How to Fix It When One AirPod Not Charging

AirPods 2, AirPods 3, AirPods Pro Charging Problem Here's How to Fix it

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only one airpod charging

Has your left/right AirPod stopped charging all of a sudden? Do not panic then, we are here to help you. Before you visit the apple store for technical support you can always help yourself by following our guidelines. No matter you are using AirPods, AirPods 2, AirPods 3, or AirPods Pro, if one is not working then perhaps you can fix this by yourself if there is no major internal issue.

Why One AirPod is Not Charging?

only one airpod charging


Before we dig into the solution first you need to understand what is causing the problem. If you understand how the battery & charging work in an AirPod then it will be easier for you to understand. The original Apple AirPods has a 93milliwatt battery inside each AirPod. The case has a battery of 398mah. The charging case takes around 1 hour to fully charge. You can also use a Lightning cable to charge your AirPods. The overall battery life of your AirPods is around 1 day using the case. If you are in a hurry then charging your AirPods only for 15 hours will allow playing music for around three hours. Or, you will have a talk time of two hours. However, the overall battery life span of AirPods is really amazing. To ensure that durable battery life span you must use an apple charger & USB/lightning cable. There is also a variant that uses wireless charging. Each AirPod gets charged inside the charging case. There are two contact points inside the charging case. If there is any defect in these two contact points then one of your AirPod may end up not charging. It can be an uncertain issue for one of your AirPod not charging. There may be some other issues that we will discuss while giving you solving tips. So stay with us.


One AirPod Not Charging Solution

only one airpod charging

You are already aware of how your AirPods battery works. If one of your AirPod is not working then here are some solutions that may fix your problem in an instant.

1. Clean The Bottom of Your Earpods & The Charging Ports

one airpod pro not charging

When you place an AirPod into the charging case, the metal points at the bottom come in direct contact with metal charging connections at the bottom of the charging case. If there is any debris or dust stuck on any of the contact points then your AirPod may stop charging. If there is dirt on the bottom of your AirPod then it may also disrupt charging. If this is the reason behind one of your AirPod is not charging then the solution is very simple. Grab a cotton bud, then gently wipe the bottom metal ring of your each AirPod.Then open the charging case & clean the charging ports using a cotton bud. Make sure you reach the bottom of the charging ports. If you want then add a little isopropyl alcohol on the cotton bud for deep clean. It will not cause any damage. Also, clean the charging port of the case using the same method. Stay in a place where there is adequate lighting while cleaning. You can also use a flashlight if needed for a better look.


2. Make Sure The Charging Case Has More Than 10% Battery

One AirPod Not Charging

This problem will affect the charging of both of your AirPods. But sometimes it may also affect only one. People often forget to recharge the charging case of their AirPods. The battery life of Apple AirPods is really awesome & lasts really long. If you fully recharge it then you can go for days if you are a light user. We had some complaints before where one person forgot to recharge the charging case & claimed that her AirPods are not charging at all. So make sure that you charge your AirPod case every day. If this is the reason that is causing one of your AirPod not working then it will be fixed immediately after you charge the case.


3. Observing The Status Indicator

only one airpod charging

You need to carefully observe the status indicator to identify whether your AirPods are charging properly or not. When you put the AirPods in their charging case, the battery status indicator glows green which means it is fully charged. If the status indicator is flashing amber or orange, the battery is draining. After you connect the AirPods to the power adapter, you will see a charging icon next to the battery icon. If there is no charging icon displayed that means the charging case is not connected to the power supply. If you notice this then connect the charging cable properly & then charge the case for a few hours. Even after that if there is no charging indicator showing that means there is any defect in the charging tools.


4. Check The Charging Cable & Adapter

only one airpod charging

It is possible that your AirPods is all right, there is a problem with your charging cable or adapter. To make sure that your charging cable & adapter are working properly try to charge another device. If it is the same case with that device that means either there is any defect in your charging cable or adapter. Check those two respectively to identify which one is defective.


5. Re-Check The Contact Points

Perhaps there is loose contact with one of your AirPod. If this happens then the one that has loose contact will not charge properly. To make sure both of your AirPods are charging you need to put them properly inside the charging case. Never alter the positions of each AirPod. If you do so then neither of those will charge. Make sure that the bottom of the AirPods reaches the metal charging point properly. Check if there is anything stuck inside. Also, make sure to close the charging case lid properly.


6. Reset The AirPods

airpod charging problem

Sometimes there may be any software that is causing one of your AirPod not to charge. If this is the case you need to reset the AirPods. If you do not know how to reset the AirPods then here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Place both AirPods in the case & close the lid
  • Wait for 30 seconds
  • Take the AirPods close to your ios device
  • Open the lid of the case
  • Open Settings on your iOS device
  • Choose Bluetooth option
  • Click the “More Info/i” button (It will be shown next to the AirPods name)
  • Tap “Forget this Device”, confirm by tapping again
  • Find the ‘Setup’ button on the back of the charging case
  • Press and hold that button for 15 seconds, the status indicator will flash amber
  • Release the button when the status indicator white

This is the basic way to reset your AirPods & it works most of the time. But if your AirPods indicator is not flashing white after amber then follow those steps:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ on your ios device
  • Tap ‘General’
  • Then tap ‘Reset’
  • Then, select ‘Reset Network settings’
  • Proceed further to complete
  • Now, un-pair and forget the AirPods from the pairing list
  • Then repeat the previous method we have mentioned earlier.

After resetting your AirPods try charging again at least for 15 minutes. After that check whether both of your AirPods have been charged or not. To do so take your AirPods & bring them close to your iPhone. Open the lid of your AirPods. A charging status bar will automatically appear. You can see if both of your AirPods have been charged or not.


7. Contact Apple Support

One AirPod Not Charging

If any of the tricks we have mentioned above does not work then there sure is any technical issue that you can not fix by yourself. Maybe one of the AirPods batteries has died. If your AirPod is under warranty then Apple support will replace the battery without any charge. If the warranty has expired then it may cost around $50 to replace the battery of only one AirPod. This is not a small amount. So think before you make this decision because instead of replacing both batteries you can buy a new one adding some extra bucks. There may also be any other technical issue that Apple Support or a professional technician may fix.

Final Words

Instead of facing this type of problem, you can avoid most problems related to your AirPods by taking good care of them. Charge the case every day. Do not worry if you put it in charge & forget. There is an automated sensor that stops taking charge when the battery is fully charged. Also, make sure that each time you put the AirPods inside the charging case you are putting them on the right side. Close the lid properly & make sure that there is nothing stuck inside the case. Thus you sure can expand the longevity of your AirPods.


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