Mpow H7 Wireless Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones Review

Mpow H7 Bluetooth Headphones Review: 18 hrs battery life comfortable wireless over-ear headphones with mic, Best headphones in the cheap budget...

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Mpow H7 Review

Mpow h7 Bluetooth headphones durably made and features an adjustable metal slider on a soft headband and swiveling earmuffs which can rotate until they lay flat. This allows them to fold-up for storing, and they come with a case to stow them away in.

Mpow H7 operate wired or wirelessly either via a heavy-duty cord or with their current Bluetooth and NFC capabilities. They are simple to pair, receiving transmissions from a reasonable distance and can connect to 2 devices simultaneously.

Mpow H7 equipped with an integrated microphone that is assisted by the onboard CVC 6.0 noise-canceling for more transparent hands-free communication hey work for around 18 hours between charges. They are the advanced headphones by Mpow with almost every feature in it.

Design and Feature:

Mpow h7 Bluetooth headphones are designed with the advanced technology they have focused on the innovative designs they have a built-in microphone. Mpow H7 design with 6.0 noise-canceling microphone with an inbuilt 420mah battery.they have a metal slider to make positioning easy they weigh around 7.06oz. They have swivel ear muffs to lay flat. They have HD immersive sound for music.

Comfort Level:

Since they are made with a metal slider it becomes easy to change the position of the headphones as per our needs they have a convenient button with a wired option. The ergonomic design and the comfy layer fit our head perfectly.

Build Quality:

They are perfectly made for the trendy look. The build quality of this headphone is over the average and has a decent look which appears to be premium. The Headband is wide and has enough paddings. The dense earcups provide comfort. The plastic used is fairly made of good quality.


The tight-fitting provided with these decent headphones are much stable. While performing casual activities they don’t tend to move much. People with Intense workouts will feel imperfect as they may fall off multiple times as per usage. Adding to the stability, since they are wireless, it’s much easier to handle as no care is required for the cables getting hooked off.

Connectivity – Bluetooth – Wired:

Mpow H7 has good wireless range support. This can pair up to 2 Bluetooth devices over a single instance. They also come with a similar audio cable which can be connected with other devices as well.

Colors Availability:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Light Grey
  • Rose

Sound Quality:

With the premium build, these headphones have balanced sound quality. The bass extends over to a midrange, critically they are best for most of the listeners. Basically, they are the best for movies & Music.

  • The battery life is good.
  • Your value for money.
  • They are light in weight.
  • It can cancel the noise completely.



They are portable and are fairly easy to use by anyone. Being a premium look with the build quality, the noise cancellation is not up to the mark. They are average for the sports enthusiast as they are tight enough for a stable fit during the workouts. Best for the midrange category as they are average with the bass and sound quality.

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