RPX Vs IMAX Full Details Comparison

Read our RPX Vs IMAX comparison to see which is better

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RPX Vs IMAX Full Details Comparison

Perhaps you already know that RPX & Imax are the two latest movie formats that are dominating their fan base. If you are a moviegoer then the overall experience is the most important thing for you while seeing your favorite characters on the screen. We assume that you are among those for whom quality & good experience is everything. If you are waiting for your big movie release & wondering on which screen you should enjoy that then you are at the right place. We will discuss everything you need to know about RPX & Imax with a detailed comparison. So, stay with us till the end.


RPX & IMAX: The Basics

RPX vs IMAX Comparison

First, we will like to discuss the basic things that you need to know regarding RPX & Imax. Thus it will be easier for you to capture the detailed comparison.

What is RPX

RPX is the latest technology launched by Regal Cinema. It stands for “Regal Premium Experience”. Just by the name, you can understand that Regal put everything on the line to impress its customers with the most advanced cinema technology. Regal Cinema is well known for better picture & audio quality. But they used to consider the large screen size. Herewith RPX technology, there is no need for screen size consideration. You can enjoy your favorite show on a large screen with RPX technology. It uses huge screens with & Immersive Surround Sound. The projectors used here are also premium-quality to maintain the standard in a giant size screen. In an RPX theatre, you will find leather seats that deliver maximum comfort, at least for the first hour.

What Is Imax

Imax is an older technology compared to RPX. Basically, it is a company that is well known for a great movie experience with high-quality pictures, larger screen size & high-definition audio. As movie technology, Imax stands for “Image Maximum” which uses a 3D format. Imax has its own high-resolution larger cameras, Digital dual laser projectors, own film format & theatre. Imax also has a larger screen size with the best quality audio with their physical 70mm film prints. Imax theatre has speakers behind the screen. The stadium seating is always facing the taller & larger screen. That is why no matter where you seat, you will have the same experience.


RPX vs Imax

There is no doubt that RPX & Imax have both been the best technology till now. People enjoy both & judge those two with their own points of view. However, as you are here to see the key differences between those two that is why we have pointed out some segments that will differentiate those two.


1. Infrastructure & Technology

Imax cinemas are well known for their 3D effect screenplay. You do not need to use 3D glasses to feel this technology in Imax Cinemas. It is possible with its huge dome-shaped screen with a curve in the center. You need to seat facing the center no matter where you seat to enjoy this 3D effect. That is why the seats of an Imax theatre are always a bit steep. The audiences of an Imx theatre need to seat close to the screen for the best experience. Thus they can enjoy the film at its best. This infrastructure of the Imax screen is very different from most other cinema screens. The screen has a silver coating both horizontally & vertically on it where the image is projected using digital laser projectors. Imax technology uses dual 2K & 4K projectors with a 12-channel immersive sound system.

On the other hand, the technology that is used in RPX is called “Cutting Edge Technology”. It is a high-end, giant screen Regal Cinemas theatre that shows movies digitally with enhanced picture quality with surround sound. It uses high-quality digital projectors other than laser projectors. The colors are really eye-catching & vibrant on the RPX screen. But the aspect ratio is different from an Imax screen here. Unlike Imax theatre, the audio system in an RPX theatre is all over the room to deliver surround sound. Other than a curved display most of the time RPX technology prefers a flat-screen. The screen is a wider one other than the taller screen of Imax theatre. You can watch both 2D & 3D cinemas on this display. Also, you do not need to seat facing the center of the screen according to its infrastructure.


2. Screen Ratio

This is the main visible difference that you can see when looking at both displays. As we have mentioned earlier, Imax comes with a taller display. An Imax theatre may have a screen size up to 70 to100 feet tall & 53 feet in width. This is a massive size for a display. However, if you compare this with regular screens then it is 6 times bigger. However, the dual 2K Imax screen comes in a smaller size. The screen ratio for a 70mm Imax screen is 1.90:1 or 17X9.

RPX technology most of them come with a giant display. Other than a taller display it has a display that is much wider. The screen ratio of an RPX display is 1.25:1.875 or 40X60. Also, compared to most dual digital 2K Imax displays, RPX has a bigger display.


3. Sound System

As we have mentioned earlier, the sound system of Imax is located behind the screen. Normally it uses 12 channel speakers to deliver the best quality audio. This 12 channel audio system works pretty well for crystal quality audio. There may be some speakers installed up-head as well. You can also find Imax theatres using Dolby Atmos which is the best quality audio that you can find in a theatre.

On the other hand, Most RPX cinema uses a 7.1 channel surround audio system. This makes movie watching experience more fun, especially for 3D movies. Sometimes you will also find low-frequency transducers installed in each seat. It enhances the overall sound effect. However, some audiences might find it distracting as it produces unpleasant harmonics. If you compare this with the regular 12 channel sound system of Imax then it will perform better. But if you compare this with Dolby Atmos then it will stay far behind.


4. Comfortability

Both Imax & RPX theatres are the best two types that you can find nowadays. Imax cinemas have comfortable seats. Excessive paddings make it more comfortable compared to regular theatre seats. The seats are a bit steep, but it does not affect the comfortability.

RPX cinemas have a more comfortable environment compared to Imax cinemas. It is all about premiumness & luxury. The seats have leather covers & cushions. There are also head cushions & higher backs available for extra comfort. The seats are a bit wider as well. If you compare the overall comfortability with Imax then it will stay ahead.


5. Overall Movie Experience

The overall movie experience of Imax & RPX may differ from person to person. Imax comes with a taller curved screen that makes audiences feel closer to the movie. You will feel that the characters are popping up from the screen, especially if you are watching action movies. The 70mm film format along with a digital laser projector really delivers outstanding pictures. The audio system may differ from theatre to theatre. If you are in an Imax theatre that has a Dolby Atmos sound system then it can be the best experience for you.

The RPX technology offers an enhanced movie experience. The image quality is very sharp, vibrant & eye-catching. The screen is suitable for any type of movie, 2D, 3D, Action, Romance, etc. It comes with a 7.1 surround sound system most of the time. If you are a fan of 7.1 surround sound then you sure will enjoy it.


Below is a table that shows a brief comparison between RPX & Imax:

Statements RPX Imax
Infrastructure Wider screen Tall screen, Curved screen
Screen Size Bigger than 2K Imax Display Smaller but 70mm format comes with a giant display
Screen Ratio 1.90:1 or 17X9 1.25:1.875 or 40X60
Projector Digital Dual Laser Projectors High quality Digital Projectos
Sound System 12 channel speakers, sometimes Dolby Atmos 7.1 surround sound
Comfortability Very Comfortabe with extra paddings Luxurious & comfortable with leater seats
Best for 3D & 2D movies 3D & action movies
Cost It will cost $5 extra compared to Imax It will cost less compared to RPX


Which One is Best?

RPX offers a better movie experience compared to Imax. You can watch any type of film here, romance, documentary, action, thriller, etc. You can also choose between 2D & 3D. The picture quality is very vibrant & lively. The seats & atmosphere are very comfortable & deliver a luxurious vibe. As the Regal Theatre claims, you will have a better experience with RPX. However, Imax has a screen that is best for watching 3D & action movies. That is why we always will suggest Imax for 3D movies. However, it is not the best option to watch movies like romance or comedy. If you are a 3D craze person then Imax will always be your best option. But if you want a comfortable experience then give it a try to RPX.

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