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Do you know how to choose the best headphones for kids with autism? I think It is not a simple task. Especially if the headphones are going to use them for a long time. Let’s see point by point some tips to choose kid’s headphones but first will be necessary to talk apart about autism headphones. If you need noise canceling headphones for kids

Kids and Autism Headphones

Autism is a psychological disorder that makes social interaction and communication difficult for those affected. In addition, it causes complications to prioritize sensitive stimulus. Attending this premise and to improve the quality of life of autistic children, headphones to reduce the noise of the environment facilitate and help them to manage the tension that a noisy environment can produce on them.

So, according to the requirements, you can find 2 types of headphones for your child with autism headphones with sound blocking or noise canceling, which means the same; and headphones with noise reduction.

If you want to select the sound blocking headphones, you need to know that your kid will not listen if you call him so he will be isolated from his environment. Then, the noise reduction headphones provide a reduction of the noise around him without completely eliminating the sounds.

Like many children with autism, they are usually also sensitive to touch, it is advisable to use headphones with earmuffs design, either for the cancellation of noise or for the reduction of noise since its design is ideal because they are placed on the ears and not inside them.


Comparison Table – Top Kids Headphones


01. Kids Riwbox CT-7S Cat Ear Headphone

Fun Design for Kids: The Riwbox CT-7S headphone is designed with attractive colors and cat ears making kids moments more fun. The ears turn into red, blue and green colors every time that the music changes its rhythmic. These LED light colors are a long-lasting and best quality for kids. They will have a great time listening to their favorite music and have a colorful moment. In case kids do not need the lights on anymore, the headphone has the choice to turn it off/on to save battery.

Wire/Wireless Design: These headphones are more comfortable for kids as its wireless design makes it free of having any kind of accident with the wire. In its place, Riwbox cat ear includes Bluetooth 4.2 technology. Kids will be able to connect the headphone with any device for listening to music, watch cartoons and play games in an easy way. In addition, it has a voice alert to remember when the battery it’s low. On the other hand, the headphone includes its wire so when it does not have a battery, still can be used.

Best Comfort: The headphone is made of flexible and durable material. The material is not toxic to avoid skin reactions. The earmuffs are comfortable, soft and protect the kid’s ears with a 40mm speaker. The speakers have a good quality sound with a bass option. At the same time, the volume control is included on the side of the headphone as the stop or pause controls as well. When the headphone will be used to receive calls, the cable has an included microphone and can be connected to any Smartphone.

Riwbox headphone can be used by autism kids providing a sound reduction of the external environment thanks to its earmuffs.

  • The headphone has a cat ear design with lights included which can turn it on/off.
  • Flexible and durable material with Bluetooth2 technology.
  • Riwbox headphone is compatible with iPad, iPhone, PC, Laptop and TV.
  • It has a volume control and is adapted to the kid’s ear with 40mm speakers with the 1-year warranty.
  • The earmuffs sizes are perfect for kid’s ears.
  • Not suitable for 10 years kids.

02. Kids Riwbox WT-7S Wireless Headphone

Bluetooth Technology: The Riwbox WT-7S includes 4.0 Bluetooth technology with 40mm speakers to make the sound a great experience. The wireless option gives to this headphone a free –hands and comfortable use for kids who like to play games or listen to music while are dancing. Kids have a fun time connecting it with any device such as PC, iPhone, Smartphone, iPod or TV. In case they want to use it to make calls, can connect its wire and talk without problems as it has a microphone included.

Colorful Design: Kids love lights and colors that’s why this headphone was designed with red, green and blue LED lights by side of each speaker. The lights change its colors and intensity according to the music frequency. This gadget can be used by kids and teenagers because the size can be adjustable according to their heads. The flexible and long-durability material allows it being manipulated easily for small kids. The earmuffs are comfortable and soft for being used for a long time.

Volume Control: The Riwbox WT-7S is ideal for kids because of its volume control. It is important to take care of the kid’s audition so the control volume can be found on the side of the speaker along with the stop and pause controls. In addition, it has a long-life battery and whenever want to save even more battery, the headphone has the lights on/off option as well.

Its design is fun and glowing, something that autism kids love because of its earmuffs design perfect for reduction external noises.

  • The headphone has the option of being used with or without wire.
  • The wire includes a microphone, ideal for receive calls.
  • The LED lights can be turned on/off with 4.0 Bluetooth technology.
  • The headphone has a colorful design with lights that blink with the sound bass.
  • Flexible and durable material and Compatible with all device.
  • There may be some problems with volume control.

