Sony WH-1000XM3 vs Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Read Here the details, How Sony WH-1000XM3 Beat The Bose 700 NC

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Sony WH-1000XM3 vs Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Are you in need of the best noise-canceling headphones? Bose 700 and Sony 1000xm3 are here for that purpose. Bose 700 and Sony 1000xm3 are made by Bose and Sony brands respectively, therefore, there must be some differences in their specifications although they serve the same purpose.

Both companies make comfortable headphones with the best sound experience. The two headphones have differences in design, cost, features, sound output, and others. The competition between the Bose 700 and Sony xm3 is becoming tougher on which is more effective and skilled. To have a better understanding of the features, we’ve listed them.

Differences Between bose 700 vs sony 1000xm3 Design:

  • If you need a shiniest noise-canceling headphones to show-off around cities, then you can simply choose the Bose. Bose 700 has clean, rounded outlines & understated look unlike in Sony 1000xm3 which has an old business-style appearance. It has plush leather and soft lines.
  • Bose 700 is available in 3 colors which include Black, soapstone, and Luxe Silver whereas the Sony 1000xm3 comes in silver and black color.
  • Bose 700 feels more comfortable and has a noise-canceling feature although Sony 1000xm3 is also comfortable in its way with a thick memory-foam headband.
  • Sony 1000xm3 has a foldable design which makes storage easy unlike in Bose 700 which is not foldable.

Battery Life:

  • Sony 1000xm3 offers 30-hours of battery life while Bose 700 offers 20 hours. Bose 700 can be used to listen to music while it is charging but for Sony 1000xM3 you have to charge it first.
  • It only takes 2.5 hours to completely charge Bose 700 while Sony 1000xm3 takes 3 hours to be fully charged.
  • In Bose 700, with a quick charge of 15-minutes, it’s able to play music continuously for a period of 3.5-hours while with Sony 1000xm3 with a quick charge of just 10 minutes you will have a continuous play of 5 hours.
  • If the battery fails both headphones have an alternative of using cables and listening to your music in a passive mode.
  • Bose has Auto-Off Timer which switches the headphones off when they are not in use hence saving on power which Sony 1000xm3 has no such feature.

Sound Quality:

  • Both headphones give out fantastic sound and sound stage allowing you to listen to your favorite audio comfortably although Sony’s 1000xM3 gives more balance audio when listening to favorite music.
  • Sony 1000xm3 and Bose 700 models give a transparent listening mode, which enables one to hear the environment sound. Sony 1000xm3 has room effects that improve the sound quality making it more immersive.
  • Sony 100xm3 has a speech to Noise-Ratio of 19.65 dB while Bose 700 has 39.83 dB. This makes Bose microphones give out audible sound even when using in a noisy background.
  • Active Noise Cancellation can be wholly switched-off on all models.
  • Sony 1000xm3 is louder than other Active Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth headphones including Bose 700 Noise Canceling headphones.
  • Sony 1000xm3 has a frequency extension of 3044.37 Hz which Bose 700 has a frequency extension of 6933.79 Hz making its audio to be more open and audible.

Sony 1000xM3 has a deeper bass unlike in Bose 700:

  • Sony 1000XM3 can vary EQ, which makes this pair to have the best audiophiles.
  • When they compared the noise-canceling feature, Sony 1000XM3 outdo Bose 700.

Bluetooth Audio-Codec:

  • When it gets to Bluetooth audio-codecs both products supports AAC and SBC but Sony 1000XM3 supports other quality audio-codecs which include aptX, LDAC, and aptX-HD.
  • Sony 1000XM3 uses Bluetooth version 4.2 which can comfortably connect within a range distance of 185 feet which Bose 700 uses Bluetooth version 5.0 which offers stable connections within a range of 235 feet.
  • Bose 700 is capable of connecting 2 devices while Sony 1000xm3 connects just one device.
  • Sony 1000xm3 has an iOS Latency of 120 ms while Bose 700 has an iOS latency of 117 ms. On android latency, Sony 1000xm3 has 331 ms while Bose 700 has a latency of 133 ms.

Call Clarity:

  • Both products give clear audio. They are fitted with a microphone which allows you to make a call. When all things are constant Bose 700 gives the best call clarity which has less interference from ambient noise.


  • Bose 700 costs $349 at amazon while Sony 1000XM3 costs $278 at amazon hence Sony 1000XM3 is more affordable.


  • Sony 1000XM3 is more portable than Bose 700 headphones. The reason behind this is that Sony 1000XM3 is foldable therefore its carry bag will be small unlike Bose 700 which doesn’t fold therefore one will need a bigger bag for storage.

Comfort and Fit:

  • Bose 700 feels a little bit heavier when at hands but when worn on the head, it feels comfortable. Bose 700 is also a bit snugly on other people’s heads which Sony 1000XM3 has a touch looser although it depends on personal preferences.

Controls & Functionality:

  • Both models have control functions on their ear cups for easier control. One can easily activate voice assistant & make hands-free phone calls on both phones.

Wired Connections:

  • Sony 1000xm3 comes with a cable that measures 5 feet which Bose 700 comes with a cable that measures 3.5 feet.

Extra Features:

  • Sony 1000xm3 has more extra features including USB-C charging, touch controls and app-based features unlike in Bose 700 headphones.
  • With Bose 700, one can easily vary the noise-canceling feature you need at every given moment because it has 11-different ANC levels while in Sony 1000xm3, it just has 3 ANC levels.
  • Sony has eight microphones to give excellent call quality you’ve ever needed on wireless headphones.
  • Bose 700 has an app that allows one to have better control over the headphones e.g. switching between noise canceling-levels which Sony 1000XM3 app allows one to switch between modes and above all it enables one to vary equalizer settings.

In our conclusion, both headphones are great and they give out the best results. One may have an advantage over the other at a feature while the next feature it’s the vice versa making each of them equally important. When finding the cheapest model, you should go for Sony 1000xm3 which is cheaper in most stores than Bose 700.

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