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Why Your Headphones Needs CVC Noise Cancelling Technology...

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What is CVC Noise Cancellation Technology and Benefits? CvC 6.0 Vs CvC 8.0

Every person likes making a phone call because they are easy and convenient when in need of anything or something. We make phone calls while at home or outside the home. But the major issue that hinders us or limits us from making audible calls is sounds from the surrounding environment. This makes it hard for one to have clear audio. Worry no more because CVC is here to solve this problem.

This technology gives you improved audio enhancements & noise cancellation to allow you to have clear audio. The technology also gives you packet loss & bit-error concealment. As a result, this will give you quality audio on your Bluetooth handset, headset, hands-free, and other devices.

CVC Noise Cancellation Technology:

CVC which stands for Clear Voice-Capture is a technology that filters surrounding sounds when one talks using the microphone mic. This tech is commonly embraced in earbud and phonemics. It operates by suppressing the audio from the near and far end (gives bit-error & packet-loss concealment).

This Technology is capable of filtering human sound when you speak so that the other person on the other end will hear clearly what you are speaking. When talking in a noisy place, this tech will form a virtual silent space for you.

This technology is accessible on a broad range of Qualcomm Bluetooth-Audio SoCs, and it is a simple-to-use Graphical User Interface that is based on tuning & monitoring tools that are provided.

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How CVC Technology Works:

CVC Noise canceling is a set of algorithms that operates at the transmission & receiving path of voice calls to give optimum sound quality. When making a call, the microphone pics both your sound and the background sound. When both sounds are tapped, the CVC-intelligence algorithms get into play to filter the unwanted sound.

The algorithms are made in a way that they can easily differentiate between background sound and your voice which is supposed to be transmitted. When differentiated, the ambient sound is suppressed to make your voice audible. The same steps are repeated with all the incoming sounds. To hear a clear and audible sound from the other side you need to set your device to filter the sound coming from the other person.

What CVC Does, With The Help Of The Algorithm:

Improves Voice Communication by Giving Out A Crystal Clear Voice…

The algorithms are capable of canceling echo & suppressing sounds that come from the surrounding environment. The voice enhancements are applied depending on the customization which you will require on the headset.

Separation Of Voice-Signals Of Interest:

The major technology used in this tech is algorithms. The algorithm suppresses the sounds with the use of a proprietary signal-extraction method. In other words, these algorithms know the way human speech is heard & processed. Therefore, any audio that’s not handled as the human voice, it’s suppressed or canceled.

CVC Features:

  • Auto gain controls
  • Comfort sounds
  • Send and Receive equalizers
  • Howling control
  • Adaptive equalizers
  • Auxiliary stream-mixing
  • Nonlinear processing
  • Power savings methods
  • Frequency improved speech intelligibility

Benefits of CVC Technology

  • It’s capable of reducing background sounds by up to 30 decibels
  • It’s also capable of reducing sounds that come from the other end therefore your communication will be clear and audible.
  • Helps in reducing ambient sounds to the listener & improves the caller’s voice.

Differences Between CVC 6.0 And CVC 8.0 Noise Cancellation:

The meaning of these two is the same but there is a slight difference in terms of technology i.e. CVC 6.0 is a group of noise-canceling algorithms that are built inside your microphone audio-processing circuit for a Bluetooth headset. CVC 8.0 is also a group of advanced algorithms that are incorporated into your microphone circuit to help in canceling any sound that’s identified as noise.


Both CVC 6.0 and  8.0 will cancel background sounds, but 8.0 will be able to cancel even the lowest sounds because its algorithms are more advanced than the algorithms in 6.0.

Call Clarity:

 In terms of Call clarity, 8.0 technology gives out clearer voice calls with wireless headphones than 6.0. Sometimes, one may hear a background sound when a call is made on the device with 6.0 noise-canceling technology.


Both 6.0 and 8.0 are compatible with the latest Bluetooth version which offers a stable and fast connection and above all, consumes less power.

Examples Of The Device with The Technology:

Headphones that are equipped with CVC 6.0 technology include Mpow-D9 Bluetooth Headphones, Mpow-H12 Hybrid Bluetooth Headphones, TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones (TT-BH22), and others.

Headphones that use CVC 8.0 technology include Ambar EPCC-07 Bluetooth Headset V4.2, Duo ten TWS-880 wireless earbuds, Mpow Flame-S Bluetooth Headphones, Gorsun M98 headphones, Enacfire, and more others.


CVC is the latest technology in noise canceling, it helps greatly in reducing background sounds from the surrounding allowing you to have a crystal clear sound. Wind sound-cancellation, echo reduction, and other normal sounds like humming or jet-engine boom are greatly reduced by the CVC algorithm.

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