03. Peltor Sports Earmuffs – Best Noise Reduction Headphones For Kids

Noise Reduction Earmuffs: The Peltor earmuffs offer versatile, comfortable and lightweight ear protection for children or teenagers to enjoy their hobbies outdoors or other noisy environments. They combine a discreet design with a deep internal depth, which makes them easy to carry. The wide pads are filled with a foam that provides an optimal seal and a low contact pressure, always thinking about providing comfort.

General Purpose: The Peltor earmuffs are ideal for those environments of moderate industrial noise for short or long periods of time, including workshops, carpentry, as well as for mowing the lawn and other hobbies or leisure activities such as hunting or shooting. Its headband support provides comfort and adjusts perfectly to the head.

Provides Protection: The Peltor earmuffs are available in black and pink high visibility for workers who need hearing protection and be clearly visible as, for example, workers who perform work on roads, construction sites, airports or other high-risk workplaces. Being earmuffs of noise reduction and no noise cancellation, even so, the user will be alert to what happens around him without being completely isolated from his surroundings.

Earmuffs noise canceling ideal for kids with autism or sensory auditions issues.

  • It has a versatile design and easy to carry.
  • Its pads are wide filled with foam that provides an optimal seal and a low contact pressure.
  • It can be used for a long period of time.
  • Lightweight, expandable and easy to carry everywhere.
  • The earmuffs do not fit on regular adult size head as 12 years children.

04. Bose Headphones – Build It Yourself – Top Rated Noise Cancelling Headphones for Child

Learn and Have Fun: Bose’s desire is to inspire the youngest to get that

engineer, inventor, and curiosity that carry on inside. That is why it has been inspired by the launch of “do it yourself” to give children what they need throughout an application so they can build step-by-step their own headphones and along the way, learn how technology makes them work. This application offers 17 different activities as a guide to explore sound, hearing, and microphone.

Build a High-quality Headphone: Once the headset is assembled, they provide high-quality sound. It comes with multiple designs and colored lights that children can change as many times as they wish. The finished headphones can be combined with an iPad, iPhone or other devices so they can listen to their favorite music, broadcast videos and more. It also has Bluetooth connectivity but only for iOS devices with 15 hours of battery (without lights).

Volume Control: Bose is concerned and takes into account the addition of the youngest. That’s why these on-ear headphones are based on smart volume limiting technology that controls the volume of sound they hear. Also, its robust design with a flexible headband can withstand falls and bumps and remain intact because it is always made with the best materials which are not toxic. Its earmuffs are soft and big enough to provide noise reduction and the best comfort.

its a great and amazing brand and undoubtful quality and compatible with autism kids.

  • Kids can explore, learn, build and enjoy building their own headphones.
  • It is made with smart volume limiting technology.
  • Headphones have lights and can personalize.
  • Headphones have a step-by-step application guide.
  • Long life battery with Bluetooth technology.
  • Not suitable for children under 8 years of age.
  • Bluetooth connectivity only for iOS devices.

05. Snug Protectors Earmuffs – Best For Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sound reduction: Designed with a professional foam layer that reduces noise, a noise-resistant and high-level helmet that professionally dampens external sounds such as shooting, sports games, music recitals, etc., providing a better listening experience to the little ones. It is ideal for kids with autism or those who have auditions problems. Its soft material provides comfort and a long period of use. It is lightweight and the adjustable headband helps the earmuffs fit on the head perfectly without making pressure.

Compact and portable: The rotating protective earmuff has a system that allows it to be folded easily for efficient storage. When folded, its size is reduced and makes it ideal for storage in the travel case and helps protect it from dirt when it is not being used.

High-quality material: The material used is superior and of high quality to provide durability for a safe and constant use, with a guaranteed comfort during its years of use. Its headband is adjustable to provide a secure grip on the children’s head. Its soft, foam-filled pads provide a comfortable fit for children in noisy environments.

Snug protectors earmuffs are ideal for kids with auditory issues and best for autism children.

  • Comfortable and adjustable earmuffs with the Colorful design.
  • Durable material.
  • Best Noise Reduction Headphones For Kids and good ear protection.
  • Soft, flexible, foldable and easy portable.
  • 5 years warranty.
  • The design is very nice for girls child, not boys.

