BOSE Hearphones Full Detailed Review, Conversation-Enhancing Earbuds

Bose Hearing Aid Reviews: Best Conversation-Enhancing Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Headphones

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Over the period, there have been many meaningful additions made by Bose to its impressive range of innovative products that have actually become favorites for their high-end features. Bose Hearphone is surely one such equally notice the worthy product. Wearing Bose hearphone aid in better listening and allows the users to comfortably concentrate on needed voices with great clarity while all other background noises will fade out.

Multiple Benefits to Aid in Better Sound Management:

Bose Hearphones comes with a uniquely designed earbuds to provide a soothing hearing experience with its “conversation enhancing feature”. It helps enhance conversation in louder surroundings by the way of cutting out the other unwanted noises and disturbances through its effective Active Noise Reduction Feature. So, the biggest benefit is that the users can control what they want to listen to and what they don’t want to listen to. The best part is that they are very convenient in managing and controlling the live sounds better. They can be easily customized for either dampening the loud surrounding noise or focusing on a particular conversation.  Even watching television and live performances at preferred volume can be enjoyed is possible by just wearing the thoughtful Bose headphones. Hence, they come with multiple benefits to aid in better sound management for improved listening.

Styling and Comfort:

bose neckband headphonesOn the styling part, these hearphones look similar to the Bose QuietControl 30 with the major difference being the smart touch of gold on the earbuds. The secret to enhancing the ultimate listening quality lies in the fit of the hearphones. For this, the Hearphones have specially designed StayHear+ tips, which are made available in three varying sizes just to ensure the best fit for the users. They are perfectly built to sit comfortably in the ear and works as a seal for basic noise reduction. They are highly comfortable to be worn for long hours without causing any pain or discomfort to the ears. Additionally, the neckband design just not only looks amazing but is also very useful. With the help of the neckband, it is always easier to carry the hearphones along with yourself without the fear of them falling off.


The hearphones have been built strong by Bose to sustain rough daily handling. They are meant for long usage. They showcase great strength and their solid built confirms the same. The entire product is well rubber protected and the wires are thicker to withstand regular wear and tear.

Premium Quality Audio Effects:

Along with assisting in holding an enhanced conversation, these hearphones also helps to enjoy acoustic pleasure through the high-end technological involvements. As far as sound is concerned, IQbuds produce premium quality audio effects that do justice to both instrumentals and vocals. True to the real spirit of Bose, the sound that the hearphones produce is spectacular, with highlighting every musical detail. The bass is decent along with all the ranges and punchy and thumping music is the actual outcome.

Other Important Features:

  1. The Hearphone has a standard integrated microphone with acceptable high and low-frequency extensions that are fair enough to allow good speech audibility. The microphones also help in standard noise reduction.
  2. The entire idea here is to maximize comfort with easy to manage operations. Thus, the IQ buds come with control buttons and known functionalities. There are in-line remote in the headset that can be used to manage calls and adjust the volume level. There is also the play/pause button. Double tapping the mid-portion of the remote helps to skip tracks and also to activate the voice assistant. The ANC and talk though buttons are situated on the side of the remote.
  3. Their battery life is impressive with almost 8 hours of battery performance while using high end features like ANC. The rechargeable lithium battery takes about 3 hours for getting fully charged. They also come with helpful features of automatic power off when idle and thus help in saving power consumption.
  4. The Bose Hear is a dedicated app that the users can enjoy while using this hearphone. The app is meant for decent conversation and ambient-noise customization. It is used to control ANC and permits the preferable amplification of surrounding noise. The hearphones have Front, Focussed and Everywhere control effects manage the direction of the sound that needs to be reduced and isolated. The boost button is used to manage the level of music and also supports up to 10 customizable presets for preferred hearing.
  5. It can be used only through Bluetooth and is known to have a good wireless range. The best part is that they can be connected to two devices at a time and also NFC that helps in an easier pairing.
  • Great for enhanced conversation and noise isolation
  • Helps in focused and muddle-free hearing
  • Perfect and comfortable fit
  • Thoughtful  and convenient designing
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Well Built and durable
  • Standard Battery Life
  • The size of the earphones might just not be perfect for some. They might seem to be bulky to be carried along
  • The sound quality when it comes to musical indulgence might not be as expected

What Is In The Box:

Bose Hearphones Box

  • Wireless Neckband Earbuds
  • 3 varying sizes of ear tips
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Specially made carrying case
  • User Manuals

Our Verdict:

The bose hearphone are all black in color to suit every situation and mood. The overall design of the hearphone can be described as very sophisticated and elegant. They are designed to merge well with the user’s overall personality also very breathable. They are also very compact and light in weight and can be easily carried around in the protective case that is provided for their safety. With such amazing features and benefits, it is worth buying Bose Hearphone for better and improved listening ability to aid enhanced conversation. Priced at $499, they surely will prove to be worthy purchase when compared to the other alternatives. Perhaps you will avoid seeing the price then you can take a look at the Bose 700 best ANC headphone yet the bose headphone family. Even better than the Bose QC 35 II

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