Jaybird Vista Truly Wireless Earbuds Review

Jaybird Vista IPX7 Rated True Buds: Best for Sports, Running, Workout Fitness, Gym, and Swimming

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Jaybird Vista

Although it must be recognized that Apple marked a before and after in the industry, presenting its wireless and independent headphones, today we have great alternatives to Airpods. Now we bring you a new example. It’s named Jaybird Vista.

In the case of the new Vista of the firm specialized in audio products, they have a much more modern design, offering an independent product, very much like the AirPods 2. Although it has some advantages to take into account.

Jaybird Vista Truly Wireless Earbuds Review

The idea of the firm is to make your Jaybird Vista become one of the best options to consider if you are looking for rugged and independent wireless headphones and quality. And, as you can see, the manufacturer’s work has been high.


Starting with the design of these new wireless headphones from the Salt Lake City-based firm, it has sought a model that allows it to be used without major problems. Are you going to practise a Jaybird Vista Truly Wireless Earbuds Reviewsport regularly? You can rest easy since this model has a system so that it never falls out of your ears.

Jaybird Vista any weather

Jaybird Vista on any weather

On the other hand, they are a really light product, weighing 6 grams each, in addition to having IPX7 certification. To this, we must add a sealing system inside an internal capsule, so that its components do not suffer any damage if we sweat excessively when exercising.

Vista controls are simple by design, which is a relief since some users can never remember what the buttons on any wireless button do. In the Jaybird application, you designated a single press to play or pause, a double press to go to the next track and press and hold to control the volume. To turn them off, do not worry, they will do it automatically after not being used for at least 15 minutes.

Also, it has three silicone tips with different sizes so you can use them according to your comfort, in addition, they are non-slip tips.

Connectivity and Autonomy:

And what about connectivity?  Superfast pairing with your device for Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The manufacturer has implemented a system very similar to that used in AirPods 2. In this way, through a near-field magnetic induction system, the headphones are linked very easily with our smartphone or tablet. And In addition, we must bear in mind that these models have 6 hours of autonomy, more than other wireless headphones of similar price.

Jaybird Vista Never go quiet

Jaybird Vista Never go quiet

In addition, its carrying case, which acts as a charger for the Jaybird Vista, offers an additional 10 hours of autonomy. And notice that the box is small and manageable, in addition to having a USB Type C output that allows us to charge it in a really comfortable way.

When the case is charging, you will see a LED light in front of it and also you can see a button between the compartment inside the case that you can use to pair the earbuds.

In order to pair them, both headphones must first be inside the case and then you must close it. After two minutes, you must open it and keep that button pressed until you see the LED light turn white and flash. Then, open the Bluetooth settings on your mobile device and configure the connection. It is an easy and fast process.

Sound Quality:

In addition, the sound quality offers by this alternative to AirPods 2 is of great quality. Partly thanks to the Jaybird application, which offers you control of the equalization of your 6 mm transducers, to offer a clear and crisp sound.

The Vista has a 6 mm audio driver to improve the sound quality, which is pretty good. You can play with your EQ settings in the application, or even create your own by checking how well you hear the different tones. Some users have discovered that their own custom EQ correlated primarily with the “warmth” setting.

Jaybird Vista forget limits

Jaybird Vista forget limits

Despite carefully elaborating their own custom EQ, they discovered that still preferred Jaybird’s signature configuration. It is geared to being heavy on serious to keep your heart rate high, and so is their training playlist. According to its design, as they are in-ear, create a passive noise cancelation.

This earbuds also have microphone included and the sound of them are really good and without any interference. Whenever you receive a call, just press the multi-function button to received it and start talking.

Smartphone Software:

Although it is not necessary to install the Jaybird Vista application on your mobile device to use them (available in iOS and Android), it is recommended to do so to have a better experience. This application is favorable to change the functionality of the buttons and at the same time, you can customize the equalizer settings, get your own playlist, also serve when you can not find the headphones, among other options. You can receive support and a guide so you can take your doubts away if you don’t know how to proceed.

By reading the application instructions, you will see that at the beginning it talks about the equalizer settings and you will be able to read about the experiences of those users who have already configured and shared their experiences with the public. In this way, you can also create and share your own sound settings. We are sure that you will not find another headset where you can customize in this way as with the Jaybird Vista.

  • Very comfortable and lightweight.
  • It includes software for a better sound experience.
  • USB-C for recharge the case.
  • Small and discreet design.
  • IPX7 Waterproof Rating, sweat-proof and crush-proof
  • It’s battery lasts for 6 hours of use, 5-minute charge gives you an hour of playtime
  • Some bloggers opinion Its price bit high.



In conclusion, the Vista is a worthy follow-up of Jaybird’s Tarah and Jaybird X4, which I liked enough to recommend in our list of the best wireless training headphones. With its durable construction and perfect pocket size, the Vista is probably the best for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors. If you are looking for a pair of puddle-proof buds, the Vista is what you need.


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