06. BestGot Foldable Headphones

Quality music: The BestGot headphones offer a high-quality sound thanks to its stereo controller that provides a fidelity of 50 mm. The earmuffs are filled with foam, they are soft and help to offer a powerful and clear sound with reduction of the exterior sound so that the experience of listening to your favorite music is of the highest quality. The oval earmuffs cover the ears in their entirety and together with the adjustable headband allows satisfaction and comfort for a long period of time. You can travel, work or do activities at home while enjoying your preferred music.

Latest technology: These headphones have the option to be connected to its original cable which contains a microphone to talk on the phone and be hands-free, also has an integrated volume control. Its original design is constructed of a lightweight but high quality, flexible and durable material and is compatible with most current devices.

With carrying case: Now you can take your headphones everywhere. It is easy to transport because it contains its bag to store it when you do not use it. You can fold it and save it. You can carry it with or without cable.

Its great headphone for music lover child but not for suitable autism childs.

  • Heavy Bass Headphones, excellent sound effect and bass loud bass speaker of HIFI.
  • Compatible with all 3.5mm jack devices.
  • It contains a lightweight waterproof bag to carry your headphones easily.
  • Good value for money.
  • Flexible and high-quality material.
  • Not perfect for young kids and autism child for his heavy bass.

07. Puro Sound Labs Junior Jams – Noise Canceling Headphones for Small Kids

Latest technology: The JuniorJams headphones from Puro Sound Labs have an original design with a wireless feature with Bluetooth connection and are designed for young ears that limit the volume to 85 decibels, which prevents children from having hearing problems in the future with their music at a dangerous volume. The new model also increases battery life to 22 hours of use.

In addition, JuniorJams offer the ability to share music where it is possible to connect two JuniorJams simultaneously using a USB cable. Thus, two people can listen to the same music source (wireless or not). The 3.5 mm extension of the cable forces you to be close if there are two listeners.

Comfortable design: While JuniorJams is the right size for children’s heads, the expandable headband makes them suitable for some adult (although a little tight). The earmuffs fold flat for easy movement in its hard case, included. These earmuffs allow the reduction of exterior sound, thus providing a very enveloping sound experience. Its material is soft and high-quality pads for a comfortable use.

Junior Jams is a smart choice headphone for all children because of his update technology.

  • Soft and cushioned pads with volume control.
  • Flexible and lightweight and Its wire includes a microphone.
  • Ability to connect two headphones together at the same time.
  • Long-life battery and Ideal for all compatible device.
  • Fold it and store it in its bag.
  • The design and size bit tight for adult’s head.

08. Onanoff BuddyPhones | Best Noise Reduction Headphones For Kids

Perfect children’s headphone: BuddyPhone is the perfect children’s headphones for kids! They have an integrated and always active sound control to limit the maximum volume levels to 85 decibels. A child who is exposed to noise levels in excess of 85 decibels for a prolonged period of time has a risk of hearing loss. That’s why BuddyPhones helmets for children have this limitation.

The BuddyPhones headphones for children are equipped with a BuddyCable audio coupler that will allow them to share their music by connecting a second audio cable in the BuddySystem, thus helping your children to socialize with other kids and teach them to share.

More durable: Buddyphones are headphones for children with a more robust and durable headband on the market. From the design of the connector to the resistance of the headband, they are designed for children to use without risk of breakage. In addition, the BuddyPhones helmets are very comfortable since they use ear cushions and the headband is extensible to adjust to the child’s needs and growth. Also, BuddyPhones allows children to decorate them with stickers of different designs to give a personal touch. Five different sets of stickers are included for fun.

BuddyPhones offered the comfortable and original design to fulfil the kid’s demand and a great choice for the smart child.

  • Flexible and durable material with Easy Volume control.
  • Include stickers for decorating the headphone.
  • Compatibility with most actual devices.
  • Have the option to share music by connecting two headphones together.
  • Cable quality is not so good.

09. LilGadgets – Kids Wireless Headphone – Best For Noise Cancelling

Great quality headphone: These wireless children’s headphones by Lilgadgets can be used with your Pro Premium 3.5mm untangled cable with any current device. The ear pads and headband use a soft mesh material designed for comfort above all. The headband can also be easily adjusted to fit small ones that grow quickly. As for the connections, these are compatible with Bluetooth, so basically, any device manufactured in recent years will work.

They are charged through micro USB and have a battery life that according to LilGadgets will give you 12 hours of constant playback so you do not have to constantly charge between uses. If the battery dies in the middle of the trip, you can also connect it to your audio cable as an alternative. It even has a 3.5mm output to connect another headset together if you have more than one child watching a movie.

