What Is Sony 360 Reality Audio, And How Does It Work?

Sony 360-Reality Audio And Details

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Sony 360 Reality Audio Technology

Surround and stereo sound are just fine for the people. But what’s next in audio technology? Sony brand has come up with 360 reality audio which is believed to take the audio field to the next level. Sony Company is operating with main record labels which include Universal Music-Group, Warner-Music Group & Sony Music-Entertainment to develop the next audio format.

What Is The Sony 360 Reality Audio?

Sony’s 360-Reality Audio is the new audio format that utilizes Sony’s-object-based spatial audio tech to give out a complete 360-degree audio experience making your music more immersive & realistic. The 360-reality audio is designed for you to feel the music sound coming from all directions.

Sony’s 360-Reality Audio utilizes object-based audio. This means that when the audio that is being noted down is encoded, it saves you extra data and its called metadata which explains the placement of a microphone in a 3D-sound field. The major aim of all this is to make the audio listener feel like he or she is in a live concert or recording studio hearing their favorite artist.

Experts map out & place everything i.e. vocals, live audience and individual instruments in every position in a 360-spherical space. Various features can be changed for numerous elements, including angles and distances.

How Can One Listen To Sony 360-Reality Audio?

You will be capable of experiencing Sony 360-Reality Audio via certain bits of kit with the assistance of compatible software. Tracks that are mastered/re-mastered to output this format will be channeled on regular services the same as Tidal & Deezer.

You will also require to be a member of the premium-tier of the said streaming-service. If you are already in Deezer’s Free-tier, you require to advance to Deezer-HiFi to have the current format and it should be free.

Sony says that 360-Reality Audio could be experienced via headphones from more manufacturers. For you to have crystal clear audio, your headphones should be compatible.

With Sony model, you will be able to use headphones connect-app to analyze your ear-shape and assist you in optimizing the audio field for the new sound format. All you need to do is to open the application and scan on all ears using the phone’s camera. The outcomes are then used to the application of your streaming-service of choice.

What can I listen To In Sony-360 Reality Audio?

One will be capable of stream 1000 tracks and above, which includes tunes from Pharrell Williams, Mark Ronson, Billy Joel & Jeff Beck. More tracks will be added through the major record-labels. Also, 100-songs recorded from live-concerts will be added.

Does One Need Any Hardware?

The best thing with Sony-360 Reality Audio is that you don’t have to buy new headphones or any other hardware unless you want to listen to the music via speakers the reason being Sony claims that the new platform is compatible with any headphone. Although it’s recommended that you use Sony’s headphones for you to have the best result.

Products The Supports Sony-360 Reality Audio

Apart from headphones, you will be able to experience the Sony-360 Reality Audio using Amazon Echo-Studio wireless speaker. The strategy to experiencing 360-Reality Audio in hardware is that every product will require Sony’s-custom in-built decoder.

If you want to feel the Sony-360 Reality Audio quality then you need sony headphone or earbuds like WH-1000XM3 and WH-XB900N , and download the company’s Headphones Connect app. The app can analyse your ears to optimise your 360 Reality Audio experience.

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