Amazon Earbuds Can be the rival of Apple Airpod

Amazon Alexa Earphones to rival Apple AirPods could arrive this year

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Amazon Alexa Earbud Can be the rival of Apple Airpod

From 3 years earbud market is getting popular and headphone market is going backyard. And the 60% user are already gone the earbud instead of headphone. So why Amazon keep behind the headphone/earbud market, They come the front of the market to release their Alexa enable Amazon wireless earbud, According to the Bloomberg and Amazon developers news.

Amazon earbud will be the same as the Apple airpod with two colors and with the affordable price the in second half of this year.

Could be the Airpod alternative

The reported earbuds would be the first attempt from Amazon to have a portable Alexa device, but the entire project is pretty hush-hush at the moment. Still, there are a few theories floating around the internet about what you might be able to expect from the retail giant’s apparent new venture — here’s everything that’s rumored so far.

According to Bloomberg, the Amazon earbuds would let users do everything they can do with a normal Alexa-enabled device, such as ordering items and listening to music. The earbuds would utilize the “Alexa” summoning word, as well, meaning that you could access information on the go without having to get out your phone. There would also be physical gesture controls, although there are no details yet about how those would work.

Yet while you won’t have to get your phone out to use the earbuds since they’ll already be connected via Bluetooth (no word on an OS just yet), they reportedly won’t include built-in cell connectivity, which is disappointing, but not unusual for wireless earbuds. Thus, you’ll need to carry your phone on you when you want to use the headphones.

Apple released AirPods 2 start at $159 and go up to $199 if you add the wireless charging case in with your purchase, and similar competitors like the Jabra Elite Active 65t, which are bulkier than the AirPods, run around $189. As such, it’s likely that Amazon will keep its price on the lower end, perhaps around $140 or $150, to encourage more people to buy its product instead of the competitions.

We will publish the Full review After Launch The Amazon Earbud

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