The volume output is limited to 93 dB, which is a good amount below the maximum threshold of 120 dB. On the sides of the earmuff or speaker, there are also small controls that allow children to skip tracks and adjust the volume accordingly without touching the devices.

The frequency range is as much as human beings can hear, providing bass as deep as 20Hz and maximum as high as 20kHz for the reasons you can call best autism headphone.

  • USB charging with Bluetooth technology.
  • 12 hours battery of use.
  • Comfortable, high-quality and flexible material.
  • The earmuffs are soft and breathable material with noise reduction.
  • Sound quality pretty loud.

10. Mpow Kids Headphone

Great quality product: These headphones have a volume control for children which cannot exceed 85 dB to protect the hearing of the smallest. This level is medically proven by health professionals. If you use them in noisy environments you may find it with low volume but remember that it is designed only for children. Its design was designed for small heads so the headband is self-adjusting with earmuffs designed in a soft and padded material for better comfort.

For children to learn to share, the Mpow headset has an interface to connect another headset so your children can share a movie on the tablet or favorite music with friends. The 3.5mm connector cable is compatible with most current devices and is designed to prevent tangling. It has 18 months of warranty.

  • Share point function.
  • Wide compatibility with devices.
  • Flexible, scratch resistant and adjustable headband.
  • Soft pads.
  • Its design is just for kids.

11. AmazonBasics Volume Limited Kids Headphones

Prevents hearing loss: These headphones with the on-ear design was created and designed specifically for the hearing care of children. They do not want to miss out on their favorite cartoons and they also want to listen to music from an early age that’s why AmazonBasics on-ear headphones include a volume control which can not exceed 85 dB. Children can play their favorite games on a plane without disturbing others. It includes the control to raise and lower the volume without the sound being harmful to their ears.

Colorful and good quality design: These headphones can be used by children from 3 years of age. Its weight is ultra light and its headband adapts perfectly to the child’s head thanks to its flexibility without being tight. The earmuffs completely cover the ears and are filled with foam providing softness and comfort for use. This system provides surround sound by reducing the outside noise and enhancing the sound of the music. Children love their comfort and color matching.

Wide compatibility: The AmazonBasics on-ear kids headphones include a universal plug of 3.5 mm jack, children can use it on most current devices such as Smartphones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, Android, PC, Laptop, etc. Its compact, lightweight design and easy storage allow them to take it everywhere.

Very outstanding design and enough user friendly for kids with autism child.

  • Special volume control for kids.
  • Lightweight, flexible and adjustable and soft earmuffs.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Universal Plug.
  • Maybe the cable is very thin.

12. Puro Sound Labs – Lightweight Portable Kids Safe Earphones, That is Noise Isolation for Smartphones/PC/Tablet

Volume Control: It is designed for daily use in children and for this reason has a built-in volume control which is located on the left side of the speaker. This control allows a maximum volume of 85 dB, as indicated by professionals for hearing care. The headband is made of a gentle, soft and flexible pad material that allows the perfect fit in the user’s head. It is non-slip with long-lasting, high-quality aluminum steel internal support.

Bluetooth 4.0: Puro Sound Labs BT2200 headphones works with Bluetooth technology with 30 feet of the distance range. It is compatible with most modern devices and you can enjoy for 18 hours of your favorite songs. It is ideal for long travel distance. Its earmuffs are foam filled padding which covers the entire ear for the best comfort when is used it for long period of time. Its material is not toxic.

Wire and wireless: Thanks to its Bluetooth v4.0 technology, now your kids can enjoy their favorite cartoons or songs without wire. It is very easy to connect to different devices but in case of need, it has its own wire as well with a 3,5 mm cable. The Bluetooth button, of/on switch controls and all the other options as a stop or pause controls, are on the speaker. This headphone is really easy to carry and it has its own case for safe storage.

This model headphone allows to calm down to those kids with autism who cannot normally be in a noisy environment.

  • 82% noise isolation with 18 hours of playtime.
  • USB connectivity with Wire and wireless options.
  • Bluetooth v0 with a range of 30 feet distance.
  • Flexible, high-quality material.
  • Compatible with hassle-free wireless devices.
  • Price bit high.

13. Contixo KB2600 Wireless Headphones

Great quality: The Contixo KB2600 Headphone has a good size for children from 3 years of age. It comes in different colors and offers a wide range of useful options such as FM radio, includes Micro SD card Music Player, wireless Bluetooth technology, compatibility with all current devices, 3.5 mm cable to answer calls, includes a microphone, USB cable and 10 hours of battery. In addition, it has a volume control, ideal for kids.

