TOZO T10 Review: Tozo T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

Tozo T10 is The Best Selling Earbuds In Amazon Among The Chinese Brands. From 2019, TOZO Is The Best Selling Earbuds In Under $50

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tozo t10 wireless earbuds Review

Earbuds are among the latest technology in the earphone industry. Earbuds are small in size and they are made with different materials hence different qualities. Most of the earbuds have a heavy-bass sound which makes them suitable for genres like hip-hop or EDM. Tozo is among the brand which makes the best earbuds.

Tozo t10 is among the earbuds made by Tozo brands. These earbuds are overpowering bass. These earbuds have a portable design and they have impressive passive isolation results. This makes them have a decent option for use when traveling or in the office. However, one of the downsides of these earbuds is that they are not very comfortable. This means that they can cause fatigue when used for long hours. Below is detailed information about Tozo t10.


tozo t10 tws bluetooth 5.0 earbuds

Tozo t10 is available in black, blue, khaki, gray, and white hence you’ll have more options to choose from. These earbuds are in-ear and they are ergonomically designed with silicone ear caps made with a flexible gel. Moreover, this ensures that your earbuds will fit securely to your ears. The earbuds are well labeled which should be used on which earbuds. R is for the right ear while L is for the left ear. The earbuds have a LED light that shows red when charging and blue when connected.

These earbuds come with a charging case. The charging case supports wireless charging. It is well made that you will easily open and close it. Furthermore, the charging case is also labeled to show you which earbud should be placed on which port. Additionally, the charging case has four LED lights which will show you the amount of charge remaining. The case has a good magnet which will help in keeping the lid closed.

These earbuds are rated IPX8. This means that they are resistant to water, sweat, and dust. This makes it suitable for use in swimming and at the gym. Both the earbuds and the charging case are made using plastic materials which makes them feel dense & strong.

Sound Quality:

tozo t10 review

Tozo t10 gives out quality stereo sound performance. They have a warm and heavy bass sound profile. Furthermore, they are packed with a severe punch which has a deep, thumping bass. This makes it best for music types like hip-hop and EDM. TOZO T10 gives out a true and authentic sound that has a powerful-bass performance. The earbud is fitted with an 8mm large-size speaker driver. The drive-area is 1.77 more than the standard drive area.

These earbuds have soft ear tips which will give you a comfortable fit hence noise will be blocked. This will give you an immersive sound experience. Moreover, these earbuds have microphones that will allow you to make hands free calls. TOZO T10 is compatible with HSP, HFP, A2DP, and AVRCP codecs.

Battery Life:

tozo t10 review

Tozo t10 has an inbuilt battery which has a playtime of 4 hours with a single charge. Furthermore, the earbuds come with a compact charging case which will give you the other 14 additional hours. The charging case is compatible with wireless charger hence you will have a suitable charging method which has no cords attached. Moreover, with this charging case, you will easily know the remaining charge with the help of LED lights. The earbuds take about one hour for them to be fully charged. The charging case can also be recharged using a micro-USB charger which is provided.

Connectivity Level Of TOZO T10:

tozo t10 bluetooth 5.0 wireless earbuds

Tozo t10 is wireless i.e. connected via Bluetooth technology. It is fitted with a Bluetooth version 5.0 adapter. You will be able to have stable and fast connections within a range of 33 feet. This Bluetooth version supports HSP, A2DP, HFP, and AVRCP codecs. You will have an in-call stereo sound. Above all, you will have a fast & stable transmission that has no tangling. They are compatible with android OS, windows OS and iOS.

Comfort Level:

tozo t10

These earbuds are ergonomically designed so that it will properly fit in your ears. Moreover, it comes with four pairs of ear tips which are made of soft material. You will easily choose the ear tip which suits your ear comfortably. The earbuds have a physical button for control. However, the button may cause discomfort which is created when pressing it.

The charging case of this earbud is designed in a way that you can put a lanyard. With a lanyard, you will be able to wear it around the neck. The earbuds are lightweight hence you will use it comfortably. These earbuds are super easy to pair with other devices. They connect automatically once they are taken out of the charging box.

What’s In The Box?

tozo t10 tws bluetooth 5.0 earbuds

  • A pair of Tozo t10 earbuds
  • 4 pairs of the tip with different sizes
  • Charging case
  • A charging cable (Micro-USB)
  • A wrist lanyard
  • User manuals
  • Offers a natural and authentic sound with a powerful bass
  • They are IPX8 Waterproof
  • Compatible with a wireless charger
  • Comes with four pairs of soft ear tips
  • Made with durable plastic material
  • Average battery life
  • Has no active noise isolation feature

Tozo t10 is a wireless earbud which is available in a compact size. The charging case of this earbud is compatible with a wireless charger although it’s not included in the package. These earbuds are available at a relatively fair price. With an in-built microphone, you will be able to make clear calls. Furthermore, the earbuds are IPX8 waterproof. This means it can withstand water 1 meter deep for about 30 minutes. This makes it suitable for use in swimming while you are in pool like  under water earbuds. 

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