Open Back vs Closed Back Headphones: Which are Actually Need for You?

before buying a headphone you should know about open back vs closed back vs semi-open headphones

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what's the difference between open back and closed back headphones

Headphones help people enjoy music. Other headphones have an inbuilt microphone that will allow you to have hands-free calls. There are different types of headphones depending on design and features. One of the types of headphones includes open back and closed-back headphones. Moreover, there is another kind classified as semi-open.

The difference between the wireless and wired headphones is not as much as the difference between the Open-Back vs Closed-Back headset. There is a major difference, close-back headphones are completely sealed around the back you just hear the sound from the source of audio, Open-back headphones allow air to enter the speaker components through the air cup. If you want to understand the matter better then read the whole article. And please share your thought or your question in the comments box below, We will try to solve your query.

Additionally, before deciding which headphones to buy, you need to check on the pros & cons of each. You also need to consider how you need to experience your music and the place. Deciding between open-back & closed-back headphones, location is the major determinant. Below are major differences between open-back and closed-back headphones.

What To Consider When Buying An Open-Back vs Closed-Back Headphones?

Sennheiser’s HD-414 was the first open-back headset to be released in the market in 1968. They had less boxy-sounding compared to closed-backs. It was lightweight with a low-profile design. This open-back headset was appreciated by people. Later, other brands like Beyerdynamic, AKG, Focal, and others developed another open-back headset. They pushed it to new levels of affordability, performance & comfort.

Closed-back headphones were used by military and telephone/radio operators before 1937. Moreover, Beyerdynamic made DT 48 headphones which were the first consumer-grade headphones. This headset became popular though it couldn’t play sound in stereo. The first contemporary closed-back model was released in 1958. It was Koss SP/3 stereo-headphones which acquired the market by storm. From then, more headsets have been made by different brands to offer realistic sounds.


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Both open-back and closed-back headphones have an over the ear design. Moreover, in open-back headphones, the outer housing has in-built gaps. This helps in allowing air & sound to move via the earcups. Additionally, the perforated housing helps in eliminating pressure buildup. Furthermore, it also boosts a natural sound which is best for critical listening. The open-back headphone has lightweight & relaxed to wear for long hours.

In the closed-back headset, they have sealed housing. This prevents any sound from moving away. Furthermore, they also don’t allow noise from outside moving to your ears. Thus you will have impressive isolation. Additionally, the closed-back headset feels chunkier and large than open-back.

Sound Comparison:

The open-back headset has an improved audio reproduction. It comes at the cost of isolation. Additionally, an open-back headset won’t block ambient sound. Thus, you will hear what’s going on in the surrounding. Moreover, anyone near you will also hear what you will be listening to. An open-back headset is superb for any critical listening mixing uses & daily use at home.

With a closed-back headset, they have sealed housing. Hence, they will prevent sound from moving out and in. This will allow the music to take center stage. Moreover, you’ll notice a slight boost in your bass response & a particular passive isolation. By offering passive noise-cancellation, you will feel like you are in a studio. The closed-back headset offers the best performance where concentration & focus are paramount. In closed-back headphones, sound reflects off the cups. This creates an echo chamber for audio waves. This results in reduced standing frequency response suck-outs making the audio less natural.

Durability Of Open-Back vs Closed-Back:

The durability of the headphones depends on the type of material used to make it. Additionally, since an open-back headset has a meshed housing rain or water may get in. This may move to the ear cups & cause serious damage. The earcups will also be exposed to dust which affects sound performance.

In a closed-back headset it’s sealed thus it will be hard for water or dust to move in the earcups. Thus, they have a greater chance of staying for long. You can read here on the most durable earbuds in the market.

How It’s Comfort Level:

The headphone’s comfort also depends on its design. Moreover, since open-back headsets have fewer materials, this makes it lightweight. Thus, you will operate it for long hours. Additionally, in an open-back headset, they allow free air circulation. This will offer you a sweat-free listening experience.

Closed-back headphones are made with more materials making them heavier than the open back. Additionally, they have no opening to allow air to move and may cause sweating.