Stylish design: Developed, designed, and tested with children of all ages to ensure the durability of the final product while maintaining style and comfort. The pads and headband are covered with a soft breathable mesh material specially designed for comfort and perfect fit. The pads were made with children in mind, providing support and for the headphone stays on its place. The speakers reproduce a high-quality sound along with 85 dB volume control.

Comfortable: The earmuffs are soft, ideal for use it for a long period of time. It gives you a great sound experience with a noise environment reduction. These headphones come with a satisfaction guarantee. Its material is flexible and lightweight. It includes a travel bag for easy transportation or to store them when not in use to prevent them from getting dirty.

Contixo is a great product for autism kids because of his great noise cancellation system and lightweight design.

  • Built-in volume control for kids with Bluetooth technology.
  • Long life battery with Micro SD card and music player.
  • USB cable, FM radio.
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth devices.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Very simple design for kids.

14. CozyPhones Kids Sensory Headphones

Keep your children entertained and safe: The headphones are designed with a headband of a soft fabric for children and for those adults who want to have fun. It is very easy to use and the band is adjustable. The headphones allow you to put them easily. They do not bother and provide comfort to the head when traveling while enjoying your favorite music. Especially suitable for children with a sensory disorder or sensory processing disorder. You can find this headphone in different designs and is a good option for those who do not like to use earbuds or earmuffs.

You can sleep with it: The soft fleece is lightweight and adapts perfectly to the children’s heads. Also, you can use as a mask to sleep, simply pull it down covering the eyes and let the child sleep in peace, thanks to its noise reduction capabilities, will not have any interference. Its design makes it an ideal gadget to sleep with it because it does not bother the ears or cause pain in the head. In addition, the headband is washable.

Durable material: These headphones are made to last. Children love its design and its soft material. Resistant thanks to its particular fabric. There are no problems with tangled cables, it does not break easily and does not twist. The speakers are removable; the headband is made of ultralight and durable materials. Compatible with all Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android Smartphones, MP3 players, MP4 and all audio devices with 3.5 mm audio input.

It is perfect for autism kids because does not produce a headache or ear pain and keep them quite.

  • Long cord for more freedom.
  • It can be used as a sleep mask.
  • Soft, lightweight and durable material.
  • It adapts perfectly to the child’s head.
  • Its 3.5 mm plug makes it compatible with a wide range of devices.
  • The product size a bit big.

15. Noise Reduction Headphones – Autism Safety Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection: Whether at home, at school or at a mall, airport or plane, during a concert or fireworks, the hearing protection against noise allows the user to isolate themselves from the surrounding noises. Indispensable for children and adults with autism or with a sensory hypersensitivity that can benefit from hearing protection. Also, classrooms are in most cases very noisy and can disturb the learning of certain students: these noise reduction earmuffs are an easy and effective solution to be able to concentrate and follow the rhythm of the class in a correct way as it reduces the noise.

Reduces stress and anxiety: Certain children and very nervous adults can suffer anxiety when the noise is loud. The earmuffs reduce noise disturbances which can make it easier for them to travel and discover new places, reducing discomfort.

Quality material: The earmuffs are lightweight, resistant and adjustable to the size of the user’s head, this helmet is completely folded for easy transport. Its pads are filled with foam to provide softness and are easy to clean. The headband is also made of foam and its size

This headphone is best for the autism child s because they never feel discomforts after wear a long time.

  • Reduces the noise of the environment without leaving the user unaware.
  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • The earmuffs are big enough to cover completely the ears.
  • The earmuffs are soft and comfortable.
  • Very simple design for kids needs remodeling the design.

Noise Canceling and Noise Reduction Headphones For Kids: Common Characteristics

  1. Select the Correct One

One feature to keep in mind when purchasing headphones for your child is that you should pay attention to their age. The headphones for adults do not have the same characteristics as headphones for children, that is, that the physical manufacture is not the same. These should fit well to the size of your kid’s head or neck and if it is wireless or with Bluetooth technology, much better.

  1. Volume

Another feature that you must take into account is the maximum volume limit because once again, they are not the same for children and adults. Health organizations agree that for children should not exceed 85db.

  1. Comfort Design

Children with autism should feel comfortable using their headset and that’s why their design is important. The earmuffs must adapt perfectly to both their small ears and their heads.

