Luzli’s Roller MK02 Headphone Look Like A Ornament

The Swiss high-end headphone brand Luzli Release their 3rd edition Roller MK02. Not Only A Luxury Headphones, Look Like a Pricey Ornament

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Luzli Roller MK02 Headphone reviews

Have you ever thought about having a headset that lasts for a lifetime? On the one hand, users change their headphones because they want to change the design. And on the other hand, also because they are not of good quality, they break or lose their power.

A Fantastic Designed Headphone:

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Luzli has thought about those users and designed Roller MK02, headphones with a comfortable design, with a smart and futuristic aesthetic and a sound that promises to be one of the best and finest in the market.

Inspired by Swiss watches, they have a chain with multiple links that help fold and make them “roll-up”. This headband is made of pure aluminum and stainless steel and is composed of 22 individual steel springs, like the chain of a watch, for better adaptation to the head.

Luzli Roller MK02 Headphone reviews

According to its materials, as we said, the brand promise that the Luzli Roller MK02 will last you forever means about the sound. But in case of any part brake, for example, the cable and the foam pads are replaceable, even parts of the headband.

Made by hand, they have a patented roller band design, formed by several links and springs that help flexibility and comfort in the head, adjusting to it. Also, you just have to roll it up and put it in its own bag to carry your music everywhere. It also brings a showcase made of wood for better protection. They will roll up even better than a watch.

With a design by Dina Guth and Andrew Lee and research that has lasted three years, it has dynamic controllers of 40 mm, deflectors, acoustic chambers, and tuned bass port to obtain the best possible sound.

In principle, the Luzli Roller MK02 headphones will be quite exclusive as it is planned to make only 100 pairs and will be under the order and numbered.

The Luzli Roller MK02 Over-ear Headphone comes in silver color at £3,840. I think its price is not high than of its design.

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