Cost Between The Open-back and Closed Back

A closed-back headset is relatively cheaper compared to open-back headphones. Thus, if you will be on a tight budget, you’ll probably not afford open-back headphones.

Purpose of Uses:

An open-back headset is best for critical listening, at-home listening, and high-quality sound files. A closed-back headset is best for listening at the office, casual listening, and mixing/recording. It’s also good for commuting.

It Is Better For Studio Recording?

The best headphone for recording & studio work is closed-back headphones. They offer isolation thus preventing sound from leaking inside your headphones & mic. Furthermore, closed-back headphones enable you to listen to yourself while you will be recording. Additionally, they are helpful when recording because they don’t bleed sound all over.

With open-back headphones, it will have an issue of bleeding. The backing song will bleed out of the headset and right-back to your mic. Thus, due to this, they aren’t recommended for recording and any studio work.

Which Are Better For Mixing?

The best headset for mixing should be open-back headphones. Moreover, this should be the case only if you will be listening in a quiet room. Also one doesn’t mind if other people hear what he/she is listening to, then you’ll be ready to go with open-back headphones. Open-back headphones are made to allow sound to move in and out of the ear cups. Open-back Headphones are also suitable for mixing music. This is because you’ll have a much better representation of the dimension and depth of how music was played. Open-back headphones also allow one to get the layout of instruments used in a song.

Additionally, if you will be mixing in a room that is noisy, closed-back headphones are best for you. If you don’t want an individual to hear what you’ll be hearing, closed-back headphones are best.

Which Are Better For Movie Watching?

An open-back headset is suitable for watching movies. This is because they don’t completely seal the ears. Thus, they will allow some background noise to the audio environment of the film. Moreover, they’re the selection of audio design professionals. Open-back headphones are lighter than closed backed. This way, you will use them for a long hour with less/no fatigue. Additionally, they help in preventing ear fatigue when listening for long hours. Furthermore, open-back headphones sound more natural.

Moreover, an Open-back headset forms a sense of openness & spaciousness in a movie experience. This will make your sound environment more immersive and bigger. With open-back headphones, you’ll be attentive to a doorbell, phone, or other background sounds.

Which Are Better For Listen Music?

An open-back headset is suitable for listening to music in a quiet surroundings. Moreover, it has open ear-cups thus, there will be less pressure on cups. Furthermore, it also has echoes inside which allows you to enjoy music. The open-back headphone offers a natural sound. Furthermore, it also gives one an un-parallel music experience. Open-back headphones give great driver purpose so it has an amazing performance.

Sound from open-back headphones is crisp which allows one to feel the music. This is the major reason why most dubbing or musicians artists choose open-back headphones. Moreover, it’s also suitable for high-quality sound files. But, all this will depend on the quality and brand you choose. With the best quality open-back headphones, you will have an exceptional music listening experience. When in noisy surroundings it’s recommended that you use closed-back headphones.

Which Are Good For The Gamers?

Open-back headphones are suitable for gaming for people that prefer comfort. Furthermore, it’s also good for people who need to know what’s going on in the surrounding environment. Moreover, open-back headphones offer a natural sound making the best selection for gaming. Additionally, an open-back headset is more ideal for gamers because they offer the best stereo-imaging. This will allow knowing where the sound is coming from.

With open-back headphones, you will have a bigger soundstage. This means that you will hear sounds as if it’s happening in the room you are in. Open-back headsets are more comfortable for long gaming hours. Air will pass through thus your ears won’t feel hot or fatigued. Closed-back headsets are suitable when you need an enhanced bass response. This makes the loud sound more realistic.

Wrap Up:

Now that you get the differences between the Open-Back vs Close-Back, you need to make a choice. But listening is the major concern on any kind of headphones you will buy. Depending on where you will be listening to your music, you can buy either of the headsets. For louder surroundings, it’s recommended that you use a 7.1 surround sound close back headphones. If you’re the kind of person that likes to hear the surroundings, an open-back headset will work best.

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