Also, it will be important to choose an attractive design for the child. Luckily, you will find many earmuff headphones in different colors and with cartoons so that they feel enthusiastic when using them.

In addition, the headphones should be made of lightweight and flexible materials that help your child’s movements and give him security if he wants to use them while playing. Also, the pads should be soft, breathable and durable.

  1. Wireless Design

We know that children are very restless, so it is always advisable to choose headphones without cables or with Bluetooth technology. In this way, we prevent them from becoming entangled when they are used, that they become entangled in their neck or that they even break when they are stretched.

Now, let’s talk about kids headphone in general.

Kids and Music:

Currently, the technology advances by launching new products on the market that make your life easier, more comfortable and above all safe and the best headphones for children are an example of this, since you can offer your child the enjoyment of their favorite music at the same time as you take care of his ears, and that is that choosing the right earphone is of vital importance to prevent possible damage to his hearing health.

We know that every child wants to have a technological equipment for their distraction and what better way to live this experience than by providing safe headphones, able to avoid problems, while offering a high quality sound of his/her favorite movies, video games, iPods, mp4 or others for those whose preference is to listen to music in their free time.

Also, the headphones for children have notorious differences with those intended for adults, which on infants could affect hearing in the long term, so it is suggested to acquire headphones with volume control to improve the safe enjoyment of your children with any electronic device they wish to use.

Headphones that care for children’s hearing

As mentioned above, companies specializing in this topic, have manufactured safe headphones for children, since they limit the sound up to 85db, in addition, it is recommended not to exceed two hours of daily use, applying the restriction for all ages.

Monitor the duration of use of this equipment in infants is of vital importance, so, the limiter of volume offers you an additional benefit to consider when buying the most convenient for your children.

How to choose the best headphones:

The most important factor to consider is undoubtedly safety, then we will also introduce you to other important qualities that you should know:

  1. Sound quality

It is a significant feature since both adults and children make a difference when using this type of equipment.

In addition, if the headphones are too large, children will not be able to use them properly. This leads, as a consequence, to poor sound quality and the consequent need to reposition them continuously in the head. Children do not really like that.

  1. Design

Like wireless headphones, Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth handsfree, in-ear headphones are always the smallest, practical and discreet and are recommended in the case of children because they are especially sensitive to the manipulation with which they are used and in addition, it could be difficult to place them in the ear of a small child. For children, it is suggested to purchase earmuffs since they offer greater comfort and pleasure for kids.

It is important that the design of the product has striking colors and that its size and weight are not uncomfortable for your child: a striking color will make him like and entertain, and a lightweight comes from the hand of soft materials and will not feel discomfort to use them and remove them quickly.

Another important aspect is that these headphones have the ability to fold. This will facilitate their transport and prevent them from being easily damage. These products should usually have earmuffs that will not only provide comfort but can also isolate external noises.

  1. Durability and Material

In the case of products or items that will be used by children, it must be taken into account that they should be resistant and able to withstand the treatment to which the cables and the headphone in general, will be subjected.

In general, headband headphones are the most used by children. It is important that their materials do not generate any type of allergy or have invasive effects. Such as the transmission of certain toxic agents that may affect their skin.

  1. Compatibility

It is extremely necessary that the headphone is compatible with different electronic devices. Since it is essential for small devices to be able to use it in smartphones, tablets, computers or laptops. This will allow them to listen to their audiovisual content without problems.

  1. Volume

It is very important that the headphones have a volume limiter. Which prevents the loud sound from hurting the hearing sensitivity at such an early age.

Volume limiters come in two forms: full headset sets and additional line adapters between the headset and the source device. The operating mechanism is actually extremely simple. All the volume limit devices are only resistors built into the cable or inside the pair of headphones.

Resistance, for those who are not familiar with this type of device, is a small passive electrical component that (as its name suggests) creates resistance in a circuit. This resistance reduces the current flow from the source device to the headset, which also reduces the volume level.

Tips to Keep Children’s Ears Safe:

Here are some simple steps parents can take to protect their children’s ears while wearing headphones.

  1. Perform a sound test: If you can hear your child’s MP3 player one meter away, the sound level is too loud. Make sure you turn down the volume to avoid hearing damage.
  2. Adjust the volume: Many devices do not have volume control indicators. An easy way to set a safe listening level is to lower the volume completely and then re-raise it by half.
  3. Establish listening pauses: You should ask your child to take breaks!!!  And not allow him to use his headphones for more than one hour without interruption.

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