Sony WH H900N Hear On 2 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

sony wh-h900n wireless bluetooth noise cancelling headphones Under $200

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Sony is a great company when it comes to the entertainment field. The sound quality of the product from Sony is always great. Additionally, this company manufactures different sound products. They include headphones, earphones, home theaters sound speakers, and others. Moreover, sony Hear on 2 is one of the Cheap ANC headphones made by Sony.

Sony whh900n is loaded with a great feature that improves its performance. Some of the great features include great battery life, noise cancellation, & excellent sound quality. Additionally, this headphone is compatible with the Sony app & integrate more features. The sound separation plus staging is rich, sound clarity across the series is very clear. This headphone is suitable for any kind of music genre and it is clear & crisp.

  • Has a touch sensor control-panel, simple to use
  • Comes with digital noise-canceling & ambient sound-mode
  • Offers great sound clarity
  • Has a comfortable and well-built design
  • Can be used with a cord or cordless
  • Has long charging time
  • Offers an average noise-canceling feature


Design Of Sony WHH900N:

sony wh-h900n review

Sony WHH900N headphones come in either blue, pale gold, red, grayish-black, or horizon green. Additionally, these headphones are stylish with big ear cups. Additionally, this headphone comes with a touch-sensitive control panel. This gives it a difference in its appearance. Moreover, the build is strong which makes it durable. On the inner side of the headband, it’s labeled which ear cup should be on which ear side.

Additionally, its ear cups remain denser & the hinges remain loose. This headphone has no much clamping. Though, one can sense a light-pressure when with the headphone for long. Sony WHH900N headphones are made using plastic material & reinforced with a metal frame. The headphone is branded at the headband. This makes it best for people who are proud of the brand.

Sound Quality:

Sony WHH900N Is The Best Noise Cancelling Headphone Under $200 In Sony Family

Sony WHH900N headphones are one of the best sounding headphones. Additionally, these headphones have high-resolution sound compatibility. It supports different sound formats which include LAD, SBC, apt HD, AAC, and aptX. Sony WHH900N headphones offer an excellent bass and give you a consistent performance. Its sound is clear & there’s no distortion on sound quality. It has a well-balanced treble which makes it famous in this league.

To be honest, the Sony wh1000xm3 is better at ANC, cutting out sound completely, but the WH-H900n is just slightly lesser compared to the 1000x.  The ANC in WH-H900N is going to cut out MOST of the sound outside, but not ALL like the 1000x. However, if you do play music on it, you can barely hear the outside world, thus the difference in noise-cancelling between 1000x and WHH900N is quite minimal.

Additionally, the mid-range of these headphones is very well balanced. This will allow you to hear clear audio. This headphone also comes with good low-range frequency. Its high-range frequency audio depends on the music genre. Generally, it offers excellent sound performance.

Noise-Canceling Feature:

Latest Best Noise Cancelling Headphone

Sony WHH900N Hear on 2 Wireless headphones comes with a digital noise-canceling feature. Additionally, it also has an ambient sound-mode which will allow you to regulate what to hear. The noise-canceling feature is this headphone is average compared to high-end headphones. The noise-canceling experience will depend on the environment.

Additionally, this headphone will offer a tight fit. Thus some noise will be blocked outside. This headphone will isolate the noise of 30dB which is good enough. Furthermore, the headphones leakage range is between 1KHz & 3KHz which is narrow.

Sony WH-H900n Microphone:

sony wh-h900n headphone review

Sony WHH900N comes with an integrated microphone at the ear cups. This will allow you to be able to receive hands-free calls. The microphone has a speech to noise ratio of 15dB. This shows that it’s more suitable for use in a noiseless environment.

Battery Performance:

sony wh-h900n battery life With up to 28 hours

This headphone comes with an inbuilt battery which rechargeable battery. With a single charge, you will have a playtime of about 28-hours with the ANC feature ON. When noise canceling mode is off, you will have a playtime of 48 hours. It takes about 5.5 hours for this headphone to recharge. With a standby mode, you will be able to save on power.

This headphone is recharged using a USB cable which is provided in the package. Additionally, with a quick recharge for 10 minutes, you will have a playback time of 65 minutes.

Connection Technology:

sony whh900n/bdc bluetooth noise canceling headphones review

Sony WHH900N headphones can either be wired or wireless. For wireless connections, it is fitted with Bluetooth version 4.1. Additionally, this headphone has a near-field communication tech. This will enable one to pair the headphones with a Bluetooth & NFC-enabled device fast.

For a wired connection, this headphone comes with a 3.5mm cable. This will help you when the power is low and you need to enjoy your music. The cable is detachable and it has a length of 4.2 feet.

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sony wh-xb900n comfort

Sony wh-h900n headphones come with a well-padded headband and ear cups. This will ensure that you will have a comfortable experience when listening to music. Additionally, the headphone is foldable at the ear cups. This makes it convenient when carrying.

Moreover, this headphone has a flexible headband hence can fit different head sizes. Above all, this headphone weighs about 2.4 ounces hence it’s lightweight. With a carrying case, you will be keeping the headphones away from dust when not in use.

Ease To Use:

sony wh xb900n easy touch control

Sony WHH900N headphone is touch-enabled. You will play & skip tracks. Additionally, you will also control volume with a simple swipe or tap on the ear-cups. You will be able to fine-tune your audio using the Sony-headphones connect application.

What’s In The Box?

  • Sony WH-H900 hear on 2 headphones
  • 3.5mm audio cable
  • USB charging cord
  • Travel bag
  • User guide



Sony wh-h900n is an average headphone though with the best sound performance. It’s audio in low and mid frequency is best. This headphone takes a long time to recharge. Though it offers long playtime with ANC features OFF. Moreover, it comes with a 3.5mm cable which can be used when the power is low. This headphone has a touch control panel which makes it easy to operate.

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