Advantages of Qualcomm QCC514X And QCC304X Chips In Audio

Latest Qualcomm QCC514X And QCC304X Chips Enhance The Noise Cancelling Performance

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Advantages of Qualcomm QCC514X And QCC304X Chips In Audio

Qualcomm is the world’s best wireless tech innovator. It is also a driving force behind more launch, development, & the growth of 5G. Qualcomm helps in creating an environment where everything & everyone can interact.

Qualcomm Technologies-International, Ltd is a subordinate of Qualcomm Incorporated. However, it has announced two new Bluetooth sound systems-on-a-chip (SoC). This systems-on-a-chip are to be used on wireless headphones. They include QCC514X & QCC304X chips. The two chips use less power. They are made for mid-tier & entry-level headphones use. The Qualcomm QCC514X is a premium tier while the Qualcomm QCC304X is an entry or mid-tier.

Advantages Of Qualcomm QCC514X & QCC304X Chips:

This chip comes with a lot of advantages that will help in wireless connections. These SoCs are made to allow the improvement of robustness & connectivity. Moreover, they also help in reducing power consumption which increases battery life & comfort.

The integrated hardware helps in Active Noise-Cancellation (Hybrid ANC). It also has a voice assistant feature. Below is more information on the advantages of Qualcomm QCC514X & QCC304X chips.

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Mirror Connections:

Both Qualcomm QCC514X & QCC304X chips support the up-to-date True-Wireless Mirroring tech. These technologies will enable two earbuds or headphones to switch between connections. Furthermore, the True-Wireless mirroring tech will enable one earbud to have a connection to the phone via Bluetooth. The other earbud will become its mirror.

Moreover, when an earbud that’s connected to the phone is removed from the ear, the other earbud takes over. This will help in eliminating the disconnection of voice calls or music. True-Wireless Mirroring tech is made to manage a single Bluetooth-address. Thus only one device will show up when you will be pairing the earbuds to a smartphone.

AptX Adaptive And Active Noise Canceling:

This Qualcomm QCC304x and QCC514x audio chips are compatible with Qualcomm aptX Adaptive sound tech. Furthermore, the two chips also include hybrid active noise-canceling tech. With this feature, you will always hear what you need even in noisy environments. But, you will have an ultra-low latency clear transmission function.

The product is capable of collecting & restoring the surrounding audio in real-time. The ANC feature is not only for use in airplanes but also when in sports or an office. These earbuds enable a leak-through from outside noise. This will allow the user to have a feature that is the same as the transparency-modes. It will allow the user to be aware of the surrounding environments.

Voice Assistant and Endurance:

A Qualcomm QCC514x chip gives always-on & wake-up term activation. The QCC304X chipset has a push-button for voice activation. This is for more voice ecosystems. With OEMs, you will have the voice-assistant capability at less cost and faster.

Low Power Consumption:

Additionally, QCC514x & QCC304x chips have low power usage. They are also industry-leading. For instance, a 65mAh battery will give a playback time of up to 13 hours. Remember that this will depend on settings and other different factors. Furthermore, you can also enhance power usage for real use cases.

Additionally, with active noise canceling feature active, there will be less impact on battery life. This will enable the user to prolong the battery’s life. Thus you will be enjoying your music for longer hours while on flights or at the office. Moreover, the extended battery life allows the reduction of battery size in the charging case. This will make it have a compact design that will fit in your pocket.

The Difference Between QCC514x and QCC304x SoCs

  • Qualcomm QCC514x is regarded as a premium system chip. QCC304x is considered as an entry-level chip.
  • The other difference is found in the voice assistant integration. In QCC514x, it’s capable of providing always listening, wake-word activation in voice assistants. QCC304x offers a standard push-button voice-assistant. This means that you will have to activate the listening-mode. In other devices, you will only need to provide a command like “Alexa” or “Hey, Google”.

This feature isn’t there in more entry-level earbuds. Thus Qualcomm’s will help in such a case.


People need to listen to music for long hours with premium sound. This makes them more satisfied. With a Qualcomm True-Wireless Mirroring tech, you will have vital features. Voice help makes it easy and efficient when operating the device. Integrated Hybrid ANC will also operate well with minimal power usage.

Earbuds and headphones which have Qualcomm technology offer stable connection. The battery life will also be longer due to low power consumption. Furthermore, the earbuds will also support the mirror connection.

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