Qualcomm QCC305x SoCs Chips – The Next Era Of Truly Wireless Audio

Qualcomm QCC305x Chips Improves Truly wireless Earbuds Audio Experience And More Battery Life

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Qualcomm QCC305x SoC

About 5 years ago, earbuds that were truly wireless supported by Qualcomm Tech were released on the market. This helped end-users listen to their favorite music & make sound calls wireless. With this, many saw the potential of an in-ear computer that supports a broad variety of useful sound features. This is determined to make wearables a reality. Furthermore, it is made with more tech which improves Bluetooth audio-SoCs. The earbuds have reduced size, adds processing power, improving connectivity & supporting lengthy battery life.

This helps in paving one’s way for mainstream consumer-adoption. Below are some of the top highlighted consumer demands in the wireless age.

  • Extra comfortable & discreet earbuds. This is because people utilize their devices for more hours during the day.
  • Needs to be glitch-free with strong Bluetooth audio. This is best for seamless listening when in virtually every environment.
  • Offers low-latency streaming as you watch a video or as you game.
  • Best voice and call clarity which improves the popularity of making calls on-the-go
  • Noise cancellation for offering the best sound quality
  • Voice assistants. This makes it convenient with hands-free control
  • Long battery life with extra functionalities
  • Rich feature accessibility for various consumers

Helping to Meet New Consumer Demands with QCC305x

Qualcomm QCC305x SoC

Next time truly-wireless earbuds are looking to satisfy the widespread consumer demand. This is for new & improved use cases with a variety of prices. New Qualcomm-QCC305x SoCs are specifically designed to assist customers to deliver. Depending on industry-leading, the QCC305x-SoCs and ultra-low-power architecture include support that satisfies superior sound tech. This was formerly available on premium QCC5100 series only.

Technology supported on QCC305x contains wake-word activated sound assistants, Qualcomm aptX Adaptive of the 96-Khz sound resolution, Qualcomm Adaptive ANC, Qualcomm aptX-Voice, & two-mic Qualcomm cVc Echo-Cancelling & Noise Suppression.

Made to Support LE Audio

An exciting feature built into the new QCC305x-SoCs is the support of the upcoming Bluetooth LE-Audio standard. This will make wireless audio sharing possible. An example is a way LE-Audio will appear to enable users to share music using their smartphone together with more wireless headsets or speakers. Due to this, friends & family will enjoy similar music simultaneously.

Support for LE-Audio is together with the new Bluetooth standard. This dual-mode feature is suitable for ensuring end-products are proper for their purpose in the actual world. Innovation across the ecosystem and foundational tech which helps in transforming how the universe connects, communicates, and computes is being done.

Superior connectivity together with Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) means that developers are helped to support LE-Audio. This is with interoperability from Qualcomm-Snapdragon smartphone to QCC305x-supported wireless earbuds.

End consumers will wait for a long time to get the benefits of mobile-to-accessory optimization. Qualcomm Snapdragon-888 Mobile Platform is made to offer sound quality, responsiveness, and robustness features. Furthermore, it includes Qualcomm FastConnect-6900 connectivity system which has integrated Bluetooth v 5.2 & Qualcomm aptX sound features. It also includes mobile-side support for LE-Audio.

Wrap Up

The mission of Qualcomm audio tech is to offer a hearable device. This involves creating rich features that are accessible to varieties of ODMs and OEMs. Furthermore, it also helps in creating the succeeding era of truly-wireless earbuds that has valuable features for consumers to enjoy.

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