A Complete Guide On The THX Sound System and Certified

THX Certification for Computer Speakers or Surround Sound Systems

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THX Sound Certification

THX stands for Tomlinson Holman’s eXperiment. Tomlinson Holman is the inventor of this standard. THX also acknowledges the first film which Lucas directed, THX-1138.

THX is a certification/standard for high-fidelity visual/audio reproduction for theaters, cinemas, home theaters, and other speakers. In other words, it’s a standard that ensures that the video/audio presentation is output exactly. THX has nothing related to the way the media is required.

THX is made to show that a specific venue, system, or product can give a quality visual/audio experience. The THX-certified system is capable of playing a back sound exactly as in the mixing studio. The company deals with audio matters. Off-late the company also certifies TV for visual quality.

How Does The THX Sound Effect?

THX listening modes can be used together with different types of audio encodings. The different types of audio encoding include Dolby Digital, DTS, and others. An example being, THX Cinema Mode does not override material that was encoded using Dolby Digital. But, it will add settings that will help in adapting the sound for home use.

If one is pleased with the illumination of unrefined Dolby-Digital & the blow of THX-Surround-EX processing though the highs-sound muddled. Enable THX-Surround-EX. Also, you should switch off the Re-EQ.

Is THX Better Than Dolby?

Is THX Better Than Dolby

Dolby Digital is a codec (coder/decoder) that is utilized by content creators. They use it to encode audio so it can take less storage space & bandwidth. To decode sound information, you will use A/V receivers & the preamp/processors. This will allow it to be played back.

Yet, with THX, it doesn’t decode or encode audio. They process the audio after it’s decoded by Dolby Digital or any codec. THX Surround-EX in the Integra DTR-7.9 uses Re-Equalization (Re-EQ), Adaptive De-correlation & Timbre Matching.

If THX Surround-EX is enabled, the AVR uses THX post-processing to the Dolby-Digital-EX soundtrack. If one chooses Dolby-Digital EX, then THX post-processing isn’t used to the sound. THX listening modes are applied in conjunction using different kinds of audio encodings.

How Was The THX Sound Made?

Deep Note serves as the sound brand for THX-certified movie theaters, home video & video games. It’s frightening & powerful audio that is played over a metallic THX logo before movies. The man behind the Deep Note sound is Andy Moorer. Deep Note sound is now available in all the THX-enabled movie theatres.

The deep note comprises a C-program that has about 20,000-lines of code. The output of the code is a series of parameters that drive oscillators on ASP. The 20,000 lines of code form about 250,000-lines of statements i.e. set of frequency oscillator X – Y Hertz.

The oscillators had 1-pole smoothers to both frequency and amplitude. At the start, they created a cluster that ranges from 200 – 400 Hz. The THX-logo theme has 30 voices with over seven measures. The top pitch is a bit detuned while there is twice the amount of sound of the lowest 2 pitches.

Does THX Certification Matter?

As said earlier THX isn’t a way of recording or even playback. It’s only a way to be sure that audio will be replicated as near as possible to the way it was made to be. THX certification means that a device has to be run via the THX process. The company has to cater to the certification. This earns it the right to use the THX logo on its devices.

But, a product may meet or either exceed the need. If the company will not pay for the testing, then it will not have the right to use the THX logo. If you buy a product with the THX logo, then be assured that they will all work together. But, products with no logo will still work together though it’s not guaranteed.

Moreover, there are many quality products that have no THX certification logo. If there are two same equipment and one has a THX logo, then you need to go for the cheaper product.

Why Does THX Sound So Loud?

From a technical view, THIS sound is loud because it has a range of frequencies that increases from small-large. The THX-logo theme has 30 voices over 7 measures. It begins in a narrow frequency that ranges from 200 – 400 Hz. This frequency diverts to the selected pitches surrounding three octaves.

Furthermore, the 30 sound starts at a pitch that ranges between 200 Hz & 400 Hz. It reaches the pre-selected pitches. This spans the three octaves through the fourth measure. The top pitch is faintly detuned while there is twice the number of sounds of the lowermost 2 pitches.

THX Certification Brands:

THX isn’t only a quality certification, but also a non-plus ultra of surround audio. Every home cinema element from amplifiers, sound cards & loudspeakers can have THX certification. It is always good to use a THX-sound card with mediocre speakers. This will give you the best playback experience.

However, for a product to be THX certified, it needs to meet particular standards. Some of the products that are THX certified includes Below:

Speaker Manufacturer:

  1. Acurus
  2. Arendal
  3. Atlantic Technology
  4. Jamo
  5. JBL LCR Speaker
  6. Klipsch LCR Speaker
  7. M&K SOUND
  8. Magnat
  10. Outlaw
  11. SensaSound
  12. Teufel
  13. XTZ
  14. Logitech

Headphone Manufacturer

  1. 1MORE
  2. Drop
  3. Razer

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