Let’s see how they are presented, facts and how they work in practice these headphones that are earmuffs and closed.

Building and Construction:

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x (without BT) has become a reference for many fans. They are headphones that cover the ears but of relatively compact size, means portable. Its design has a “professional” touch (like those for studio use) and although they are made of plastic, they are robust and of good quality, providing good flexibility. The skin of the headband and especially that of the pads is soft: it never bothers. They also press just enough to not move, without squeezing or overwhelming too much (even in a big head).

Well, these ATH-M50xBT do not cheat by their name: they are identical in everything. The earmuffs are only slightly larger to accommodate Bluetooth buttons, connections, and controls, but nothing more. In fact, it would be easy to confuse with each other, that is to say, the already popular model with cable, with these new ones. Something that is different is the colors: for now, the model with Bluetooth is only available in black. They can be folded to take them occupying a more compact space.

The headphones themselves, remember that closed model, just are positioned outside the ears and mounted internal speakers of 45 mm. It is a good diameter, which ensures good bass. To lighten the membranes, coils are used with aluminum wire, covered with copper. And they use powerful magnets (rare earth, that is, Hiero-Neodymium, surely).

Bluetooth and Cable:

The cable that comes in the box is correct and as we said includes a microphone and control button. The good news is that the connector on the headphones is a standard 3.5mm stereo jack. That is to say that we can use any cable finished with this dimension (very common and universal) when we want or need it. Although the meaning of this Audio-Technica model is to get rid of the cable, remember that with it the battery is not a problem nor that of the mobile to which we connect them.

As for Bluetooth Audio-Technica connectivity, almost nothing has been left behind. They support Bluetooth version 5.0 being fully compatible with the previous ones (many devices are left in 4.2). Also support aptX, the protocol that improves the quality of transmitted sound (if the mobile is compatible). They do not support NFC although they connect very easily to any device. That is their only weak point: they do not connect to multiple devices.

When we connect them, they look for their last “partner” and if this is not available, they will have to be unpaired to connect to another. But it is not so rare to move from mobile to computer, for example. With the ATH-M50xBT that will be less comfortable. Good detail is its coverage or scope: better than normal, both in direct view and with walls or doors. When other devices begin to cut the sound, the Audio-Technica are perfectly “covered”.

Controls and Charging:

Precisely this problem comes from not having a button to activate the pairing of the headphones. In the left earmuff, we have the cable connection, the micro USB charging, and the control buttons. There are three buttons, easily recognizable to the touch, and also uncomplicated functions. The two of the ends serve to raise or lower the volume, both when listening to music or if we are talking. If we keep them pressed, they pass from one song to another, forward or backward.

The central button is used to answer calls, or (with music) to stop or continue playback. There is also a slide switch that turns the headset on or off (the Bluetooth transmission actually). And there is one more button, invisible: the earmuff itself or left helmet conceals a touch button. Holding your finger for two seconds, launch the voice assistant (Siri or Google Assistant) of the linked mobile. The microphone it carries is effective and allowed us to hold conversations (mobile or Skype) very, very well: remarkable.

As for the charge, the micro USB connection takes a long time (up to five hours) to fill the battery. But there is a good reason: it is a very capable battery, or perhaps very efficient internal electronics. Audio-Technica announces 40 hours nothing less than autonomy. You will be able to spend several days using them without seeing the load drop much. Of course, it is a strong point of this model: we can almost forget its battery.

It Has its Own Application:

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google play store for appsAudio-Technica Own Application-App


And how can we know how the battery is if no LED indicates it? Well, for this and some other things, the Audio-Technica application itself is useful. Available on iOS and Android. The connection (once the headphones are linked to the mobile) is fast, and thanks to this application we could choose the mode. By default, it is “automatic” but your mobile will accept aptX although it may happen that it does not activate. Then, you must do it manually: the headphones will turn themselves off and on by themselves, and more clarity will appear in the sound.

On the other hand, this App keeps us informed about the state of charge of the headphones. That is, it allows to check how slowly it goes down despite the days and hours of use. Maybe it can be a bit annoying because it requires activating the location or access to multimedia content. The location serves to know where they were the last time we had them active (and linked, of course). It does not include a player (only a link to the one that was active) or any other control, equalization, nothing else. Essential to configure the connection, then, but useful for a little more (battery apart, but it lasts so long that it is not a problem).


The earmuffs of the Audio-Technica are not very large but you will notice that they are positioned just outside the ears: otherwise, they would not be comfortable. Although for many users that is not the case and they have been not uncomfortable, but they did notice that they trap heat. In summer they may be less comfortable and you will need breaks from time to time.


ATH-M50xBT Wireless Comfortable Headphones

The sound profile of these headphones is undoubtedly very good, with somewhat enhanced bass. They do not get to stand out too much but they hide details of other frequencies. They are well received for music with drums, rock, etc. That bass gives depth to all kinds of music anyway and does not overwhelm. Speaking of depth, the sound scene of this ATH-M50xBT is remarkable. We will appreciate an amplitude greater than that expected in closed headphones, and it will be easy to locate each musician or performer. In media they are good (voices) but their highs again stand out, not because of excessive brightness, but in good detail. It helps to appreciate music without the need to increase the volume.

What In The Box

In the compact box that comes with these headphones packed, we find the usual. Good detail is that the interior is lined with a textile cloth that prevents marks in the Audio-Technica. It would not be the first time that happens that we receive a packaging and it rubs against the product and the transport vibrations leave their mark. That fabric gives its luxurious touch, in addition, it provides protection.

The headphones arrive folded and they are accompanied by the basics: charging cable (micro USB) and a carrying case. Also, the connection cable if we prefer (or we should) use them in that way, which includes a microphone and button. Everything very normal, well done but without luxuries, although the cover is synthetic leather (no fabric).

  • Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT headphone
  • Nice Carrying pouch
  • 1/8” TRRS audio cable
  • USB to micro USB charging cable
  • Manuals user guide



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